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01-10-2004, 07:23 PM
I am 5'11 161lbs
Aight let me start off to say that I am new to this diet thing, I lift weight 3 days a week and I do cardio for 30mins for each of those days,
I am wanting to lose bodyfat, I want to be able to fit into my tanktop again in the summer ( I gained weight during a trip to the USA go figure, they got some good food)
My question is
what should my meal plan look like?
my eating habits right now is just eating everything, I eat about 8 pieces of bread per day with 2 pieces of ham and a piece of cheese on each sandwich(2 pieces of bread total of 4 sandwichs a day), 1 cups of milk, 2-3 oranges,2 bowls of rice, 4 eggs and the usual junk food 2-3 cookies, chips, and 2-3 protein shakes(Optimum nutrition mixed with a cup of milk)

I think i've gained enough weight
I know I should be eating clean, since I want to lose the bodyfat
I just don't know what I should be eating to lose bodyfat effectively?
Should I be eating less carbs? less fat? less calories?I really have no idea, any imput would be great


01-10-2004, 09:26 PM
Head over to www.fitday.com, count your cals, fats, protien, carbs, give us the totals and we will be able to help you a little better.