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01-17-2004, 11:33 AM
I'm planning to buy equipment, but I don't want to rush out and buy everything at once. This will give me time to learn how to use the pieces I buy and maybe make more accurate decisions about future equipment. So I've come up with three steps, each step being 3-6 months apart.

Step One
- knee wraps
- wrist wraps
- lever belt
- briefs (maybe)

Step Two
- bench shirt
- bands

Step Three
- squat suit

Here are my questions:

1) Is this a good way to incorporate equipment into my routine? If not, can you suggest alternatives?

2) Should I purchase the lowest level briefs/shirt/squat suit when first starting out?

3) If I purchase the lowest level, how long (guestimate) will it take to put the equipment on? I assume the lower levels are looser and easier to put on. Any tips/tricks to doing it by yourself?

4) If I'm squatting with wraps, briefs, and a suit, do I need/want an erector shirt?

5) How much difference will each of the pieces above offer? I know an exact number is impossible, but maybe an estimated percentage?

6) Where can I find a list of the Total statuses (Class IV, Elite, etc) for different weight categories?

01-17-2004, 11:57 AM
Personally I'd swap the briefs and the bands.

Phil Harrington
01-17-2004, 03:26 PM
First what kind of gear for the style of lifting do you use. bench shirt squat suit etc.this is the most important key to lifting big weight.lets start there.phil harrington.

chris mason
01-17-2004, 03:34 PM
Phil, click on the "post reply" button right below and to the left of the last post on the thread.

When you ask Anthony what style he uses, what do you mean? Are you talking sumo for the deadlift and the like?

01-17-2004, 05:28 PM
What fed do you plan on competing in?
My recomendations for gear in order of importance:
Squat suit (i recommend centuarion)
Bench shirt (recommend titan)
wrist wraps I personally don't feel there neccesary but its probly all different person to person

01-17-2004, 05:30 PM
oh, and don't start out with the cheapest equiptment. Its a totally different groove then the good equiptment. Buy used if you want (my recomendation)
And the classes are al listed at www.powerlifting.ca

01-17-2004, 09:29 PM
Adam, I really have no idea in which federation I will compete, that's something I'll have to research (I don't even know what my options are in New Brunswick). Thanks for the link, I just found out I'm almost a raw Class II in the gym. :) And for me, wrist wraps are necessary (currently use some cheap Grizzlies).

Phil, I'm currently doing all my lifts raw and looking to purchase equipment in the near future. I'm not sure what my 'style' would be for each lift, but I measured the distance between my feet when I'm in a comfortable squat/dead position and it's 31-32 inches. I also measured the distance between my hands for bench and it's also 31-32 inches, although I've been experimenting with different grips.

01-17-2004, 09:45 PM
Hey Phil, I replied in the original thread. Maybe Dan can merge these threads to avoid confusion.

Joe Black
01-18-2004, 02:18 PM
Dan, Dan, he's the man ;)

02-11-2004, 06:52 PM
I decided to go with my original plan and ordered a lever belt, knee wraps, wrist wraps, and groove briefs from Inzer. I received my equipment tonight and tried it on at home - here's what I found so far:

Lever belt: I can get this thing super tight without much effort at all. I found placing my thumb between my stomach and the belt helps to stop the pinching that can occur when you lock the lever. I do agree that it would be a pain to adjust if you use different tightness on your lifts, but that's not a problem for me since I'll always use the same.

Wrist wraps: absolutely no doubt these are the best wrist wraps I have ever used/seen in my life. They are long, thick, heavy, and the velcro stuff is extra wide/long so you can get extra tight. If you compare pink dumbbells with a set of 120's, that's about the same as comparing my old wrist wraps with these.

Knee wraps: nice and heavy with a good stretch. They don't slip, so it makes it easy to wrap. I can see why everyone recommends them. Definitely looking forward to trying these.

Briefs: okay. Long story! Inzer's size charts for briefs go by weight, nothing to do with leg size or waist size. Fine, I order size 7 (180-198), thinking they might be loose. But when I took them out of the box, I said, "no way those are going on." I have fairly big legs and an even bigger ass, so looking at these, I cringed. After two failed attempts, I managed to put these on in about 15 minutes. They were tight, to say the least. It took some tweaking to get them comfortable enough to squat, but I was only able to hit 1-2" below parallel with no weight. Taking them off was even worse. I'm not sure how most people manage this, but I ended up turning them inside out and pulling them down. Took about 10 minutes. By this time I had four bloody knuckles and a giant blister on the tip of each middle finger (this is when I realized they sell those fitting gloves for a reason). I took a break, caught my breath, and when I sorta forgot how bad they hurt, I tried them on again. To my surprise, I managed to get them on within 3-4 minutes and took them off in 2-3 minutes. So, after being concerned they were too tight, I am "pleased" with their fit. For this much effort, they better add some decent weight!!

I'll probably use the belt/briefs next monday (low box squats - would wraps help?), and the belt/briefs/wraps (atf squats) the following monday. I don't really need the equipment on atf squats, but I want to get some use with them before I test everything in March. Depending on how I feel in the briefs/wraps, I may use them on a couple of speed days to find my groove.

Saint Patrick
02-12-2004, 02:03 AM
I'll probably use the belt/briefs next monday (low box squats - would wraps help?), and the belt/briefs/wraps (atf squats) the following monday. I don't really need the equipment on atf squats, but I want to get some use with them before I test everything in March. Depending on how I feel in the briefs/wraps, I may use them on a couple of speed days to find my groove.

I'm not an expert in PL'ing, but I think you should save the knee wraps for attempting maxes or heavy sets of 3 or 5.

If you use the knee wraps too often, you'll get too used to them. Also they'll get worn out quicker.

That's my $.02

02-12-2004, 05:33 AM
I agree with you, but I've only tried wraps once in the distant past and they were very poor quality. So I want to get used to wrapping these thick mofos before I attempt something heavy in March.

Paul Stagg
02-12-2004, 07:31 AM
The advice I've been given (and heed) on wraps - save using them for a meet, or a gym test. I've never felt the need for them doing box squats.

If you are using box squats (westside) on speed days, they all suggest wearing briefs every speed day to save your hips

02-12-2004, 09:09 AM
When I ordered, I ordered two sets of wraps. One to train in, and one to compete in. Unfortunately, I've done neither and they just sorta sit there at the bottom of my gym bag. :(

Where'd you order your stuff from?

02-12-2004, 09:26 AM
Honestly, I don't plan on using the wraps very much at all. But I do want to find the most comfortable way to wrap before I attempt heavy weight. I'm going to do some speed squats later on today if I feel up to it (damn headache), so I'll give the briefs a try. My fingers hate you already, Paul. :)

Pete, I ordered directly from Inzer.

Chris Rodgers
02-12-2004, 06:34 PM
Speed squats in briefs always...and wide!!

Never use wraps on the box...pointless, IMO.

Definitely use the wraps in training if you are not used to them. I use them when I am in full gear and going over 500. I will be using them on free squats this weekend because I am testing my max in briefs. I will most likely start wrapping them ~400 this time.