View Full Version : how much weight gain at a time

01-16-2004, 10:54 PM
i'm trying to gain weight.. i haven't been precise with the times but i'm starting now this week. before i was up and down between 150 and 160 and for the last week i've consistantly been over 160.. i have no problem with that. but i've heard its best for your body to only gain 2 pounds a week.. cant remember where i heard it from. just wondering

01-16-2004, 11:18 PM
Well, what is your goal? Muscle mass...or just any kind of weight? Without the help of performance enhancing drugs, your maybe gonna slap on 12-15 lbs of muscle a year if you really follow things closely. So if you have gained over 10 lbs already in 1 week......... you do the math and tell me how much muscle mass that is :D

Assuming you got a fast metabolism....you can burn off fat quickly, so its upto you. If you wanna think long term health issues of gaining a ton of weight real quick...think of diabetes. Its your carb intake that is mostly makeing you gain your weight so quickly. And you should really ease yourself into a increase in food consumption. So you could be causing your body harm by taking in so much so quickly. Could lead to type 2 diabetes... just a thought though.

When i started bodybuilding, i was 20...6"1 and 160 lbs.... after 3 months i was at 205lbs. I was just getting fatter and fatter :D. Not much point to it really. But i was able to loose all that weight in about 2 weeks due to my metabolism, so it was no biggie. I was taking a weightgainer shake and eating like a mad man every 2 hours. All that is in those weightgainer is sugar!!! i really dont know where i am going with this.......... i guess i am just pointing out how much weight i gained, and how little important it was becasue it was just FAT. It made me think i was "powerful" except when i looked in the mirror, i just had a big gut.

01-17-2004, 03:54 PM
im lookin for muscle mass since i am gaining for a sport.