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01-21-2004, 03:25 PM
I am 6í3 and 18 years old. For the last 4 years I have hovered between 184 and 188 pounds, doing what must therefore be called ĎMaintenance RoutineĒ. This Winter I got it into my head that I wanted to bulk up to 193 and then cut down to 189 by early spring. I have always had a hard time gaining weight: Or rather: My body tends to ďsnap backĒ to 185 whenever I donít watch what I eat, or donít lift heavily, or even think about a soccer game. I am confident that if I stopped working out all together I would shrink to about 180.

For the last 5 weeks was doing an upper body/ lower body split routine, with at least 5 days before I redo a routine. The upper body routine was a bit gimmicky. I would do one set to failure (target 5 to 6 reps) of each of the following (Machines, unless noted):
Flat Bench, Flat Bench Barbell, Chest Flies, Military press, lat Shoulder raises, Pull-Ups, Compound Row, Pullover, Bicep Curl, Dumbbell Curl, Triceps Extension, Triceps Pull down.

My Lower Body routine, which I have only been doing for 3 weeks, is 3 sets of squats (no smith machine, real old-fashioned ATFs), one set of Extension, Leg Curls, standing Calve Raises. I did one set Hanging Leg Lifts and weighted crunches for Abs.

All of this was done with moderately high intensity and eating everything in sight. In 5 weeks I got 10 to 15 percent stronger in each exercise and have put on 3 pounds. Yet even with these modest weight gains, I have to conclude that not enough of the 3 pounds is actually muscle. At my current rate my I am putting on too much fat and/or not gaining enough muscle.
Itís time to revaluate my Strategy and Goals.


Saint Patrick
01-21-2004, 04:01 PM
It depends. You can make 6 reps on the first set and push out 6 more on the second set. Select weight based on how much you can lift for all sets. Nothing wrong with lowering the weight a little on the second or 3rd set if you need to. The main thing is, find out what works best for you.

Good luck w/ the Journal and welcome to WBB.

01-22-2004, 04:57 PM
One day after I decided to ignore my rapidly ballooning midsection and continue with the last half of my two-month bulk cycle, the Vanity Gods decided to tested my resolve. They saw fit to have my friend schedule his wedding in South Beach on the last week of February. I will be knee deep in Brazilian swimsuits and Beverly Hills silicon one week after I end a bulk cycle that will have left me looking like Iím in my third trimester. Fear not, I wonít cave in to the cutting crave. Nope, instead Iíve decided to schedule liposuction on the day I get to south beach. Heck, when in RomeÖ.

01-22-2004, 05:00 PM
In the meantime I am on my second day of creatine. I tried to pour a "Pro Performance Max Creatine" packet into a 5 ounce hotel room glass and ended up covered in red effervescing spooge. I felt like a mad scientist creating an evil muscle potion. I may have even unleashed a nefarious cackle just to complete the effect. Tomorrow Iíll use the coffee pot. Next week Iíll buy some beakers and a smock. I canít slack off though, because according the ďscaleĒ I had housekeeping deliver I lost 15 pounds over the weekend. They donít make Ďum like this anymore. Wait! Yes they do, only now the brand is called Tanita.

01-22-2004, 06:08 PM
Hmmmmmm interesting.

Hard Work, Patience, Dedication. Keep it up!

"Nope, instead Iíve decided to schedule liposuction on the day I get to south beach."


01-26-2004, 01:00 PM
Lost a half-pound this weekend on a diet of Gin and Tonics. Red-Bull and Tonics on Saturday, thus I couldnít close my eyes on Sunday. Vegas man, Vegas. I tried to do WBB #1 legs program on Friday, and it might have worked, but I couldnít feel my legs after Friday night so I donít know if they were sore. I told the stripper to play with herself, since I couldnít feel a thing. Good girl, her. Did I say stripper? I mean exotic dancer. The Luxor didnít have a barbell set so I couldnít do squats. There was a smith machine, but every poor sap who writes on these pages about a smith machine gets treated like he stood on a soft-sixteen. Wait wait! Sorry about the poor Vegas analogy. Let me retry that: He gets scoffed at like he didnít press his come bet. Damn, I did it again. The poor saps get jumped on like a cell phone in the sports book. Like a string bet in the horseshoe. A roving finger in the Champaign room. Khakis in the Ghost Bar? The point is, you guys make it sound like I would be better off doing deep lunges around the Cardio pit, which too much like some new age performance art to be useful. Oh well, maybe next week.

01-26-2004, 02:21 PM
Gin and Tonic you say?!?

A good man already! Now lets see some whiskey in your posts........funny anyhow.

Scott S
01-26-2004, 03:32 PM
Perhaps you could try not training to failure, and see what happens then. HIT doesn't work best for everybody.

02-03-2004, 03:43 PM
Question: Anyone know how Howard Dean gets his neck so pumped? Wow.

12-02-2004, 03:23 PM
Richard the worlds Strongest man says he sees me at 260, just add a few pin lifts. Lisa, Jacksonville's coolest woman says they don't make hip clothes for 260 pounders, to which I have to Agree. She also says I need to get over my 'conquest' thing, and dump Staci. Staci, hottie like you won't believe, says her friends think I am like a souther All-American boy. That, I can't quite comprehend, being about as Southern looking as John Kerry. Rich say's I'm too big, but he allways says that. Beat a guy in the ring once or twice, and all they want is for you to lose a few pounds.

Its been about 9 months since I last posted. I made 203 </hurray> but then lost motivation and went with a maintenance plan instead of cutting properly </boo>.

I am in San Fran and about to go at it one more time.... I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more pin lifts.

12-07-2004, 04:19 PM
So Richard, the Worlds Strongest Man henceforth refered to as RWSM tried to teach me to do Good Mornings. These seem absurd. But my stiff-leg deads were hitting my back too much. He helped me with that too, but lets stick to the Good Mornings. Lets see if I got this right, spread your leggs and pivot at the hips untill the bar rolls off your shoulders and crushes your brain stem, at which point your motor functions will switch into to an automatic-repeat cycle.

Well, its better than tying that fuzzy ankle strap around your legs and kicking... What is that one called, the Ted Turner? Good Morning Viet Congs? (Whoa! those were two bad jokes. Sorry)

Ok, well Thursday RWSM is going to start me on the new program. He seems to like Pin Lifts, but I could be putting words in his mouth. Pin lifts and Chains. And Rubber Bands. This is what we in the Consulting industry like to call job security. Design a system so complex people have to keep you around. Little does he know I allways carry the drive chain to Bailing implement of my Grandfather 4000 Series International in my Gym Bag as a 40 lb memoir.

So his plot will fail.

12-10-2004, 01:43 PM
Weighed in at 197 but thatís not the story.

The story is that my trainer, RWSM , is a man of epic proportion. He comes waddling in at 9pm looking twice as big as when I last saw him. He spent the day training for the WSM competition: Steel log lifts and whatnots. Apparently this yearís new event has him throwing refrigerators filled with the bodies of lesser trainers into second story windows.

Silly me thought we would be doing my whole upper body today, but I barely made it out of my back exercises alive. Started with Dead lifts. He said, before the first set ďWhat do you dead, About 500?Ē. I guess I am weaker than I look.

Then we did some sort of farmers lift that would have killed me if my hands strength hadnít given out. Lay two barbells parallel to each other. Anchor one side, weight up the other ends, Stand between them, grab the heavy end lean back and lift.
After that, I tried to do weighted pull-ups but my hands werenít having it. So on to some bent over rows.

Then, the best exercise of the night: Some sort of triceps dive bombers. Here is how it goes: Drape a triceps rope over a smith bar thatís about 3 feet high. Grab both ends, move your feet back about 4 feet and then dive under the bar such that your hands go over your head to the back of your neck, which is all right under the smith bar. Explode out of it so you are back where you started, in the pushup position, suspended by the rope hanging over the smith bar. Repeat until you puke. Anyone know the name of this thing, sorry Iím not describing well?

Then did some JM Presses <sp?>, and some elbows out extensions. But at this point I was beaten.

Should have any problem hitting 215 in a couple of months. Workouts like that inspire me to eat. Not going to go through that much pain for nothing. If anyone wants the number of a kick-ass professional trainer in the bay area shoot me an email, RWSM is great. I used to think I knew what high-intensity was, and that a trainer was just a waste of money. Ha.