View Full Version : Hey Phil, question about your squatting

Chris Rodgers
01-17-2004, 06:47 PM
Hey man, do you ever incorporate bands into your training? I know you said you guys overload your lockouts by using chains over the monolift for partials, but do you ever do anything with bands? Or speed work? I'm looking to go over 600@165 on a second attempt at the APF Seniors. Most likely our heavy squat training will be using different amounts of bands(like today we used blue+purple, 2 weeks will be blue+green, then 2 weeks after Blue+Blue). What are your thoughts?

Phil Harrington
01-24-2004, 09:04 PM
hey chris no bands right now. yes i do tons and tons of speed work.soviet wave system and some new speed training that i have invented with a stop watch which will be featured in Monster Muscle Magazine soon. i would not use alot of heavy bands 3 weeks before the meet on the last 3 weeks use as much speed work as possible and openers only 8 days before and if you are drug free at least 12 days before meet day i hope this helps if you need any thing else let me know . phil harrington i will be lifting at the arnold classic and the apf seniors nationals