View Full Version : Dextrose...Need info about it

02-18-2004, 10:52 PM
Dextrose. I've been told that I should include some in my diet. But what exactly is it, where can I find it, what does it do...what's so great about it? Thanx.

As of now I only know of Smarties as a good source of Dextrose. haha :strong:

02-18-2004, 10:55 PM
Look through this forum and the suplement forum. There are many threads on the subject. I remeber a recent one that detailed the differences between malto and dex

Saint Patrick
02-18-2004, 11:06 PM
you can order it at www.supplementdirect.com for cheap

What does it do? Run a search.

02-19-2004, 07:19 AM
Sorry but I have to say something here admittedly :offtopic:

When I was a newbie once.

Every time I saw someone say "X weeks out" by their avatar.

The first think to always come to mind was "Isn't he kind of young?"

or, 7weeks out of what.. jail, womb, the dog house.

Just a laugh,

Saint Patrick
02-19-2004, 01:03 PM
Hey LuvDaPump -

Your stats are almost the same as mine when I ended my bulk. How long you been lifting?