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02-04-2004, 04:56 PM
I know you guys might be so tired of people asking you to give them some advices about DIETING, well that is wut I am here for. All I want is eat better. I am 19, 5'9'', 158 pounds. I play soccer and run a lot. I quit lifting weights 1 week ago because of school and work and all I do now is run for 1 hour 4 days straight combined with sprints. ( most of the running is at a fast pace) I don't stop during the hour all I do is slow the running get air for 20 seconds and then run more and sprint...Anyways on friday and saturday I am gonna start to lift weight again ( when I lift weight I lift hard). ON sunday I have my soccer game. I ve gotten great results from running and lifting weights, but I feel as if I weren't eating that healthier and enough compare to all the running I do. I don't eat junk food. What I eat more are carbs as wheat bread, egg beggel, fruits, vegetables.... All I need is a sample of how should I make my eating routine better so that I get enough nutrients and good sources of carbs, proteins, and fat. ( I don't eat that much fat, I always eat less than 20% to 15 % of fat cals. I eat a day) Protein I always eat 20 to 30 % and carbs I eat 60 to 65 %of cals eaten a day. My calorie intake a day is 1500 to 1900 calories. Is it enought? Sometimes I don't run because my body feels tired, should I still eat the same amount of calories i usually eat? Want to know the right food I should eat and a eating routine. Thanks.

02-05-2004, 10:00 AM
all the information you need is on the main site in the diet and nutrition articles