View Full Version : Tuna Quesadialla (10 mins cooking time tops)

12-26-2003, 11:53 PM
Take tuna (I used bag), dump it into bowl. If you like the Starkist flavors like I do, use the salmon. It's my fav.

Depending on calories needed, add regular cheese or cream cheese. I know cream cheese sounds horrid, but it won't taste like cream cheese when you are done. Basically use enough to make it sticky...in bachelor measurements, that comes to exactly "some spoon's worth or two".

Spread over one side of flour tortilla. I use the "taco" size so I can hold it when I am driving if I am in a hurry. Fold in half...please in your ability so far.

Spray Pam onto pan, cook about 5 mins per side if you put the stove on "med". As a cook, I count "low", "med" and "hi" as official temperature readings. All things cooked can fall into those 3 categories with no changes to the dial. Trust me.

Note: when you are done, these will not microwave very well (soggy). What I do is make extra mix and store it, then just cook it fresh when I am ready to eat it later. So far I have tried adding beans and brown rice into the mix (note that I can eat calories with abandon).

What I like about it is that it is fast, the ingredients store well (flour tortillas rival Twinkies in shelf life), and I can eat it with one hand while driving if I don't use any salsa on top. That is a plus for me due to my schedule. I jacked this recipe right off the back of the salmon flavored tuna from Starkist, so you can check it there if they haven't updated it yet.


12-29-2003, 06:16 PM
That sounds good. I love quesadillas and tuna is good. I'll have to try it out.