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01-28-2004, 01:52 PM
so i have been lifting since august 2003. i am 16, and i have hit a pleateau in my endeavors. i came across the wannabebig website (so im here for the first time) and came across the routine. so if i follow the "Routine Split and Exercise Selection Part I and II," I could expect to overcome this plateau and continue to go up the mountain? please make any suggestions!

oh yeah - i am currently on a diet (i was always overweight) and im wondering if this could play a factor. since i'm in school, i don't know how the 5 - 6 meal plan could be feasible. what is an optimal eating plan for muscle gain/weight loss that is possible for a high school student? thanks.

i look forward to posting here more.

09-06-2004, 04:57 PM
im in high school and i get my 5-6 meals a day in

workout day
meal 1:3/4 cup oatbran or oatmeal, 1 1/2 scoop protein powder, 2 packet splenda,multivitamin
meal 2: protein bar or can of tuna
meal3:mrp shake or 2 scoops of whey mixed with pb
whey shake with 5 g creatin 10g glutamine
meal4:2 chicken breast, 2 cups brocolli
meal5: 2 scoops casein/whey blend ,5g creatin , 5g glutamine

non workout day
meal1: 10eggwhites, 1slice cheese ,multivitamin
meal2: 2 scoops whey in water
meal3:2 chicken breast, 2 cups brocolli
meal4:same as 3
meal5: 2 scoops isopure 5g creating, 5g glutamine

dude if schools the thing wake up earlier for your fist meal and pack meals for the day

09-06-2004, 05:46 PM
Don't make excuses for not eating right.

You finish school and head off to work, you get stuck with an areshole boss making you push 60+ hours a week. How are you gunna eat then ?

It is easy to plan and prepare ahead. A bit of thought and preperation into your diet will go a long way.