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02-22-2004, 09:39 PM
Hey everyone,

I am just wondering if there is any software out there that has a calorie database, and a 'tracking' system for your progression. I had a palm pilot a while ago and tried out the demo of 'balancelog', which had a huge database of different types of foods and what protein, carb, and fat percentage they had, and also a chart saying how far i have gotten and what not. Does anyone use anything like this? (i am on the pc alot for work, so i am just wondering if there is anything out there that will help me that is on the pc).

02-22-2004, 10:02 PM

Do a search next time.

Saint Patrick
02-22-2004, 10:51 PM

02-23-2004, 09:38 AM
dietorganizer is much better than fitday