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02-27-2004, 12:31 AM
Ok, I'm trying to decide on a plan that will get me to a nice cut 170ish lbs. (which I have never been)

I'm 24 years old, I weigh 290 lbs, and I'm 5' 7. So, I'm obviously very heavy. In High School I was fairly muscular for almost no effort. Never a six pack or anything but I had nice shoulders, arms, and legs. (Prolly some effort back then I couldve gotten a six pack :( )

I've always been a pretty lazy person and its really finally gotten to me. There are so many changes I want to make and I'm starting a very long journey down a very long road and I want to have a well prepared plan of action.

I'm making my plans around being an endomorph for now, even though I think I'm just an incredibly lazy mesomorph because in the past I took a weight training course and I grew really fast, really easily w/o much effort or planning.

Currently, I eat a ton of fast food. At least one meal a day comes from a restaurant, my wife likes to go out to eat but we both agreed that this was ludicrous and that we needed to straighten ourselves out. So, I'm going to go a bit more hardcore into losing weight and she is going to be more gradual by cutting out sweets and etc.

I'm pretty much a sloth, I dont move much at all. I sit most of the day and sleep a full nights rest most of the time. I have almost a zero activity level aside from breathing, I suppose thats what happens when a computer eats most of your time.

I play on starting everything Monday since it will take the weekend to get everything worked out and get to the grocery store and clean the house of the stuff I shouldnt be eating.

I figure at 290lbs, I burn 3480 calories just existing. But, most of my calories I currently eat are bad according to this article (http://www.wannabebig.com/article.php?articleid=19) because most of the calories are probably made up of fat.

I figure I'll eat something like:

Oatmeal (Maple instant kind) and fruit (grapes,banana, orange or apples) depending on the day for breakfast

Marinated boneless/skinless chicken breast, green beans or peas, and maybe some fruit for lunch and dinner.

Im kinda clueless on what to eat for snacks and stuff, if I should just eat lunch and dinner all day through out the day or add fruits and vegetables to snack on. So, some help here would be great.

I plan on doing the WBB routine 1 for my weight lifting and doing like 30 mins of cardio a day. So, Im curious on where I should be calorie wise since I dont want to go into starvation, but I want to be as optimal as possible though too.

So, any advice or things I should consider will be greatly appreciated. I've been reading through the threads and articles but its been like throwing a bucket of water at a tree, you just cant absorb all the info....lol

Oh, and sorry for having such a lengthy post. But, I wanted to elaborate on my situation enough so that whatever advice I could get could be applicable.

Thanks in Advance!

Saint Patrick
02-27-2004, 12:46 AM
Off the bat I'll say get gome protein in your first meal.

Obviously ditch the fast food. Search this forum for healthy choices for snacks.