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02-24-2004, 11:48 AM
Hi all, after reading a lot on the boards, I decided to grab some tuna and egg whites from the local supermarket. Now my question is, what do you guys eat with each that actually tastes good? The eggwhites are in little cartons, never popped them open yet, but do u guys just take it alone and chug it or what?


02-24-2004, 12:00 PM
Check out the recipes forum, there are at least a few hundred tuna ideas.

I usually just bang em down though.

02-24-2004, 12:02 PM
personally if I were to buy liquid eggs I'd cook them first.
You will find that buying egg protein powder is cheaper, easier to consume, and arguably has a higher protein uptake.

for tuna, there are many brands and each is slightly different in texture.
depending on your daily fat intake you might want to go with the oil encased tuna, it also increases the flavor. Light is shredded tuna, solid is chunk white albacore and far less desirable in terms of flavor.
So! to recap! buy Starkist Light in oil! and mix with a tsp of Kens Creamy crushed peppircorn salad dressing...its orgasmic!

02-24-2004, 03:37 PM
Thanks guys,

I had a couple of cans today, I just load some mayo on it and eat from the can. You guys think the mayo is a bad idea b/c it's doable, tuna aint that bad :D

02-24-2004, 05:33 PM
i find that buying whole eggs and separating the whites myself to be the most cost effective, plus i have the option of adding a yolk or two if i so desire.

additionally, there is nothing that can remove the taste or texture of tuna completely. but using a sufficient amount of low-fat mayo helps a little.

02-26-2004, 12:29 PM
more cost effective?

2$ = 1 carton acme eggs = 240/0/2/48 (cal/fat/carbs/pro)
1.5$ = 1 dozen lg eggs (whites only); each white = 198/0/4.1/42
1.5$ = 1 dozen lg eggs (whole); each egg = 894/60.1/7.3/74.9
7$lb = Egg White Protein = 1lb (15 servings) = 120/0/2/24 (protein factory.com)

Egg White Protein is extracted from pure egg whites then processed into powder form. It yields a higher protein ratio than liquid egg whites. Egg Whites provide an excellent source of amino acids and are high in the sulfur producing amino acid which is crucial in anabolic hormone production. Has a PER of 3.9 and a biological value of 88.

Egg Protein still remains a favorite choice of protein for many bodybuilders. Egg protein possess a high biological and PER value, making it a good choice for muscle mass gains. The amino acid level is not as high as the whey's, but egg beats out soy and caseinate for usability. Use egg protein with a combination of whey concentrate for a good economical protein source.

Egg white protein is new and now is instantized. It mixes with a spoon very easily.