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01-03-2004, 01:06 PM
I changed the NAME of my log because I don't do Heavy Duty anymore but Negative Training since 3 weeks and I'll continue !!!



For the new year I decided to test Heavy Duty once for all !!! In 2003 I tried to get ripped and lost muscular mass, not because of the diet but because I trained too light, doing sets of 20 reps... that's endurance training not STRENGHT training so I lost strenght/muscles and became very endurant (over 45 chins and 60 dips). I have a poor recovery ability and not a great genetic, started deadlift at 100lbs ! Others might start with over 400... and finaly I like High Intensity Training so I decided to test Heavy Duty, the consolidation routine :

Workout A : Squat + Chins
Workout B : Deadlift + Dips

1 set of 6-10 reps to failure per lift, I'll work most of the time with 6 reps, I realy need heavy work after this year of endurance training. I cannot do Dips and Squat at home so I'll return to a gym ! I'm not naturaly suited to deadlift I feel much better on SLDL so I'll continue with SLDL and not regular Deadlift. Also it would be much more practice for me to do Squat + Dips and SLDL + Chins insteed of the contrary because I can do SLDL and Chins at home and not Dips and Squat. I'll do the (full) Squat on a smith machine (as suggested by Mike). The Dips on parallel bar and the chins with a 6-8'' grip (supinated hands).

My best performance on all these lifts :
My physique when I realised thoses performances (except squat)
http://fproudho.free.fr/bodybuilding/Vincent/ BW = 75-76kg

Full Squat : 20x75kg (free weight, I'll work on Smith Machine now)
SLDL : 8x139kg
Chins : 6x110kg
(full range) Dips : 5x115kg

I never did the Squat regulary it's why I'm weak at squat and I'm nearly as strong on chins and dips because I have long lats/biceps and very short triceps/pecs. I'm a puller !

Actual performances and pics :
BW = 70-71kg

Full Squat : 20x75 better
SLDL : 2x145 or 8x139kg same
Chins : 4x106kg down (but better form)
// Dips : 5x107kg DOWN (4 month without doing weighted dips)

So my problem is realy the push exercises, I'm weak very weak on bench press and standing press and it seems I cannot progress on those exercises but the situation is different on Dips. when I did them I progressed the problem was that I couldn't do them at home.

So I'll do the following workout (very very close to the routine of Mike) :

Workout A : Full Squat (on smith) + Dips
Workout B : SLDL + Chins

One set of ~6 reps to failure of each movement. I'll train once every 3-4 days and insert more rest days when strength gains stop. I'll aslo eat more to regain weight. I'll sleep more not go to bed after 1am or exceptionaly and never trained if I didn't sleep before 1am !!! I'll start on Mondy with workout A !!!

01-03-2004, 02:04 PM

There's something funny about the word "log." Seriously...say it to yourself and think about it while you are saying it. it's a funny word.

Good luck on the new journal and routine:D

01-03-2004, 03:01 PM
Sorry I don't understand, english is my second language ! I meant "training log" = journal, no ?
What's funny ? :)

01-05-2004, 12:13 PM
My first two heavy Duty workouts. I don't have recuperate all my strength...

30 january 2003

Chins 4x102kg 4x108kg
Full Squat (free weights) 20x75kg

3 january 2004

Close Grip Bench Press : 5x75kg I decided to STOP this exercise !
and replace them with Dips !
// Dips : 5x107kg down 4 month without weighted Dips ! BW dips are up and weighted down but it was at home on a very very poor dips station and after CG BP !
SLDL : 2x145kg which is egal to 8x139kg for me !

------ Now my routine is fixed, before I trainined at home and I had to do CG BP insteed of dips and I changed the split to be able to work only once a week at the gym if I need.

next workout to come soon : Chins + SLDL ....

chris mason
01-05-2004, 07:07 PM
Gavan, I think the routine you have outlined might be too little in terms of volume.

Go to the training section and read the thread titled "dogcrapp training" or something of the like. I really like his split and think you might thrive on something like that.

Scott S
01-05-2004, 11:53 PM
Why are you still doing high rep squats?

01-06-2004, 11:05 AM
Because I did the Squat at home without any equipment. Now I'll do it on smith machine for 6 reps.
I realy would like to test Heavy Duty :bash: Did you lose muscle on heavy duty or very low volume ?

01-06-2004, 01:08 PM
Today super low volume workout : Only Chins

Chins : 6x83kg 6x93kg 7x103kg work set 1.5x111kg I failed.... I was too tired today only slept 4 hours ! Next workout I'll retry at around 110kg and if I fail again I'll do negative only reps.
I finished with 6 negative only reps with 45kg attached !

01-10-2004, 10:22 AM
Back to the GYM !

Full Squat (smith machine) : 15x80kg not too bad I like SQT on smith it's safe and you can train HARD witouth any fear !
Negative only Chins : 7xBW+55kg it was not the Chins day but I need to practice negative chins. The weight was too light, next time I'll try with 60-65kg and do static hold for 5 sec then slow negative.
Dips (after 4 month without weighted dips) : 5xBW+30kg (was 5xBW+40kg before..)
Negative Only Dips : 6xBW+65kg I'll use 70kg next time and slower reps.

I also tested my barbell curl to see if I lost strength and despite the fatigue due to Chins/Dips and Squat I was able to do nearly my best on curl, 15x53kg (10 + 5 cheated).

01-14-2004, 01:57 PM
Today I totaly failed, very bad workout

Chins : 7x105kg -4kg
SLDL : 1x131kg 6x121kg -2 reps - 18kg !!!

I was so tired.... damn I need to SLEEP MORE !!!! I'll train less frequently and never train if I'm feel too exhausted. Now I'll test my strength on chins with my 10RM and do 3-4 reps if it feel easy I train if not I rest more days.

01-17-2004, 10:00 AM
I decided to do a Full Body today and then restart on better bases :

Chins : 4.5x36kg 3.5x37kg maybe +1kg and a half rep
SLDL : 8x141kg +2kg (BW = 73kg)

hours later :

Full Squat (smith) : 7x90kg + 2kg
(Full) Dips : 3x35kg 2x35kg +3-4kg (BW +1kg compared to last time) BW = 74.5kg

I increased all my lifts and I will now continue with the consolidation routine, one workout once every 3 to 5 days (more often 4-5 thna 3) if it's not enough for gains I'll reduce frequency. It's mentaly hard to train so infrequently but now I'm ready !
18 days on Heavy Dutys and I increased all my lifts and gained/regained nearly 2.5kg without visible fat gains.

01-22-2004, 11:45 AM
BW= 73kg

Close grip palms up Chins :
warm up : 10x10kg, 10x20kg, 10x30kg
Work set : 2x40kg +2kg (too low reps.. next time I'll stay with this weight)

warm up : 1x109kg
work set 8x145kg +4kg

Excellent workout ! the last time I did chins and SLDL it was 5 days ago. Now I'll wait 5 more days until the next workout (Squat and Dips). That's 10 days between my push workout. I want to see if I have better gains with 5 or 10 days before repeating an exercise ! I like Heavy Duty :D

01-26-2004, 08:08 AM
I felt strong today I did 3 exercises + assistance (which I do once a month or less)

Close grip Chins : 2xBW+42kg + 8 negative reps +2kg
(full) Dips : 2xBW+40kg drop set 3xBW+35kg +4kg
Full Squat (smith) : 2x100kg drop set 2x95kg +5kg

I did drop set because the resistance was too heavy !!! next time I'll try with the same weight. I think I can increase frequency of my workout, I feel I could do better on Squat and Dips with higher frequency. This time I let 9 days between workouts that's too much. I also thought I would make better gains on chins grrrrr !

for me on EVERY lift, when I add 1kg I lost one rep. Example :
10x50kg my 3RM is 57kg or 1RM = 100kg 10RM = 90kg...
I believe it's because I trained with very HIGH reps before and also because I have a weak CNS cannot fire much fibers at the same time.

01-31-2004, 05:03 AM
Yesterday Chins 1RM tests

1xBW+44kg and 1xBW+44kg + 3/4 rep (BW = 74kg)
I had not the strength to do more work than that but today I did 1xBW+45kg and I'll go to the gym for Dips and Squat !!!

01-31-2004, 07:35 AM
Dips 0xBW+45kg I nearly got it.... a few cm and it's was done !!! :bang:
then Negative + static with 80kg attached

Full Squat (smith) 1x105kg + 2 negative reps (105kg)

EDIT : I did a last 1RM on chins : 1xBW+46kg (BW=75kg) !!!! :ninja:

02-23-2004, 06:53 PM
I'll continue my journal when I'll resume training I'll train with much more safety now ! I nearly killed myself (not a joke).

Today I did a set of triceps extension (warm up 64lbs), it was easy I decided to take a supinated grip so I throwed the barbell .... and it FELT on my throat !!! I'm alive.... I don't know how !

How stupid am I ? Enough to kill myself ! :nod:

I hope I won't die this night, I won't sleep

03-02-2004, 07:44 AM
ok I restarted training (I still have pain in neck du to my injury), again low volume high intensity and relatively low frequency.

Workout A : Chins - Barbell Curl - Triceps Extension - Deadlift
Workout B : Dips - Cables Cross Over - Full Squat (smith) (abs calves eventualy)

a few days ago I did workout A :

Chins : 1xBW +47kg (easy !) :moon:
Barbell Curl : 7x58kg and cheated curl : 5x66kg
Triceps Extension : 7x56kg
(Stiff legged) Deadlift : 8x125kg (I cycle on deadlift because I have a little lower back pain)

Workout B probably tomorrow.

03-05-2004, 04:34 PM
Today :

Chins : 1xBW+50kg ! I got IT !!!!! then 6-7 negative reps at 50kg
I had no more strength to do another lift, but I did arms some hours later :
Extension Triceps : warm up 20x26kg 40x36kg 10x46kg 2x58kg... 1x58kg
then immediately after Barbell Curl 0x58kg !
Deadlift : skiped ! no more energy

LAst time I did arms I got 7x56kg on triceps extension and 7x58kg on barbell curl... well doing arms after Chins and especially negative only chins is NOT a good idea, even hours later ! I did 40 reps with 36kg on the triceps extension, I'm still very endurant but not strong enough....

I'll change the split :

A) Chins + SLDL
B) Curl + Extension
C) Dips (or Bench) + Full Squat + eventualy butterfly machine

each workout once every few days... or when I feel strong !

03-09-2004, 03:31 PM
Curl 11x56kg (last time 7x58kg)
Extension Triceps : 3-4x58kg then 4x58kg. My best was 7x56kg... next time I'll work with 60kg !

Well not too bad, some progress on barbell curl, and heavier weight on Extension !


I have lower back pain and I'm too weak at the Squat and don't realy care about LEGS so I'll stop Squat and Deadlift and replace them with LEG PRESS which should be enough for legs and lower back. The problem is that I don't have something for traps... I'll go with Chins and see what happend.

Also I have to chose between Bench and Dips... well I'm better at Bench Press I think and I can do it at home. I cannot do negatives but I don't feel negative dips as good as negative chins... So I'll do Bench press !

Workout A : Chins / Bench
Workout B : Leg Press
Workout C (once a while only) Curl / Extension

OHP and Deadlift once a month !!!

03-18-2004, 03:47 PM
Yesterday I did a set of pullups (pronated grip) and did 42 reps. Today my lats are sore (which is very rare).

I found that I make super progress in ENDURANCE with one set to failure once every 3-4 weeks. For strength I need higher frequency, one set once every 5-10 days maybe 15 days.

Tomorrow I'll do the folloing workout :

Chins 1x1RM then 1x4-6 to failure
Dips 1x4-6 to failure
Leg Press 1x4-6 to failure

And I'll repeat this workout in some days... 5-7 or 10 days I don't know.

03-28-2004, 01:33 PM
Well nothing good the last week !!!

I'll take a few days off to recover and restart with a split upper/lower body

Upper (A) : Chins + Bench press
Lower (B) : Leg Press (+ calves press)

One set to failure (low reps set, maybe 4-6)

Workout A once every 4-5 days or less and B once a week.

---- new goal : get RIPPED !!!!! I think I need to lose ~5kg !

04-04-2004, 10:28 AM
Last performances :

Chins : 41xBW+12kg
Dumbells Bench Press : 30x64kg
Dips (I tried a set....) : 30xBW+15kg

Leg Press 10x180kg

04-24-2004, 03:19 PM
News : I ordered a Dip Belt and a Chins/Dips Station ! :smoke: I hope the station will resist to my heavy negative only workouts... :evillaugh So I'll be able to train HEAVY and at HOME ! For legs I'll do Full Squat on the fingers tips to protect lower back.

Last performances :

Negative Supinated Chins 3xBW+60kg and my 1RM is BW+51kg
Negative Full Dips 4xBW+60kg (lost some strength because I didn't do them since weeks/month) my 1RM is 40kg... it was my 5RM before...
Full-Sqt (fingers tips) : 20x65kg I did 20x75kg in full squat but on the fingers tips it's harder...

I'll split UPPER and LOWER body :

Workout A : Chins/Dips a few heavy negative only singles and sometimes a test of my 1RM
Workout B : Full Squat 1x20 reps (not to failure)

Every workout once every X days... maybe 3-4 maybe more/less I don't know ! I wait my Station :)

04-26-2004, 11:24 AM
One Arm Negative Chins : 1xBW 1xBW+5kg 1xBW+10kg 1xBW+12kg 1xBW+15kg
Negative Full Dips : 6xBW+62kg then positive/negative 1x45kg !!! new PR ! and I finished with 5 negative at 45kg.

I did chins only with my left arm because my right arm is painful.

04-29-2004, 04:41 PM
Yesterday : I receveid my Dip belt

Negative-Chins : warm up and 2x63kg slow reps then 2x63kg fast repsI never used as much weight for chins but I still think I can do better I'll try 65-70kg next time.
(full range )Dips : 1x11 1x21 1x31 1x41 1x51 New PR !

Today :

Chins : /
Negative Dips : 8x71kg relatively easy... next time I'll try with 80kg and I finished with some Legs work... but I should go to the gym to do Leg Press !

04-29-2004, 05:15 PM
wow seems like you do very low volume or at least limited exercises, have you always followed the same workout principle?

04-30-2004, 06:03 AM
No I started abbreviated training only 1.5 years ago before I did much more volume and exercises. Now I will receive my Dipping/Chinning Station and I'll do exclusively these exercises and One exercise for Legs : Hindu Squat or Leg Press (at the gym).

I'll train as heavy as I can on Dips and Chins (Negative Only Style).
I also try to lose fat slowly.

05-03-2004, 02:31 PM
Negative Only Chins :
2xBW+66kg it was too light so I tried with 71kg and did 5 singles !

I'm progressed, last time I did only reps with 63kg and this time I could go slower with 71kg !

Dips : I failed.... 3x20kg 2x30kg 1x40kg (HARD !) and 3x0x56kg ...
my 1RM is 51kg and at 40kg it was too hard I knew I couldn't do a good workout today. I believe it's because N-Chins killed me !

So I'll atlternate, Workout A : Chins, Workout B : Dips and sometimes (once a week) Workout C : Legs work !

---- I'll soon test my 1RM on Chins I'm sure I progressed and I should be able to progress on dips too but I need to rest more.