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02-23-2004, 09:32 PM
Hey everyone, decided that I'd start a journal here too in addition to my logging.

I'm 17
and bulking up to 185lbs.
I do not know my current bench, however 3 months ago it was 185lbs. I also don't know my max squat, however I was able to rep 210 with ease (below parallel) 6 times. I don't want to risk injury, so I won't actually be maxing, but instead using a table to calculate my max bench.

- Get my max bench up to 250lbs by July
- Get my max squat up to 300+ lbs by July
- Clean bulk up to 180-185lbs.

- Multi-vitamin and Vitamin E capsules with first meal
- 5g creatine daily (3 months on, 6 weeks off)...Either taken post workout or before bed
- 10~15g of glutamine daily

For my workouts, it'll be split up to something like this:
Monday - Chest and Shoulders
Tuesday - Legs
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Back and traps
Friday - Biceps and triceps

Today launched a "high rep" week....

02-23-2004, 09:36 PM
1st post starting a journal.....yes! Have at it....:spam:

02-23-2004, 09:37 PM
Rep Week - February 23, 2004

Weekend I was feeling pretty sick, and it continued on today. Woke up with a pretty bad cough this morning, but I thought it'd be okay for me to workout because my stuffy nose had cleared up.

Incline Dumbbell Press - 55 x 7, 50 x 8, 45 x 8
Bench Press - 155 x 7, 145 x 7, 100 x 10
Flyes - 20 x 12, 20 x 12

Single Arm Dumbbell Press - 30lbs x 8, 20lbs x 8
Bent Lateral - 15lbs x 10, 10lbs x 9
Cable Side Lateral - 20lbs x 12, 20lbs x 12

Was feeling really exhausted after my first exercise, which is why i failed a bit early on my bench press, was trying to go for the 8-10 rep range, but its clear that my strength was subpar today. I'm pretty sure I could've reped 10-15 more lbs on the bench if I wasn't feeling as sick.

doing legs tomorrow, i'll be sure to take it easy doing a lighter workout.

02-23-2004, 09:40 PM

Good luck with your journal and your goals! :thumbup:

02-23-2004, 09:52 PM
Thank you, hopefully I'll get some progression pictures up. I'm currently doing my best to do a clean bulk with slow burning carbs, hopefully packing on more muscle, and less fat! :D

02-24-2004, 01:56 PM
Leg Extension - 140 lb x 10 , 110 x 10
Hack Squat - 90 x 12 , 90 x 12 , 90 x 12
One legged Leg press - 120 lb x 15, 105 x 15, 105 x 15

Lying Leg Curl - 130 lb x 8 , 110 x 8
Stiff Legged Deadlift - 135 lb x 10, 135 lb x 10
Lying Leg Curl - 80 x 12, 70 x 12

I didn't go too heavy today, just started feeling better but still not exactly at 100%. Take a day off tomorrow, probably do some simple cardio (sports) for a bit, but no weight training.

Oh side note, today diet-wise I had a cheatmeal. Its pancake tuesday, all you can eat pancakes for $2.99 :P, couldn't give that up. Not like it'd matter that much, I'm bulking, so I'm eating like a beast :D

02-24-2004, 02:46 PM
:spam: good luck on the bulk

02-24-2004, 04:02 PM
Nice workour Alaric! All you can eat pancakes...mmmm. I'd be sure to get my $2.99 worth. Although pancakes are filling little bastards. :D

02-25-2004, 01:53 PM
Nice workouts Alaric. Don't go bustin' up too many Romans.


02-26-2004, 12:56 PM
Thank you shane, wibble, and pruneman :)

Back and Traps

Wow, what a workout! I guess I've been underestimating my backworkout all this time, next week I'll be sure to work it to its full potential.

None of these workouts show my warmup beforehand, but I usually do 2-3 warmup sets for the first exercise for each bodypart, then a warmup set after for every exercise that follows.

Traps - Shrugs 185, 135 (highrep week)
Traps - Shrugs 225, 185 (lowrep week)

CG Weighted Chin - 15 x 6, 15 x 6
WG Cable Row (Seated) - 120 x 10, 110 x 10
Dumbell Row - 30 x 12, 25 x 12
Barbell Pull-overs - 70 x 15, 60 x 15
Barbell Shrugs - 135 x 10, 135 x 12

Wow, well I'll definitley be moving up the weights for ALL exercises next week, which surprised me. I've taken note of what to do next week for traps, because usually I move the weights up in small increments for the next week (5-15lbs).
I was kind of shocked when I shrugged the 135, cause it felt like it was only 50lbs.

02-26-2004, 04:40 PM
Side note, starting next week I'm going to try and fit some ab work into my training schudule, I haven't done them for 2-3 weeks, its been pretty hectic so I'll try my best to include them. Probably with back and leg days.

02-27-2004, 02:24 PM
Biceps and Triceps

Didn't have any time to do any direct forearm work unfortunately. Also, I'm out of my protein shake so I didn't down anything postworkout except for some creatine :(. Been having a rough day...

Alternating DB Curl - 35 x 6, 30 x 8
Cable Curl - 65 x 10, 55 x 10
Concentration Curl - 25 x 8 (failed early). 8 x 4 {just to finish off set}

Weighted Bench Dip - 115 x 8, 90 x 8 {would've liked to get an additional set here}
Pushdown - 50 x 10, 50 x 10
Kickback - 15 x 12

Would've liked to do forearms. Pushdowns will be increased for next week, while Concentration Curls will be decreased. Cable Curls will also be moved up.

02-27-2004, 04:05 PM
Nice workouts Alaric! I have the same problem of underestimating myself in some exercises also, especially on Back and Legs. :)

03-01-2004, 04:25 PM
Rep Week II - March 1, 2004

wibble, yea that seems to be the case for most exercises as of lately, I guess I've been making good gains but I haven't been compensating the weight for it. Anyways, I'm hoping to change that all this week.

I hate Mondays, I only had 5-6 hours of sleep at most, woke up dead beat tired, and the gym was closed for half my break :swear:. Anyways, I still managed to get in my chest workout, although I would've liked to done my shoulders today too, I guess I'll be sneaking those in during back day.

Incline Dumbell press - 55 x 7, 50 x 8, 50 x 6
Bench Press - 145 x 8, 135 x 8, 100 x 8
Flyes - 20 x 12, 20 x 12

Wasn't training at 100% intensity, was rushing through my workout just so I could finish in time of my break. I could've done a lot more with the bench press today, hopefully gonna get a goods night rest tonight, and be ready for leg day tomorrow.

03-01-2004, 05:08 PM
whoa, forgot to mention that this week will be AMAZING for me, however, very distracting. The regular all guy weight training class has been replaced with an ALL GIRL class for the week. Nothing beats having two dozen chicks in short shorts, and tank tops working out beside, behind, and in front of you.

Very distracting, but I'll do my best to try and keep focus.

03-01-2004, 05:16 PM
Nice Chest day Alaric! Dear god I wish I was a member at your gym. All girl class... :drooling:

03-02-2004, 01:16 AM
Sweet Mary & Joseph! An all girl class? That's sweet. Make sure you can keep 'things' under control man. If you happen to slack a little this week in your work outs we'll forgive you. Better yet, bust your ass and show them your muskles. Maybe some of the less informed ones will ask you to teach them how to lift. :D

03-02-2004, 12:30 PM

Wibble, Shane - today however it proved to be a major disadvantage, didn't finish my workout. Picture this (all these chicks are wearing short shorts and tanktops), I'm on the leg press machine minding my own business, and there's a chick in front of me doing good mornings. Behind me, there's a chick squatting. To my left side there is a chick doing her abs, and to my right I have a chick spanking her own ass while she does 1 hand db curls.

Not surprisingly, I got distracted today ....I only wanted to take 30-60 seconds rest, but I ended up taking rests 2-3 minutes long and couldn't finish my workout...However, there is a bright side to the story which i'll post later on.

Leg Extension - 140 x 10, 110 x 10
*Hack Squat - 90 x 12, 90 x 12, 90 x 11
One legged Leg press - 120 x 15, 105 x 15, 90 x 13
Lying Leg Curl - 130 x 6, 100 x 8
Stiff legged deadlift - 60 x 4 (warmup)
......this is where my workout ended
I would've done Stiff Legged Deadlifts for 2 sets (8-10 reps), done Lying Leg Curls for another 2 sets (10-12 reps), if I hadn't slacked.

* for hack squats, I was just trying to get my form down, previously my knees would've passed my toes on the way down, however, now I've made sure that they haven't.

After my workout, I finished 4/6 exercises I felt beat, but my buddies were doing max bench. Well, I just worked my chest out yesterday so I'm still feeling it, but I thought I'd just max out at what they were doing (180). I know for a fact that I can hit 185....
I was surprised when I warmed up first with 90lbs x 4 reps, god it felt so heavy, I knew it would've been stupid. But once 180 was loaded, I attempted it, and I hit it 5 times surprisingly. I couldn't tell the difference from 180 to 90, I'm pretty sure if I hadn't worked out earlier, and done my chest yesterday, I could rep 185, or even 190 at that amount.

Also, I've been getting more sleep as of late, last night I moved up to 7.5 hours of sleep :D

I also got my protein powder in the mail today, 10lb suppy...that should last me 7 or 8 weeks :D

03-02-2004, 01:28 PM
Oh no! Surrounded by girls bending over and making strenuous noises!...I feel soooo sorry for you. :cry: :whiner: :drooling:

Pfft. :angel:

03-04-2004, 12:26 PM
Back and Traps

Good workout today! I completed my full back workout, and I had time leftover to kill which I should've spent doing abs (I haven't done them in a few weeks now, I VOW TO DO THEM NEXT WEEK AT LEAST ONCE). I ended up spending my extra 10 free minutes in the gym watching the ladies workout :hump:

Closegrip Weighted Chinups - 25 x 8, 20 x 7
Widegrip Cable Rows - 130 x 10, 110 x 10
Dumbell Row - 35 x 12, 25 x 12
Pullovers - 80 x 12, 60 x 13
Barbell Shrugs - 185 x 10, 185 x 12

I'll be increasing the weights for all my exercises, I made a 50lb jump in shrugs from last week, but I still don't think its sufficient and might increase it to 200-210 for the next.
Tomorrow will be arm day, don't think i'll be hitting my forearms because my right one is still sore from badminton.

03-05-2004, 01:10 PM
Biceps and Triceps

Had a pretty good workout, but didn't have time to finish my last exercise for my tricep (only got a warmup set in). Next week, everything will change, my overall intensity for this week has dropped by far due to my attention being elsewhere .

I was right, I didn't hit my forearms directly today just because they were still sore from badminton.

Alternating DB Curl - 35 x 7, 30 x 8
Cable Curl - 75 x 9, 65 x 10
Concentration Curl - 20 x 12

Weighted Dip - 135 x 2 (failed)..90 x 6, 90 x 8, 90 x 8
Pushdown - 60 x 10, 50 x 10
Kickback - 8 x 5 (1st warmup set only)

On a side note, for some stupid reason I decided to max out my squats even though my hammies/calves were killing me this morning. New personal best, 300lb squat @ parallel.

NEXT WEEK i'll be moving into a lower rep/heavier weight week, I'm basically going to be working on my overall lifts. I'm going to be experimenting and will be wearing a nice hoodie during rest, just to keep my body warm since I'll be lifting heavy with low reps and will have an overall higher rest period inbetween sets.

03-08-2004, 01:35 PM
Low Rep Week - March 8, 2004
Chest and Shoulders

Finally the week has gone back to normal, in a way I kind of miss it, but I've gotten back to my full workouts.

Dumbell Press - 65 x 6, 55 x 6, 50 x 6
Incline DB Press - 55 x 6, 50 x 6, 50 x 6
Weighted Dips - 35 x 6, 30 x 6, bodyweight x 6

Shoulder press - 35 x 6, 30 x 6
Upright Row - 80 x 5, 70 x 5
Cheat Lateral - 25 x 6, 20 x 6

Overall, a good day. Wasn't feeling as pumped since I had a pushup competition early in the morning which pretty much exhuasted me. Getting only 5.5 hours of sleep last night didn't help that much neither, next week is rest week I can't wait! I'm going to go take a nap right now to try and make up for some sleep. Tomorrow is leg day, short week today so I'll be working out 4 days straight most likely....

On another note, I decided to be stupid and try and do a couple max lifts.
Bench press: MISSED 220
Squats: MISSED 310.
YAY! lol, I think I banged up my knee, was in a rush and didn't warmup for my squats. How convenient, leg day coming up tomorrow too!

03-09-2004, 01:48 PM

Pretty good workout, didn't go down as much on squats because I was trying a varying form, I placed a couple 2.5 plates below my toes, so that I'd be pushing off my heels, didn't do my full potential just because I was testing for my balance.
Nevertheless, I'm sure this workout was good enough to get my sore.

Squats - 180 x 6, 190 x 6, 190 x 6
Leg Press - 300 x 6, 255 x 6
Single Leg Extension - 80 x 6, 70 x 6
Lying Leg Curl - 150 x 5, 120 x 6
Stiff Legged Deadlift - 135 x 6

Would've done a couple more sets of SLDL, but I just wasn't feeling the pump today, so I took it easy and finished it with an easy set. I'll be working out 4 days in a row, tomorrow will be back, then thursday will be arms. Then its 11 days off!!!

03-10-2004, 12:59 PM
Back and Traps

Weak workout today, I just had a lot on my mind and couldn't get in my "training zone." I seperated myself from I planned on doing, but nevertheless I still got some back work done.

CG Cable Row - 140 x 6, 110 x 6
Front Lat Pulldown - 140 x 6, 110 x 6
Bent Over Row - 90 x 6, 90 x 6, 80 x 6
Weighted Chins - 20 x 10, 20 x 6
DB Shrugs - 80 x 6, 80 x 6

03-12-2004, 04:51 PM

Schools out! Just in time too, today was my last workout for the next 10 days, cause I usually workout in the school's weight room. Today was an exception, and I was forced to workout at home with subpar equipment (I outgrew them already, and havne't touched these since last year).

I took the day off yesterday, a much needed rest, and got 11 hours of sleep last night :D Felt very good, unfortunately i'm working out in my basement, and our furnace is busted. So i'm like working out in -5 degrees weather with only a tshirt. Enough with the excuses, time to list the exercises.

Barbell Curl - 75 x 6, 75 x 6
Preacher Curl - 20 x 6, 20 x 6
Hammer Curl - 30 x 6, 30 x 6

CG Bench Press - 145 x 6, 145 x 6, 145 x 4
Skull Crushers - 75 x 6, 75 x 6
Single Arm DB Extensions - 10 x 6, 10 x 6

I think i might've strained my elbow whlie doing preacher curls. The equipment here is a bitch to work with, and I had to use a wide and unaligned grip for my preachers. Nevertheless, my elbows were killing me right after, and 20 was just supposed to be my warmup set.

For the next week or so, I'll be keeping logs of my daily diet, that way I won't slack off. I'm in the process of constructing a new diet with an extra 1000cals for my bulk.

03-12-2004, 04:58 PM
Sessions are looking good Alaric! Hope the new diet goes well for you. :)

03-13-2004, 10:40 PM
Thanks for the comments wibble!

Finally getting some good rest in, been getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night. However, this has turned me into a slacker, I might throw in a day of cardio during my week's break but i may not. Still working on my diet lol, 4000cals is gonna be hard to eat. Anyways, these last couple of days haven't been great, I've only been getting in 5 meals a day, just coming short of my protein intake. Tonight I'll try and fit my 6th meal in, but no guarentees.

03-13-2004, 11:06 PM
If you're having trouble hitting your 4000cals, maybe you could eat some nuts throughout the day. They're full of cals, and healthy fats. You could eat them in between meals and throw in some extra milk. Maybe that would help you hit the 4k mark a little easier.

03-14-2004, 05:42 PM
Hey thanks for the advice wibble, I've incoroporated that idea into my diet, thanks again! :D

03-14-2004, 08:54 PM
Sure thing, glad to help. :)

Saint Patrick
03-14-2004, 09:05 PM
If you're having trouble hitting your 4000cals, maybe you could eat some nuts throughout the day. They're full of cals, and healthy fats. You could eat them in between meals and throw in some extra milk. Maybe that would help you hit the 4k mark a little easier.

Hell, you could just take some olive oil and pour it over your meals.

But yeah, nuts are ace too.

03-14-2004, 10:24 PM
Hell, you could just take some olive oil and pour it over your meals.

But yeah, nuts are ace too.

LOL I used to take olive oil in the morning. I'd drink my OJ down till there was only a mouthful, then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and drink it all in one swallow. Not so bad that way. I do the same thing now, but with Udo's Oil Blend. It has a mixture of Omega-3, 6 and 9 and at 270 cals for 2 tablespoons you can't go wrong. :)

03-15-2004, 11:23 PM
Thanks again for the advice guys. I managed to sneak in a session of HIIT cardio earlier today 4 hours after one of my meals. I also managed to finish my 4000k diet, FINALLY! :D You guys can check it out here:

Thanks again for the comments!

03-16-2004, 07:25 PM
Nice job hitting the 4k Alaric, your diet is looking good! :thumbup:

03-19-2004, 10:09 PM
Hey thanks again for your support wibble! I managed to sneak in a 20 minute session of HIIT cardio earlier today, broke me a nice sweat. The next month or so is going to be a hell month for me, I've got to be pushing my school work as high as possible, and in turn this may affect my workout schudule consistency. After midterms though, everything should be back to normal.

Also, these last couple of days my shoulder has been acting up on me, it hasn't been doing any work, but I fear that started my routine up again on Monday will cause even more harm to it. I just might lay off for another week, depending on how it feels by Monday.

03-28-2004, 09:06 PM
Enough is enough!!! Tomorrow I shall begin working out once more.

03-28-2004, 10:00 PM

03-29-2004, 01:30 PM
Power week - Monday March 29, 2004

Sleep: 7.5 hours + 1 hour 15 minute nap

9:40am - Chest
Bench Press - 175 x 5, 165 x 6, 165 x 6
Incline DB Press - 60 x 3, 50 x 6, 50 x 6
Weighted Dips - 40 x 5
Pec Deck - 200 x 1 , 130 x 6

1:40pm - Shoulders
Shoulder Press - 45 x 2, 40 x 6, 40 x 6
Upright Row - 80 x 6, 70 x 6
Cheat Lateral - 30 x 3, 20 x 6

Before this I haven't worked out for over 2 weeks due to my shoulder injury. I was feeling good during the chest, but I could tell my strength has deterioted a bit somewhat. I had attempted to do DB Presses, and I was struggling just to get 70# up 3 reps, so I went and used the barbell instead. Usually I don't split my workouts like this, but I didn't have time in the first session to finish off my shoulders. I might start doing it like this from now on, taking in carbs preworkout and postworkout of both sessions.

03-29-2004, 06:03 PM
Nice workout, good job on the Bench! :)

03-30-2004, 12:17 PM

Sleep: 4.5 Hours :( + 1.5-2.5 hour nap which I'm about to take

Squats - 200 x 6, 190 x 6, 190 x 6
Leg Press (Horizontal Version) - 300 x 6, 255 x 6, 225 x 6
Single Leg Extension - 100 x 6, 80 x 6
Lying Leg Curl - 150 x 6
SLDL - 185 x 6, 185 x 5

Could've done more weights on squats, but this was my first leg workout in over 2 weeks, I wanted to take it light somewhat. Single leg extension was surprisingly easy at that weight, guess its time to kick it up a notch. Would've liked to do a couple more sets on the Lying Leg curls, but what can ya do? Stiff legged deadlifts, right now I feel that it has had more of an effect on my lowerback then my hammies, but I'm sore nevertheless.

My diet has been deadon these last couple of days, and I think its benefited me for the better, i've gained 2 lbs in the last day and I'm now at 170 :D

03-30-2004, 12:44 PM
Thanks wibble! My first time on the bench in a while (had been doing a lot of dumb bell presses lately beforehand), however, I'm still going to be experimenting with different grips and see which one I find most comfortable now.

03-30-2004, 04:28 PM
3 hour nap wow, i'm feeling refreshed, however, tomorrow will still be a rest day for me.

03-31-2004, 05:15 PM
Rest Day

Sleep: 6.5 hours + 2.5 hour nap

Sleeping patterns have been thrown off these past couple days. I slept in a bad position last night I guess, cause when I woke up I had major shoulder pains, the same shoulder I believed I injured earlier this month. Debating on whether or not I can finish off this week (still have back and arms).

03-31-2004, 07:03 PM
You can do eet! :D

04-01-2004, 02:01 PM
lol No i can't wibble, I'm going to be taking another week off most likely. I'm guessing it was either my sleeping position or those dumbell presses I attempted that injured my shoulder, its hurting like hell to the point where I can't move it much. If it stays like this till Saturday, i'm gonna get it checked out.

04-02-2004, 12:15 PM
goood news is my shoulder feels 95% better, give the rest of the weekend off and I should be good to go for next week! :D

04-02-2004, 12:29 PM
Awesome news Alaric! :D

04-04-2004, 12:24 PM
Thanks wibble!
Just finished another 20 minute session of HIIT cardio, so that makes 2 HIIT cardio sessions this week. Gonna eat some breakfast now.

A side note, I thought my shoulder had completely healed yesterday. I guess this is sleeping related ,because when I woke up today I felt a slight (only minor) pain in my shoulder. Its hardly noticeable, and it seems to have gone away at the moment. Other than my cardio sessions (which is basicaly running/jogging) I have not been doing any activities that involves my shoulder).

Dieting has been pretty good overall. Was mom's birthday so had a couple extra cheat meals (cake). Brought my cals down to 3000 this weekend just so my body wouldn't adjust to the 4000 cal intake.

04-05-2004, 01:32 PM
Low rep week - Monday April 5, 2004

Sleep: Unknown (probably around 6 hours)...went to bed so i could get my 7 hours, but i ended up waking up in the middle of the night and i don't know how long it took me to fall asleep again

Chest and Shoulders
Bench Press - 180 x 4, 180 x 4, 175 x 5
Incline DB Press - 55 x 4, 50 x 5, 50 x 4
Dips - 30 x 6, bw x 6 (rushed these so i could finish shoulders).

DB Military Press - 40 x 5, 40 x 3
Upright Row - 90 x 5, 70 x 6
Cheat Lateral - 20 x 6, 20 x 6 - just wanted to get my form down....

Shoulder felt great, I could've probably sneaked in another rep out of my first set of 180, but I kind of pussied out (didn't know if my shoulder could take it). Second set wasn't that great, but finished it.

Leg day tomorrow....Diet has been pretty good, been wrapping 60% of my dailiy carbs around my workout. Gonna be working out 4 days straight (3 more to go), since my school closes on friday, I wanna be able to finish arms off too.

04-05-2004, 02:43 PM
Good job man!

04-06-2004, 02:29 PM
Thanks wibble

Sleep: Again unknown...I keep waking up in the middle of the damn night and I don't know what time I fall asleep again. School is messing me up, I'll get this straighted out on thursday night, once easter weekend kicks in.

Squats (parallel) - 210 x 5, 195 x 6, 180 x 6
Horizontal Leg press - 285 x 6, 255 x 6, 225 x 6 (was getting the form down perfect here, no lockouts).
Single Leg Ext - 110 x 5, 90 x 5
Lying Leg Curl - 160 x 4, 120 x 6
SLDL - 185 x 6, 185 x 6

don't know why but I felt as if I just had a backworkout (before I went into the gym), the SLDL really got my lowerback going, form wasn't that great (legs were moving up and down a bit, sorta like a SLDL and regular deadlift).

So far been following my diet pretty well, however, I'm currently experimenting with something. After my workout I'm eating the carbs that I would've eaten in my 4th meal, 2 hours directly after my workout). I'll then just eat the protein by itself later on in the day (chicken). That way less carbs will be taken in at night, and will be wrapped according to my workout. Which reminds me, time to eat :D

04-07-2004, 12:32 PM
Rest day

Sleep: 8 hours (finally, some good shudeye at the expense of skipping 2 classes).

Was going ot do back today, but I really needed some rest. So tomorrow (last day school is open before long weekend), I'm going to train my back in the morning, then my arms 4 hours later in the afternoon. Something I've never done before, but I'll give a shot (exceptions gotta be made).

04-08-2004, 02:55 PM
Sleep: 5.5 hours + nap (which i'm about to take)

Back and Traps - 10:20am
Deadlift - 200 x 6, 200 x 6, 200 x 5
Bent Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 4, 90 x 6
Weighted Chin - 25 x 3, 25 x 3 (screwed up on these)
CG Seated Row - 150 x 6, 150 x 6
Shrugs - 160 x 6, 160 x 6, 160 x 6

Screwed up on the weighted chins, I couldn't get the 25s inbetween my legs (would keep falling midset), so I asked someone to place it there. But while I was keeping my weight up, he was trying to figure out how to put it inbetween my feet, before just dumping them out. Only managed to get 3 out of these even tho i was aiming for 4-6

Biceps / Triceps - 2:00pm
Barbell Curl - 70 x 4, 60 x 5 (Trying to be a curl jockey)
Preacher Curl - 25 x 5/4, 20 x 5/4 (left hand lagging)
Hammer Curl - 30 x 5, 25 x 5

CG Bench Press - 160 x 7, 155 x 6, 135 x 6 (could've done so much more)
Skull Crushers - 35 x 6 (warmup).....

didn't get to finish my triceps or forearms. Its starting to tick me off, I don't think I've had a full arm workout in over a month now. My arms are definitley starting to lag just because I'm struggling with weight I would've been able to do in a higher rep week 1 month ago. Next week, I'm changing this up and putting arms on thursday and back on friday, not going to risk missing another arm day. Triceps aren't even sore, would've loved to do skullcrushers and single arm db's today.


Rest has been crap this week, I've only had one goods night of rest, I'm hoping to fix that up this long weekend. A lot of stuff has been going on in my mind, not exactly in the happiest mood, but I'm trying to unleash that anger in my workouts (for some reason I forget about them everytime I step in the gym, and remember that when I step out again).
Diet's been pretty good, only got 5 meals in yesterday though.

04-08-2004, 03:18 PM
good job on the workouts :thumbup:

yeah rest up dude. sleeping is like the best :D

04-08-2004, 07:41 PM
Thanks man!

Just got a two hour nap, and I feel like a million bucks. I'd like to sneak in 2 sessions of HIIT in this week, possibly tomorrow and the day after. Then take sunday and monday off, and begin on tuesday!

04-10-2004, 02:32 PM
Sleep has been improving these past couple days. 10 hours yesterday, 9.5 hours today. Also, I was able to get a 20 minute HIIT session in today.

04-14-2004, 12:52 PM
Sleep: 4.5 hours (I know, messed up once again) + nap (whatever i take)

NEW ROUTINE - MuscleMedia Benching
Max bench: 205
Attempted and Failed 210

Bench Press - 160 x 6, 170 x 5, 175 x 4 (spotter helped me on my last rep thinking I couldn't do it, even though i could've)

DB Press - 55 x 8, 55 x 6, 50 x 5 (don't know what was up with the last 2 sets, was aiming for 8 reps, guess I was just to tired to workout

DB Side Raise - 10 x 8, 10 x 8, 10 x 8 (had to do these at home, no time in the gym wasted too much time warming up for the max bench).

04-14-2004, 01:00 PM
Ok screw it, since I started the workout on a Wednesday, and I missed an exercies today I'll make up for it next week. The rest of the week will just be a light workout, doing full body tomorrow, then Friday. With the weekend off

04-19-2004, 03:27 PM
Official Start of New Routine

Format: Will always be
Weight x number of reps.

Bench Press - 160 x 6, 170 x 5, 175 x 4
Dumbell Press - 55 x 8, 50 x 8, 45 x 8
Dumbbell Side Raise - 10 x 8, 15 x 8, 15 x 8
Lying Triceps Extension - 50 x 8, 60 x 7, 50 x 8

04-19-2004, 03:29 PM
Other notable things to mention...

Sleep: 5 hours (damnit!). I went to bed early so that I would get 8 hours of sleep, but I ended up waking up at 4 to go to the washroom and I wasn't able to fall asleep again.

Diet: hasn't been all that great these past 3 days, I'm getting most of my meals in, sometimes 5 though, trying to keep on top of it, so tired, no nap today.

04-19-2004, 05:54 PM
Nice job on the benching and good luck with the new routine. :)

04-20-2004, 01:17 PM
Thanks wibble, new routine is an adjustment I'll have to make volumewise, not as much volume, but I'm keeeping the same intensity.

Back / Biceps
Narrow grip pulldown - 110 x 8, 120 x 8, 120 x 8
BB Row - 90 x 8, 135 x 7, 90 x 8 (Change reps to 6 next week)
BB Curl - 60 x 7, 50 x 8, 50 x 8

Maxed out on deadlifts inbetween BB Rows and BB Curls, was pretty stupid and tired me out. Anyways...
Max Deadlift: 315
Weight: 173

Sleep: 7.5+ hours (I know i got a bit less than 8, but yay :D)

04-21-2004, 02:17 PM
Rest Day
Sleep: 6 hours + 1 hour nap

Did a 20 minute of HIIT cardio on the bikes today, broke me a good sweat. Diet has been pretty good, I haven't been hitting 4000cals daily, but probably around 3500-3700 which is still good enough for the bulk.

04-22-2004, 03:06 PM

Bench Press - 175 x 3, 175 x 3, 190 x 3, 190 x 2, 210 x 1/2 (neg)
Rotator-Cuff Exercise - 5 x 12, 5 x 13, 5 x 14
Weighted Dips - 30 x 6, 30 x 6, 20 x 6

Good Chest workout, accidentally did an extra rep with 190 (was shooting for 2), and the negatives went great (had a good spotter who cheered me on throughout the whole thing).

Sleep: 6.5 hours + 1 hour nap

04-26-2004, 02:59 PM
Sleep: 5.5 hours + 1.5 hour nap
I should mention that my diet has been absolute crap for the past 3 days, maybe only getting in 4-5 meals a day with a crap load of cheat meals. Haven't been very strict, but tomorrow this shall all change, back on track!

Saturday I did Biceps/Back
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 3 x 8 reps
One Arm DB Rows - 3 x 8 reps
Incline DB Curls - 3 x 8 reps

Sleep sucked last night, but Friday, and Saturday I good amount of sleep 10, and 9 hours respectively.

Week 2 of 7 New Routine

Bench Press - 160 x 1, 170 x 5, 170 x 5, 180 x 4, 180 x 3 + 1
DB Press - 60 x 8, 50 x 8, 45 x 8
DB Side Raise - 15 x 8, 15 x 8
Lying Triceps Ext - 50 x 8, 50 x 7, 40 x 7

Overall, my strength was subpar, I do not know why. My form got screwed up in my 3rd set of the bench, and I believe that really took a lot out of me. I was surprised that I ended up struggling with 180 on my 4th rep (2 fingers from my spot to assist me just a tad). I don't know, maybe its due to lack of rest, but 180 sure felt a lot like 200 for me, first rep I thought I was going to explode cause it felt like my max. Yet, 170 before that was a piece of cake...weird

04-27-2004, 01:32 PM
Sleep: 6 hours + 1.5 hour nap.

Back / Biceps
Reverse Grip Pulldown - 140 x 8, 130 x 8, 130 x 8
BB Row - 135 x 6, 90 x 6
BB Curl - 60 x 8, 50 x 8, 50 x 7

Strength was definitley sub-par today. I used to be able to Row 135 with ease, and now I'm struggling just to get the first rep in. I think this might be due to lack of sleep, but my shoulder was killing me in the morning so I also took it easy somewhat.

I vow to get my 8-9 hours of sleep tonight. My diet has been good all day.

04-28-2004, 06:06 PM

Bench Press - 180 x 3, 180 x 3, 195 x 2, 195 x 1.5 + 0.5, 215 x negatives
Rotator Cuff Exercise (Horizontal Windmills) - 10 x 15, 10 x 15, 10 x 15
Weighted Dips - 35 x 6, bodyweight x
Slanted Triceps Pulldown - 105 x 6

I don't know what was wrong with me during the bench, i hit 180 for the first 2 sets with ease. Then 195 came, I hit the first set easy. The next set I got the first rep down easy, told myspot I got this easy style, and I guess I shouldn't have talked. I only lasted like 15-20 secs on negatives, and I thought I'd last longer.....

05-02-2004, 07:55 PM
Diet has been crap this past weekend. I was sick for most of it, with a really bad sore throat so I had no apetite and was unable to eat solid foods. On a side note, I ran out of my protein shakes on thursday, but I expect a new batch tomorrow. Starting the workout tomorrow, but my diet won't be 100% there yet. Tuesday my diet will be back to square one.

05-03-2004, 02:05 PM
Week 3 of 7

Bench Press - 165 x 6, 175 x 5, 175 x 5, 185 x 5!
DB Press - 60 x 8, 50 x 8, 40 x 8
Lying Triceps Ext - 60 x 8, 60 x 8, 60 x 6.5 (so close but no go)
Squats (ATF Style) - 180 x 6, 140 x 5, 90 x 8
Lunges - 30 x 5, 30 x 5

Not really a leg day, just wanted to do a little since its been awhile. was supposed to do shoulders, so I'll go do those right now since I forgot about them.

Equipment is low here, so I"ll have to settle for DB Side Raise - 15 x 8, 15 x 8, 15 x 8

Got my new protein in today, so my diet can go back on track :D I lost 2.5 pounds last week, so i need to gain back since I'm not cutting just yet.

05-03-2004, 02:38 PM
Side note, I got 7 hours of sleep last night plus the 1 hour nap I'm about to take, its amazing what a goods night rest can do for you, I felt so pumped up and great! I don't think I could've hit 185 x 5, if it weren't for my sleep.

05-04-2004, 02:22 PM
Sleep: ~7 hours

Narrow Grip Pulldown - 150 x 8, 130 x 8, 130 x 8
Barbell Row - 135 x 8, 135 x 8, 135 x 8
Barbell Curl - 60 x 8, 60 x 8, 60 x 8
DB Curl (Negatives) - 30, 30
Preacher Curl (Negatives) - 20, 20

Cardio.... 10 minutes.

05-05-2004, 03:08 PM
Rest Day
Sleep: 7.5 hours

Like to take the time to say my diet's been going fantastic. I lost a couple pounds since last week, but I'm gaining them back. I'm hoping to reach 180 before I start cutting down to 165-170ish. Tomorrow will be another bench day, hoping to get about 8.5 hours tonight.

05-06-2004, 01:06 PM

Bench Press - 190 x 3, 190 x 3, 205 x 1 + 1, 205 x 1 + 1
DB Press - 60 x 8, 50 x 8, 50 x 8
Rotator Cuff Exercise - 10 x 15, 10 x 15, 10 x 15

I'm a fool, I don't know why I did DB Presses, I was supposed to do Weighted Dips, i messed up there, i'll do my dips tomorrow. Don't know why I did DB Presses, waste of energy there. I was trying to hit 205 twice, I'm surprised I couldn't get it up second time around (I got it up a bit, then it just came back down), I should've hit that, should've.....

Sleep: 7+ hours...thinking about taking a quick nap too

05-09-2004, 05:23 PM
Summers kicking in, and I need to start cutting earlier than before. I'm approximately 171lbs, a lot less than I expected. Starting next week, I'm going to go for a cut. I'll finish this day off eating everything in sight! My bodyfat has increased significantly I'm guesssing, so I need to end my bulk prematurely.

Sleeping has been good for the past week, I've gotten at least 7 hours of sleep each night (and been taking no naps). Diet has been meh, I gotta enjoy the last few moments of my bulk.

05-10-2004, 01:44 PM
Week 4 of 7

Rest: 6.5 Hours :( + 1 hour nap


Went into the gym really really tired, thought it would've been stupid to worked out, but somehow I felt pumped after a few sets. Wasn't training at 100% intensity, but pretty damn close for the bench press.

Bench Press - 180 x 5, 180 x 5, 195 x 3, 195 x 3, 195 x 2
DB Press - 65 x 7, 55 x 8, 50 x 8
DB Side Raise - 20 x 8, 15 x 8, 8 x 8
Lying Triceps Extensions - 70 x 6, 60 x 8, 50 x 8

Overall a surprisingly good workout. I'm surprised I hit 195 twice on my last set, because I lost my balance on my first rep which took a lot out of me (spotter brought the bar too far down, towards my abs). The first set of 195 was surprisingly easy, I felt I could've easily pumped out 1 or 2 more reps without struggle, however, for some odd reason my second set felt the hardest (even harder than the third set), maybe I just wasn't all there mentally.

05-10-2004, 01:46 PM
Side note, I wanted to try the powerlifting approach to the bench on sets with less than 3 reps, where I hold in my breathe throughout the whole set, see how much more power it gives me.

05-11-2004, 02:02 PM

Sleep: 6.5 hours :( i'll make up for it tonight.

Diet: Been dropping my diet off slowly, about 200-300 calories a week I plan on dropping it.

Narrow-Grip Pulldown - 150 x 8, 130 x 8, 110 x 8
Barbell Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 6, 135 x 5
Barbell Curl - 60 x 8, 50 x 8, 50 x 8

Barbell Curl was done curl jockey style. Narrow Grip pulldowns were hard to do, just because the gym was all windows at that end, and the machines were hot as hell to hold onto. Rest day tomorrow, might sneak in a session of cardio, might not, we shall see.

05-13-2004, 02:12 PM
Bench Press - 195 x 3, 195 x 3, 210 x 1, 210 x 1, 235 x negative

Rotator Cuff Exercise - 15 x 15, 15 x 15, 15 x 15
Weighted Bench Dips - 90 x 8, 90 x 8, 45 x 8

Could've done alot more on the dips if I had someone help me put the weights on my lap. Also, my second set of 195 was intense, because I kinda lost my grip on the way up, and it started going towards my head after the first rep (I expelled a lot of energy), thought I wouldn't be able to hit the last 2 reps, but I managed too without any seirous problems. 210 seems a lot lighter than it should be. 235 was held up for about 20 seconds (I accidentally pressed it up midway through).

05-14-2004, 02:30 PM
Squat - 200 x 6, 200 x 6, 180 x 6 (went light, first time squatting ATF in a while).
Leg Press (horizontal) - 225 x 8, 225 x 8, 225 x 8
Leg Curl - 140 x 8, 140 x 8, 140 x 8

Reverse Grip Pulldown - 150 x 8, 150 x 8, 150 x 8
One Arm DB Row - 45 x 8, 45 x 8, 45 x 8

Standing Bicep Curl - 90 x 2, 115 x 1
Incline Bicep Curl - 30 x 8, 20 x 8, 20 x 8 (Had to do these at home, didn't have big dbs).

Speed bench work (Machine) - 270 x 8

Sleep: 7+ hours

Went light on legs, since it was my first full leg workout in awhile, was using about 80% of the weight I can usually do, just to make sure my form did not get sloppy. Back was working on form, i'll raise up my reverse grip pulldowns for next week, as well as my db rows.

Bicep Curls, was just experimenting with it, I'm sure I could've pumped out 90 4 times, but my form was not all that great, so I'm going to stick with the curl jockey routine.

05-14-2004, 03:32 PM
Side not, I started cutting this week, simply by dropping the cals off slowly (either by 50 a day, or 300 a week). Anyways, I've started eating a bit less, however, I weighed myself today and i'm at 176lbs.

05-17-2004, 01:59 PM
Week 5 of 7

Bench Press - 185 x 5, 185 x 5, 200 x 3, 200 x 2, 200 x 2
Dumbbell Bench Press - 70 x 8, 60 x 8, 60 x 8!
DB Side Raise - 20 x 8, 15 x 8, 10 x 8
Skullcrushers - 70 x 8, 60 x 7, 50 x 8

I don't know why I couldn't hit 200 3 times on the last set. I just wasn't all there mentally. Only got about 6.5 hours of sleep, gonna shoot for 8 tonight. I barely passed the failure test, but I managed to get 200 up there at last.

Diet's been alright, still in a partial bulk, but slowly dropping the cals off. I've lost about 1 lb since the last time I weighed myself (which was on Friday).

05-17-2004, 02:05 PM
Side note, I believe that my form was pretty good overall, however, I was just not there mentally. Also, the fact that I was tired from lack of sleep might of explained my bench today. I expected to hit 200 with ease, since 195 felt really light on my last bench day. Mentally, I was no where near where I was on my last bench workout. Hopefully I'll get everything back together by Thursday, when I attempt to rep higher weights at 200/215/225

05-19-2004, 06:36 PM
Narrow Grip Pulldown - 160 x 8, 150 x 8, 140 x 8
BB Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 6, 135 x 5
BB Curl - 70 x 7, 60 x 6, 50 x 7

Sleep: ~8 hours

Shoulder is acting up again, don't know why I think my form was off on Monday's chest day, lets see how it holds up for tomorrow's heavy bench day.

05-20-2004, 01:29 PM

Bench Press - 200 x 3, 200 x 3, 215 x 2, 215 x 2, 225 x 1
Rotator Cuff Exercise - 15 x 15, 15 x 15, 15 x 15
Weighted Dips - 115 x 6, 90 x 6, 90 x 4

My shoulder has been acting up, and it brought me some strain and pain when benching today. I honestly did not think I'd be able to push it, because my shoulder was strained just warming up with the bar (45 lbs). Anyways, I went through, and managed to push it, 225 was surprisingly easier than expected, I had more trouble repping 215 x 2, but not that much.

Sleep: ~7.5 hours+1 hour nap.

My arms, and forearms are sore as hell, was really really sore after the bench, sorta like a numb feeling to it. its weird, as if my veins are ripping through the skin or something.

LEgs/Back/Biceps tomorrow

05-20-2004, 06:21 PM
Ahhhh what's this feeling I'm getting along my left arm, it feels as if my bone/muscle (something inside my arm)...is trying to grow, but my skin won't let it, or my frame!!! Not exactly soreness, just a weird feeling first thing I've gotten it...Probably after benching heavy

05-21-2004, 11:18 PM
Legs/Back (Sorta

Half ass day, wasn't feeling 100% for some reason, had a lot of things on my mind. Anyways, I did all the exercises that I wouldn't be able to do at home, tomorrow I'll finish off the exercises I didn't do today.

Squat - 200 x 6, 180 x 6
Leg Press - 240 x 8, 225 x 8
Leg Curl - 150 x 8, 130 x 8
Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 160 x 8, 140 x 8

Just wasn't feeling it, I cut everything down to 2 sets, not a great workout at all.

05-25-2004, 01:45 PM
Week 6 Of 7

Bench Press - 190 x 5, 190 x 5, 205 x 2, 205 x 2, 205 x 2
DB Press - 65 x 8, 60 x 8, 60 x 8
DB Side Raise - 15 x 8, 15 x 8, 15 x 8
Skullcrushers - 70 x 8, 60 x 8, 60 x 8

Wow I am pissed. Came off the long weekend feeling great, my shoulder felt 110%. Hell, even when I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to use the washroom my shoulder felt like a million bucks. 2 hours was all it took for me to completely F*** Up my shoulder again. God it pisses me off, I warmed up with 135 tearing from the pain my shoulder was given me. I heal during the weekend, then all it takes is 2 hours to screw my shoulder again. I just wanna punch something right now, I know I could've hit 205 3 times if my shoulder wasn't being such a bitch to me. I'm gonna tweak.

05-26-2004, 06:08 PM
Seems like yesterday's shoulder pain was a one day thing....What are the chances of it happening on a Bench day.

A site note, I've been getting about 7.5 hours sleep these past couple days, before hand it was 10-11, so I haven't been short on rest. I'm carb cycling my diet, I've lost about 1.6 pounds since last week, not bad, slowly cutting down. Low carb day today, eating a bit but not many carbs.

05-27-2004, 12:47 PM

Overall a good workout, altho I was feeling a bit tired, spending more time resting between sets helped solved this though.

Narrow Grip Pulldown - 170 x 7, 150 x 8, 140 x 8
BB Row - 145 x 5, 135 x 6, 135 x 6
BB Curl (ez bar) - 25ps x 7
BB Curl (straight) - 60 x 7, 50 x 8

Tomorrow will be yet another bench day. Diet is low carbs day, overall been pretty good once summer kicks in I'll do an indepth dieting Journal as well.

05-28-2004, 06:31 PM
Max Day

Sleep: 8+ hours :D

Well, I was feeling really pumped and I really wanted to work out today cause I finally got enough sleep. Anywho, the weight room was only open for 10 minutes, so I wouldn't be able to do a full workout. I turned today into a max day.

Bench (warmup) - 45 x 5, 90 x 3, 135 x 4, 185 x 3, 215 x 1
Bench (max) - 230 x 1!

I was really surprised considering I felt a strain in my shoulder throughout the warmup. My form wasn't that great, my right lat was sagging off the bench near the end, and I wasn't at the most stablest form. However, I'm surprised that I didn't really struggle with the weight, at the end I just overpowered it and shot it way up!

05-31-2004, 12:38 PM
Week 6 of 7 (Repeat)

I didn't get to do the full week of my routine, so I'm going to be repeating it this week.

Sleep: 7.5~ hours

Weight: 172.7 (cutting from 177)
Hi-carb day (good to date)

Bench Press - 190 x 5, 190 x 5, 225 x 1, 205 x 2, 205 x 3, 205 x 2
DB Press - 70 x 7, 60 x 6, 50 x 6
DB Side Raise - 20 x 8, 10 x 8, 10 x 8
Lying Triceps Ext - 75 x 8, 75 x 6
DB Tri Ext - 20 x 8

Bench Press, I should not have done 225 as it took a lot of me. However, I was still feeling pumped for 205, and thought I'd hit it 3 times. Too pumped to say, because on my first rep, I brought it up and hit the rack bar, which sent it back down and I used a lot up a lot of energy to prevent it from pounding onto my chest, and still managed to squeeze out another rep.

05-31-2004, 03:25 PM
Nice progress in here Alaric, congrats on hitting 230 on the bench! Keep it up dude.

06-01-2004, 04:34 PM
Thanks wibble! I won't complain, I'm very satisified with the 25lb increase in bench after only 6 weeks. Nevertheless, I will be attempting 235 the following week as I finish up the bench routine.

Sleep: ~7.5+ hours
Low Carb day: Doing alright, however, I ain't lasagna earlier today, I'll only have 2 meals with carbs instead of 3 because of this.

Narrow Grip Pulldown - 170 x 3, 150 x 3, 100 x 5
BB Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 6, 135 x 6
BB Curl - 60 x 7, 60 x 6

Just didn't feel like working out today, exhaustion probably. I could've easily repped out 170 8 times, I just didn't have the energy in me today to do that...

06-07-2004, 02:38 PM
Week 7 of 7

Sleep: ~7 hours+
Diet: Low Carb Day

Bench - 190 x 5, 210 x 3, 210 x 3, 220 x 2, 220 x 2
DB Press - 70 x 7.5 (so close but no dice), 60 x 7

Wanted to do shoulders and triceps, but no luck there, maybe i'll do it tomorrow. After a weekend of nonstop partying for graduation, my diet had been crap. However, I have never felt stronger in my life.

06-08-2004, 02:50 PM

DB Side Raise - 20 x 8, 20 x 8, 20 x 8

Skullcrushers - 70 x 8, 70 x 8, 70 x 8

Narrow Grip Pulldown - 130 x 8, 130 x 8, 130 x 8 (PERFECTed FORM)

BB Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 6, 135 x 6

BB Curl - 70 x 8, 60 x 4

Negatives Preacher - 2 times at 20 kg.

Sleep: ~7+ hours AND 1.5 hour nap

Diet: No Carb Day

06-18-2004, 11:31 PM
Still Alive, I finished up the bench program up in pain, lol.

I'm basically taking 1-2 weeks off right now, let me shoulder recover from the 8 weeks of hell I put it through. I wanna start working out again Monday, but I don't have a gym membership at the moment. However, me and a few friends plan on starting a garage gym up soon this summer, we just don't know when.

06-29-2004, 07:57 PM
Oh yea! I just got a gym membership :D

Gym membership is in effect July 1, in just under 2 more days I can start training again.

Game Plan:

- Finish off my cut, I got about 1-3 more lbs I'd like to shed. Wow, i've never been this cut in my life, however, I will start bulking again soon!

- Thursday & Friday (July 1 and 2), I will be doing some light training, just to get my body back into the groove. Full body workouts, very light workouts.

- Starting next monday (July 5), I will be incoporating my regular workouts, and once again, concentrate on raising up my bench for the next 4 weeks.


- I've expected my bench to drop around 225 (if it has stayed, even better!), I'm a bit scared to max out, since I'm still letting my shoulder recover. However, I am hoping to be around the 260s by mid September.

- Start the bulk once again mid July, bulk back up to 170~ for mid September

Let the training commence on Thursday :D

07-01-2004, 03:56 PM
Full body workout 1 of 2

First day at my new gym...not what i expected, but ok I'll make the most out of it for the next 2 months before I get into a real gym :D

Encountered a bench problem with the ergonomic bench. I expected a strenght loss, but not this much. I had trouble getting 185 up, when I was able to push 235 with ease 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping this is because of the ergonomic bench usage and not my strength.

Incline bench - 135 x 4
Flat Bench - 95 x 5, 135 x 9, 185 x 1, 185 x 1, 135 x 8
DB Press - 50 x 8, 35 x 5
Lat Pulldowns - 135 x 8, 135 x 8
Leg Press (Sled) - 2pps x 8
Squat - bar x 6
Preacher DB Curl - 20 x 8, 20 x 8, 20 x 8

...As you can see, not an intensive workout at all. Most of the equipment there looked "techno" and had an ergonomic design to it. Something I am not use to, and something I do not like :(
Was just getting back into the groove, making sure I still got my form all down. Tomorrow, I'll raise the weights up a bit, with the exception to bench. I can't seem to press 185 more than once...ODDD!!!!!!!!

07-04-2004, 01:05 PM
Man, I must have the worst luck ever. I didn't end up going to the gym on Friday, cause I felt pretty sore from the previous "full body workout."

Anyways, tomorrow was going to be a day into my first real workout, and once again my shoulder has started acting up. From benching? Probably not, I tucked my elbows in on Thursday and made sure I had my form in right. I tucked my elbows in by bringing the bar down just below nipple line.

I'm hoping my shoulder will feel better by tomorrow, or else I'll skip the flat bench, and do some Dumbell Presses instead. Not too sure what I'm going to do about shoulder work, probably just work on the rotators if I still feel bad.

07-05-2004, 07:58 PM
Power week


Dumbell Press - 60 x 6, 65 x 6, 65 x 6....[GO UP TO 70s once more]
Incline Bench - 155 x 6, 145 x 6, 155 x 3 (WORK ON FORM, lower weight)
Dips - Bw x 6, bw x 6, bw x 6

Military Press (Smith) - 25ps x 6, 25ps x 6
Upright Row - 65 x 6, 75 x 6, 75 x 6....[85/90....raise]
Cheat Lateral - 12 x 6, 12 x 6.....[15s]

This was my first time doing incline presses on freeweights (I used a smith machine beforehand). My form was piss poor, I need to work on it definitley. My butt kept coming off the bench. I still have my DB Pressing strength at least. My shoulder was hurting my earlier today, but after the workout I don't feel as much pain.

Low Carb Day
Meal 1: Eggs
Meal 2: Whey Protein Shake
Meal 3: Extra Lean Meat
Meal 4: Protein Shake
Meal 5: Extra Lean Meat
Meal 6: Unknown...haven't eaten it yet, maybe a shake, chicken, or eggs. Undecided

- Postworkout Shake w/ cell tech (I know it has carbs....not the greatest for cutting, but I'm moving up to maintenance level)
- Just ordered a whole bunch of whey, glutamine, creatine monhydrate, zma....I forgot fishoil, crap! I'll get that with next month's batch of protein.

07-06-2004, 08:21 PM

Squat (ATF Style) - 145 x 6, 145 x 6, 145 x 6
45 degree leg press - 3pps, 3pps, 3pps (45s)
Single Leg Extension - 80 x 6, 70 x 6
Seated Leg Curl - 90 x 6, 80 x 6, 80 x 6
Stiff Legged Deadlift - 225 x 6, 225 x 5

Well this is the first time I've ever done squats using freeweights. I've done them before using only the smith machine because that is all my highschool's gym had to offer. This was also my first time doing a 45degree leg press, 3 plates per side didn't seem to hard, I'll attempt more in the near future.

The gym I'm at is wayyy to hightech for my liking. I had to use machines to set how much "load" I wanted for the leg extensions and leg curls. Boy was that confusing. Plus the adjustable seat was all computerized, wow that was torture to figure out lol. I honestly can't wait till September, when I hit up a real gym with old fashion weights and not as many computerized machines. Geez....

Diet - High Carb Day
Meal 1: Eggs, Oatmeal, Apple
Meal 2: Mcdonalds Big Mac (AYE this is my cheat meal)
Meal 3: Rice, chicken breast, brocolli
Meal 4: Postworkout Shake, along with 2 slices of bread, a couple strawberries
Meal 5: Rice, Chicken breast, brocolli, celery, strawberries
Meal 6: I shall figure this out later, will most likely be just another shake.

07-07-2004, 11:32 PM
Off Day

Diet - Med/Low Carb day

Might be making my own day here because I know that I'll be eating SOME carbs tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my low carb day.

Meal 1: Eggs w/ beef
Meal 2: Protein Shake
Meal 3: Rice, chicken breast, celery, carrots
Meal 4: Rice, chicken breast, broccoli, celery, carrots
Meal 5: Protein Shake
Meal 6: Unknown....most likely gonna be just another shake, or maybe some chicken. I regret not eating carbs in the morning.

07-08-2004, 08:28 PM

Deadlift - 205 x 6, 205 x 5, 185 x 6
Bent Row - 135 x 6, 135 x 5, 135 x 4
Chinups - Bw x 6, BW x 6, BW x 6
CG Seated Row - 130 x 6, 130 x 6
Weighted Crunches - 60 x 6, 60 x 6

Did a little bit of ab work today, just caues I haven't done it in a month. Intensity was alright, it kinda of died off near the end. Was going light on deadlifts today, been awhile since I've deadlifted and I just wanted to make sure I sitll had the form down.
My chinup strength have gone done drastically, I was still able to do 6 easy, but they felt so much easier when I was 15lbs heavier for some reason.

Diet- Low Carb
Meal 1: Eggs/Beef/Muffin
Meal 2: Rice/Chicken Breast
Meal 3: Rice/Chicken Breast/Celery/Carrots
Meal 4: Protein Shake w/ cell tech
Meal 5: Protein Shake
Meal 6: Unknown...will most likely be lean beef.

07-09-2004, 07:39 PM

BB Curl - 65 x 6, 65 x 5 (DO UP THE FORM)
Preacher Curl - 40 x 4, 35 x 5
Hammer Curl - 25 x 6.... INCRASE NW to 30

CG Bench - 3 x 155, 4 x 145, 3 x 145
Skullcrush - 70 x 6, 70 x 6 .............. INCREASE NW To 80
Single Arm DB Ext - 20 x 5 RH....20 x 6 LH

DB Wrist Curls - 15 x 8
BB Wrist Curls - 45 x 8
Hammer Curls - 20 x 8, 25 x 7

These benches are absoulte crack. I can't find my groove on them, they make my form so unstable. I can't get my back flat on the bench, because of all the "natural curves" it has on them.

Diet - NO Carb day
1: Eggs
2: Beef
3: Beef w/ vegetables
4: Shake
5: Chicken Breast w/ vegetables
6: Beef w/ vegetables

07-13-2004, 12:35 PM
Rep Week

whoa...my journal has been slacking, but not my diet or training. I'll start posting my diet later on today, when I actually start eating my meals.

This is yesterday's workout, I'll post today's workout later on when I'm done

Incline DB Press 55 x 8, 60 x 7, 60 x 7
Bench Press (new form) - 175 x 4, 155 x 6, 155 x 5 **
Flyes - 25 x 12, 25 x 11

Standing Single Arm DB Ext - 25 x 8, 30 x 7
Bent Lateral - 12 x 10, 12 x 10
Cable Side Lateral - 3.75kg x 10, 3.75kg x 10

** I got over confident here, and tried repping weight that I used to be able to do before my cut. Lowering this for next week.
Not bad of a workout. Pretty good intensity. I'd like to see what i can do later on today on leg day. hoping to fit some abs in.

07-15-2004, 02:59 PM
Meh so my journal has still been slacking, but my diet or trianing hasn't.

Yesterday was a low carb day, I basically had 2 meals with SOME carbs in 'em. I used long grain white rice as my carb source (I'll get back to eating brown rice when I bulk)

Diet wise, I'm not sure what I wanna do right now. I'm low on whey, so I think I'm just gonna maintain till I order in a new batch.

Supplement wise i'm doing great. I've got creatine, glutamine, zma, multi-vits, vit e, vit c, and some whey. All I need is some fish oil caps, and too stock up on whey.

I'll post Tuesday's workout, as I'm about to head out to the gym right now.

Leg Ext - 85 x 8, 90 x 8
Hack Squat - 135 x 10, 135 x 10, 135 x 10
One Legged Leg Press - 100 x 12, 100 x 12, 100 x 12
Seated Leg Curl - 75 x 8, 85 x 7
SLDL - 185 x 8, 185 x 6 (was trying to get 2 more reps out, but my grip failed me)
Single Leg Curl - 40 x 12

Legs suck, I hate this gym...The machines are all computerized and its hard to figure it all out.

07-15-2004, 07:49 PM
Sleep: 9+ hours :D
Diet: No Carb Day
Status: Cutting/Maintaining


CG Chinup - BW x 8, BW x 8 (easy enough, will try using an even closer grip)
WG Cable Row (Seated) - 130 x 10, 150 x 10
BB Pullover - 65 x 12, 65 x 12
BB Shrugs - 225 x 8, 185 x 12
Various ab work....
Various oblique exercises...

Great intensity throughout my workouts, i was really waiting for this one.

Meal 1 - Eggs
Meal 2 - Protein Shake
Meal 3 - Chicken w/ salad
Meal 4 - Chicken and tofu w/ celery
Meal 5 - Shake
Meal 6 - Unknown....most likely will be lean beef.

I think I might have to post some before and afters. Basically since last year, I've upped my weight by 5lbs, but I have dropped a lot of fat, and gained a lot of lbm. MIddle of summer Iwill concentrate on doing a full out bulk to 185-190 (I already hit 177 last time).....

07-17-2004, 04:12 PM
Sleep: 7.5~8 hours
Diet: Low Carb Day


Alternating DB Curl - 30 x 7, 30 x 6
*(1)Cable Curl - 35 x 10, 35 x 10
Concentration Curl - 20 x 10 LH, 20 x 12 RH
*(2)Dips - BW x 8, BW x 8, BW x 8
Pushdown - 25 x 10, 25 x 10
*(3)Kickback - 10 x 12
Wrist Curls - 12 x 10*(4), 12 x 15
Reverse Wrist Curls - 12 x 15, 12 x 20

*(1) = 40
*(2) = Dips, I need to buy a dipping belt.....
*(3) = 12 lbs
*(4) = 15 lbs
.....These will be the new weights that I'll be using for my next workout

Meal 1: Subway Steak and Cheese (6 inch)
Meal 2: Protein Shake
Meal 3: Subway Steak and Cheese (6 inch)
Meal 4: Steak with rice and vegetables
Meal 5: Protein Shake
Meal 6: Eggs

* SIde note, yesterday was a high carb day. My diet was piss poor I'll admit, and I only had 2 or 3 meals i can't remember which. was out with my firend, ate chips and cake. That's it no more cheating till next week. Body sitll looking good tho :D

07-21-2004, 03:35 PM

Guess I've been slacking in keeping up to date with journals. Workouts and meals have been great though!

This is yesterday's workout, I'm about to go to the gym for today's (LEGS)

SS DS Week

Cable Crossover/Incline Smith Press (SS) - 40x8/155x6, 50x8/135x6
Incline Flyes/Dips (SS) - 20/BW
Seated Press (Dropsets) - 130x7/110x6/80x6
Seated Side Lateral/Shoulder Press (SS) - 15x10/25x8
Reverse Pec Deck/WG UPright Row (SS) - 45x 10/65 x 8
Cable Front Riase (DS)- 5/3.75/2.5kg x 6-8reps

yesterday was a low-carb day.
- beef w/ rice and veggies
- beef w/ rice and veggies
- vegies and beef

Yesterday I got 9+ hours of sleep :D

07-26-2004, 06:52 PM
Ok I'll admit, I had a crazy weekend and I have been slacking. I have been recovering slowly as of late. I haven't posted my last 2 workouts, but I will post starting tomorrow, including following my diet on a stricter basis.

07-27-2004, 07:45 PM
Power Week

Diet: No carb day
Sleep: 8~8.5 hours

DB Press - 70 x 6, 70 x 6, 70 x 6!
Incline Bench Press - 155 x 5, 135 x 6, 135 x 5
Dips - BW x 6, BW x 6

Military Press (SMITH MACHINE) - 25ps x 6, 35ps x 6, 35ps x 5
Upright Row - 95x 4, 85 x 6
Cheat Lateral - 15 x 6, 25 x 4 (Lower this to 20)

I have kept my word. Great workout in the gym with details down below. Amazing diet and supplementation today too, the way it should be. Only thing I have to complain about is the lack of sleep, I could've used 9.5-10 hours easily.

Well, pretty good workout. I was pissed off, so I got to unleash my anger in the gym. My db press has gone up, I don't think I could even press then when I was maxing 235. Maybe it was just my anger :P eitherway, we'll find out in 3 weeks when I attempt the 75s for db presses.
Incline Bench, I need to work on my form, usually my last rep I get my ass off the bench so I need to work on that. I try to drive myself into the bench using my feet ,but meh I guess Icould use some work.

-Eggs w/ beef
-Roasted Chicken Breast
-Protein SHake
-Chicken Breast
-Portein Shake
-Lean Meat

07-28-2004, 08:26 PM
Sleep: 7.5 hours + 2 hour nap
Diet: High Carb Day

Smith Squats - 155 x 6, 175 x 6, 175 x 6
45degree Leg Press - 160ps x 3, 135ps x 6, 135ps x 6
Single Leg Ext - 80 x 6, 80 x 6
Leg Curl - 90 x 3, 80 x 6
SLDL - 185 x 6, 205 x 5 (grip gave out)

- Macaroni and ham w/ chicken breasts, salad, apple
- Egg w/ lean beef, salad, apple
- Protein Shake w/ apple,grapes,carrots
- ???
- Protein Shake