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big calvin
02-01-2004, 12:28 AM
well before i start out i just wanted 2 say a lil about myself. im 20 years old 5'11" 380lbs.. ive ben diabetic type 2 for about 2-3 years now and have hypothyroidism for about 4 years now. i dont take insulin, i sumtimes take glucovance but wen im on a diet i dont really need it...i do take 150mcg of sythroid a day...on and off but i try everyday 2 take it. ive ben trainin since i was 12 on and off...more off den on but i kno alot about nutrition and hormones of the body and exercise.. i just need a lil help..gettin motivated or can sumone tell me im n da right direction.. every diet contradicts each other...so i try 2 form my own skool of thought...

for da most part i almost always try 2 stick 2 atkins...doesnt last long...1 or 2 days 3 tops...before i go bak 2 eating normal..i use 2 b 450lbs and did atkins for 3-4 months and got down 2 350 lbs... i kno i can do it i just need motivation i guess.. couple days ago i tried 2 do it and told myself if i dont do it im gonna have dat gastic bypass done.....well first dat was ok no cheats atleast.. had turkey hotdogs and salami most the day...den had chicken wings around dinner...snacks i had turkey bolonga slices... didnt cheat for 3 days i beleave...den dat 3rd nite i cheated...drank juice wit my wings ...and it ended...

right now i dont kno if i should stick wit it and try 2 do atkins again....i say atkins cuz its da closest thing 2 wha im following but because i train from time 2 time and want 2 train more i would have a lil sumthing around my workouts....maybe sum post werkout cantaloupe or pre werkout pasta....

im not really a mornin eater...ill have a shake and b fine wit dat for a lil bit...till about 12-1 wen i get hungry den dats wen ill have da cooked hotdogs or salami or even sum steak if ders sum cooked...but dis is bad bard of my day cuz if i eat it at 12...at 3 im hungry and have da worst headach....so i eat say i had steak..so now at 3 ill have hotdogs....and salami...and bolonga...den take sum pills 4 da headach...and b ok till about 7...den i want sumthing big im hungry...so i cook chicken wings or ribs... and dats it at nite if i get hungry ill have a couple slices of salami...

den dis mornin i tried more balanced eating....cooked oats.....jesus...maybe i dont kno how cook oats but dis was bad...da taste wasnt....da texture...i need 2 make it more softer...liquidier... and den my mom makes steak and askes if i want her 2 use da brown rice i got...i said no just use da white...half of me said dat cuz it would suck and da other half said it cuz i didnt kno if my mom would make it worse...

i guess wit all dis writing i dont kno wha im doing...i guess im lookin for a lil help....advice... not sure...nothing really worked for me yet...and not dat it doesnt werk just i havent ben able 2 stick 2 it....maybe its a hard diet...maybe its me....i dont kno... hopefully u guys can tell me....


02-01-2004, 01:47 AM
Type English please.

big calvin
02-01-2004, 01:01 PM

02-01-2004, 02:15 PM
count cals bro...

you know enough to get the job done

big calvin
02-04-2004, 11:00 PM
count cals bro...

you know enough to get the job done

i kno wha 2 do its wondering if im wrong is my prob.

in my opinion i dont tink i need so many carbs but i do need sum...so den dat means ckd is not wha im lookin 4... i kno around how many calories gets me losing weight and how many dont and wants 2 low.. 3500 is wer id lose around3lbs a week da first couple weeks so maintaince id tink would b around 4500-5000... and im pretty sure da reason i cant stick 2 atkins is cuz i barly eat 2000 calories...which might b y da diet werks so fast cuz who wants 2 eat 3500 calories worth of fatty meats?... i like eating leaner cuts of meat but if i only eat protein and low carb and low fat den im basicly using a expensive way of gettin glucose(protein into glucose) so dat doesnt seem right...but if eat alot carbs den...im skurd its gonna make me not lose weight even if im eating 3500 calories....

i have lost weight b4 on mod.-high carbs , mod. protein low fat...but ive lost weight on atkins style 2....

like 2day i had 24 mini turkey hotdogs(about 24g protein,60g fat) and den 2lbs of ribs wit no bbq but....its just da taste of all da fat is gettin 2 me now...ive never liked fatty meats...but wha else can i do? wer else would i get as much fat as i needed... i can eat natty peanut butter but den da carbs start adding up and it ends up being not a ckd diet...more like a 60f/30p/10c diet...would dat even werk???....

ur right dat i kno how 2 get it done but deciding on which way is my prob right now....i always pic a diet...stick 2 it for a while den go bak 2 da way i use 2 eat...cokes and chinese food...

and right now i start a diet ...and da same day i say i should do da other diet yea ill do dat one tomorrow and cheat...den da next da say da same ting and go bak 2 da other one.... i dont kno if its dat i need dedication or wha not...i kno i can do it its just self doubt of not doing da perfect diet dat gets 2 me...

sorry if its such a long post or if it seems lik im rambling i just need 2 say all dis and hopefully tomorrow reread wha i wrote and find out were im doing wrong in...

02-05-2004, 03:25 AM
my head hurts from reading that "gangsta stylie" writing

big calvin are you really 50 cent in disguise

big calvin
02-05-2004, 06:31 AM
no im not....sorry if i type wrong...i use da text ting on my cell alot and most da words r shortr dis way.


02-05-2004, 07:04 AM
first off cal - take the t-4 everyday. i typically have my bottle right on my dresser - as soon as i wake up on the way to the bathroom, i put it under my tongue and let it dissolve. (sublingual bypasses all that don't take with caffeine, don't take iwht calcium crap)

second - yes you do need some carbs - you're on metformin right? are you taking that regularly?

if so then a few carbs in the morning is no problem. if you can only drink a shake int he morning, then dissolve the mrp in some juice, or milk. get your carbs out of the way by lunchtime. also make sure to eat every 3 hours. something small. so say you wake up at 6 - drink the shake for breakfast (after taking your pills). at 9 eat some peanuts or nuts or something. that will tide you over until noon. eat some protein, eat some carbs, at 3 - eats something that is protein and fat - at 6 (your mental big dinner meal) eat some protein, eat some low gi carbs - green vegetables, or sweet potatoes, or brown rice. at 9pm, eat some fat and protein again before bed - or better yet - drink some powder mixed with water.

big calvin
02-05-2004, 12:44 PM
tanks tryska

im takin glucovance right now but not everyday, i only take it wen i need it... so its normally maybe 3 or 4 days out of da week ill take 1 pill maybe 2...im suppose 2 take 500mg twice a week but its 2 strong 4 me lik dat.... da reason i only take ir 3 or 4 days out da week is dats about da amount of days im cheating or drinkin coke(which raises it da most) da other days im on no carbs so i dont take it cuz id start shakin n feelin low blood sugar. and wit da synthroid , i try 2 take it daily sumtimes i forget lik dis mornin but ill put it by my bed from now on so i dont 4get.

but i lik da meal plan u described up der^^^ so 3 carb meals and 3 no carb meals righ? more or less... i can have 3 protein shakes wit natty PB and den brown rice wit ground turkey or chicken breast on da other meals... sounds good 2 me... imma calculate everyting and post it up...tanks again tryska

02-05-2004, 12:51 PM
no problem cal, glad to help. :)