View Full Version : Need 3000+ calories, No knowledge on cooking, away from home, limited time

Golden Gloves
01-15-2004, 06:27 PM
I was just wondering other people do when they are away from home and need 3000+ calories. As pathetic as it sounds, i've never cooked for myself, ever. My mom has always cooked my food, and i'm limited to cereal, grilled cheese, and frozen pizza when she's not around.
Basically, does anyone have some sort of idea of the things, or even more a large list of things to eat for each meal(with the exception of the obvious like cereal, oatmeal, etc.) that I should eat that will be easy to make, won't be time consuming at all or difficult to do(I work a ton, and have a full class load, 20 hours for any of you who went to college knows its tough). Thanks in advance.

01-15-2004, 06:43 PM
Eat tuna, chicken, steak, eggs, milk, oats, fruits, vegatbles, nuts, natural peanut butter, whole wheat bread, olive oil, etc.

01-16-2004, 11:44 PM
Behemouth is right....

but, if you are really ****ed for a way to get alot of calories and protein easily without cooking....try the follwing ways of no cooking methods....

100% natural peanut butter....eat it by the spoon full. Or make peanutbutter sandwhiches. DO NOT USE NORMAL PEANUT BUTTER....only 100% natural.

Eggwhites....drink them...

cottage cheese...force it down

Goto subway... order a 6" tuna sandwhich, get double the meat, get double the meat again...and again (only 1 buck for double the meat!! :D). That little 6" sandwhich will soon have 3 cans of tuns worth of meat for like 65 bucks!!! alot of mayo, but it does good on a cheater day.

Get protein powder

canned chicken

canned turkey

canned tuna

beef jerky (high in salt...but that is up to you)

smoked salmon

there is a bunch of no cooking high protein foods. All i can think of right now. I am a student, and working parttime also. So i eat alot of those items!! :D But i make sure to cook 3 chicken breasts a day, only takes me 15 mins.

Oh yah, to cook food, you apply heat to it...quite simple. hehe :D