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02-17-2004, 11:30 PM

I've been browsing for a couple months now (not sure if this is the right forum for a first post) and I figure it's about time to get help with my diet. anyway, I came to the realization that although i think i'm eating right, I'm really not.

here's a breakdown of what I eat 6 days a week (7th is cheat, sunday):

meal 1: protein bar + apple
meal 2: protein shake + orange
meal 3: 1 can tuna w/ one tblspoon mayo + orange
meal 4: protein shake after lift
meal 5: dinner (usually chicken breast/turkey w/ greens)
meal 6: protein shaek b4 bed

totals: 1700 cals, ~40gs fat, 210 grams protein, 80gs carbs, leads to a 20/20/60 split.

now i'm looking to cut, but it appears that my cals are low enough? (i'm 5'9 205 btw). my question is basically where should i adjust my diet (which meals) and in which ways? I've tried searching, but obviously, there is no 'definitive' result, so i was wondering what would work best here?

any clarifications, feel free to ask.



Saint Patrick
02-18-2004, 01:30 AM
1700 cals is too low for someone who weighs 205lbs. Aim for 2100-2200.

You're eating more MRP's than real food. Drop one or two of the shakes and add a meal or 2.

Get some more healthy fats, like fish/flax oil or nuts.

Good luck w/ your cut and welcome to the site.

02-18-2004, 09:13 PM

Thanks for the welcome, i hope to enjoy my stay.

after reading a bit, i think i'll amend it:

meal 1: 2 slices whole wheat bread with thin layer PB
meal 2: chicken breast + brown rice
meal 3: can tuna + orange
meal 4: shake after lift
meal 5: chicken breast + carbs + veggies
meal 6: shake b4 bed.

where would you suggest adding the flax oil?

02-18-2004, 09:57 PM
First off, I'm assuming you're cutting. A healthy diet for someone who weighs 205 lbs would be 205*12=2460 calories. So up your carbs to about 205g, and your fat to about 90g, while keeping your protein at 205g. That's 90*9+205*4+205*4=2430 I would drink a shake spiked with orange juice or something with carbs before you workout. That way, you have energy to workout and the shake is already digesting by the time you're done working out. I wouldn't even drink a shake the days you don't work out. You're just starting out after all. I drink a shake before I workout and I eat a protein bar the days I don't workout. It'll make things a bit easier on the wallet as well. Instead of a shake before bed, eat some cottage cheese. The protein and carbs in their breakdown slowly which is good before bed. Don't be afraid to eat fats, as long as their not saturated. Keep the carbs coming from fruits and complex sugars rather than sources such as white bread and rice. I wouldn't eat more than 1g/lb of body weight of protein a day. Also make sure your kidneys are healthy, otherwise you could be damaging them. You could try adding the flax seed oil to meals 3 and 5? If you decide to eat cottage cheese, add some to it too.

02-18-2004, 10:02 PM
hi, im new to the forums as well.. and might be able to help..

when i cut down.. i use this for my meal plan...

breakfast @ 0700am: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites
snack1 @ 0945am: 1 can tuna in oil, not water
1/2 bag steamed broccoli (sold frozen)
lunch @ 1230pm: 1 piece chicken breast
1/2 bag steamed broccoli
snack2 @ 0330pm: 1 piece chicken breast
1/2 cup cottage cheese
pre-workout (1/2 b4): 1/2 peanut butter sdwch (heavy peanut butter)
-workout @ 7-
post-workout (immed): 1 banana
20-30g protein shake (5 or less carbs)
dinner @ 1030pm: 6 eggwhites
lowfat cheddar cheese
1 can tuna in oil (mix for omelete add salsa for taste)

do that for 5 days straight....(mon-fri)

1/2 hour cardio BEFORE first meal (immed. after wakeup)
1/2 hour cardio AFTER workout

low intensity cardio.. if ur in the low to mid 20's keep ur heart rate around 130bpm
if ur in the low to mid 30's keep it around 120bpm.. and so forth

anyways.. do that... mon-fri...
then on sat and sun carb up....

add 2 slices of toast and a cup of quaker oat bran cereal to breakfast
add a red potato or sweet potato to ur 2nd snack @ 330pm
change the 1/2 cups of cottage cheese to 1 whole cup

that right there got me shredded.. i lost about 3 lbs a week doing that.. and as long as ur taking about 10g of glutamine a day. you'll stay strong.. i dropped some strenght but not much at all....

also.. try to get ur hands on some ephedra.. that'll keep the energy up when u lose it cuz of the low carbs.. and stay HEAVY....keep it around 6-8 reps, near failure each set...

well thats about the most i can say for now.. i hope that helps some.. :strong: