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02-21-2004, 01:52 PM
Im not a girl, but my g/f needs a good diet and I can't even make one for myself let alone for someone of the opposite sex and trying to get in shape by knocking off a few lbs as for me im bulking up.

Anyhow, does anyone have a good diet or advice on a healthy diet for a female so I can forward it onto her...
She's like 5'5" 122 lbs so she's not that fat at all..but she wants to go down to around 116 lbs and lost a bit of fat on the waste/buttocks and such...
She works out like 3-4 days a week..

Can anyone give me a good diet or any advice. Should she be eating a lot of protein/carbs or staying away from them all together.


02-21-2004, 02:32 PM
It wouldn't be much different from making one for a boy. I'd start her at about 1500 calories, making sure she gets enough protein (100-120g should be alright).

Now, when she "works out" you should make sure she does some weight training. It will make a difference and there is a 1 in 1 billion chance of her 'bulking up' so don't worry about that.

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:withstupi also

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thx guys