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02-18-2004, 05:04 PM
I'm on a balanced high vitamins healthy cutting diet. My BW is 185 @ 13.1%. I estimate that between activities and bmr I burn around 3000-3400 daily. My diet is currently 2185 cals 86fat 243 carbs 125 protein. The fat is all healthy fats though - only 23g of saturated. Is this still too much though? Should i increase the carbs and lower the fat to get better results? I can't touch the protein for health reasons. Its been working BTW. I started out about 2-3 weeks ago at 183lb @ 14.6% and today I am 185lb @ 13.1%. That equates to about 2.48 lb of fat loss and 4.49 lb of LBM gain. I think all the LBM gain is from deadlifts and squats though - which I never did before 3 weeks ago. And I do see results I went from 2 vague abs to about 4 fairly defined ones.

02-18-2004, 05:59 PM
First, I believe your protein is too low. You should try to get in at least 1g/lb and I prefer 1.2g/lb when cutting. Split up the fat/carbs according to preference after that.

Second, I'd say to keep your saturates around 15% of your total fat intake.

02-18-2004, 07:16 PM
once again, as I said before,

I can't touch the protein for health reasons. I have to eat 1.4g/kg on workout days and 1.2ish on non workout days. Equates to 100-120 protein, 140 max. Everyone in my family has weak kidneys and I've found to have problems in the past with high amounts. Oh and my uncle is 235lb at 12% bodyfat. He eats 100g of protein a day... you don't really need much for muscle - its all a game to make the supplement companies rich - and too much will overstress just about every organ in your body...

do your research... any serious medical research says that diets exceed 1.4g/kg (this is for active/training ppl) not only are not beneficial but overstress kidneys and other vital organs. Oh and another thing I bet you didn't know... after you workout you should drink tons of water for 24 hours because muscle tissue breakdown releases creatinekinase which is a very dangerous enzyme for the kidneys and liver. Can only be flushed out with water...

anyways, i could sit here and tell you about medical research all day.. point is i'm not going above 1.4g/kg..oh and I have 4 doctors in my family with hundreds of published medical research papers - I think i know what i'm talking about.

02-18-2004, 07:35 PM
I looked through some of my uncles research and through some medical school books, heres what i found:
diet excessively high in protein (greater than 1k/kg in healthy ppl and 1.3-1.4g/kg in weight trainers) can cause the following effects:
-increase LDL cholesterol
-increase blood pressure
-promote osteoperosis (more calcium is excreted in urine)
-should be only used short term to treat medical conditions, long term causes kidney and heart damage
-several research projects link kidney disease

i have a bunch more stuff for those of you interested in knowing...and yes all of this is long term

as far as kidneys 26% of americans don't know they have susceptible kidneys and the high protein can cause renal failure years down the road...

02-18-2004, 07:40 PM
hmm u bring up some interesting points...o well hope my kidneys are good :p, but back to the question i believe u should try and cut down the sat. fat in ur diet other than that i would keep on it since its working...