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02-29-2004, 10:37 PM
Well, after reading the majority of journals on here it seems it helps you guys out, plus my newbie gains are fianlly starting to stop :bang: and I need to get re-motivated and more serious about this.

March 1st 2004: 175 Lbs 6'2" Following WBB1

Plan/Goal: Bulk hard until May 16th 2004, newbie gains have stopped so no more gaining 20lbs in 3 mothes, I hopew to gain 10 at least by May 16th. After 185 Lbs, cut 5 Lbs off and lower the BF% for abs to show again by July 1st. Need to increase daily calorie intake BIG TIME and stick to it. MUST quit smoking AGAIN, it directly affects my appetite and impossible for me to eat 6 meals a day. Will increase weekly workouts from 3 to 4, also quit drinking so ****ing much, maximun once a week. MUST quit enjoying the second hand pot smoke that lingers in my appartment, does not help motivation.

Pretty much sums it up, I'll be posting progress pics hopefully too, good visual tool. I AM STILL A NEWBIE, and encourage advice and critique. Especially help on daily diet plans, any good links to such a thing would be great. Well peeps, heres to hoping for the best....

Pic as of November/03

02-29-2004, 10:42 PM
Good luck in starting a journal. Why don't you track your diet for a day or 2 and then post it up. People can help the most when they know what you are eating. Also, take some time to go to www.fitday.com. Its a great (free ;) ) resource that helps you track what you eat. That way you know what you are eating and what you can do to increase the calories to gain weight and then where to cut calories later to lean out.

02-29-2004, 11:01 PM
Homeyeild I love you, thanks for the help

03-01-2004, 07:00 PM
Currently my diet is along these baselines...

4 Eggs
1/2c Skim Milk (anyone else drink this? looks like cloudy water)
5pc Bacon.....mmmmmm
Cottage Cheese
1/2 Grapefruit
or instead I'll have a bowl of Kellogs vector cereal instead of bacon

Homemade protien bar/Protien shake

Extra lean Chicken breast
Salad or Brocoli and Carrots

Second Supper:
Can of tuna or tuna sandwhich on ww bread....with bacon...
Green Tea (not sure what it does, but screw it, Im drinknig it at least)

Thrid supper or bedtime snack:
2 Hard boiled eggs

This I beleive is just not enough to get that 10lbs of ever impressive muscle I crave by June 1st. Any suggestions would be great.

03-01-2004, 07:11 PM
Have you tallied all that up and know how many calories it is? I could do it but I'm lazy. :p

The breakfast looks great. Lots of good stuff there. The first supper could use some carbs. Toss in some pasta, potatoes, bread, anything. Get some olive oil and add that to your shakes (except your post workout shake). You can also cook stuff in olive oil which has quite a few calories. Get some cheese (fat free preferably since you are bulking) and toss a slice or 2 on everything. Its a good change of pace and adds some taste.

Eat some more cottage cheese for your bedtime snack or some peanut butter or both would be great.

Its all about eating what you like within moderation. While bulking I like to keep my fat relatively low and increase the carbs. I try to get around one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Take the time to log it into fitday and see what you get. It takes quite a bit of patience. The diet part is just as (if not more) important than the lifting but takes quite a bit longer to get just right. With time you'll get the hang of it but until then just keep plugging away and it'll come.

03-01-2004, 11:36 PM
According to fitday my diet contains...

calories - 2500
Protein - 206g
Carbs - 175g
Fat - 107g

Looks like my carbs could be alot higher, and my fat should be lowered...
Im 175Lbs and 6'2", trying to bulk I think I will have to up the 2500 calories a day to atleast 3000.

03-07-2004, 05:13 PM
So far.... Have not been to sucessful of the 'drunk one a week' plan, but I'll try harder...

Considering changing from Wbb1 to wbb2, just to change it up and maybe get better gains. I workout in my room with a bench and free weights so my exercises are soemwhat limited, and since I started working out I havent done any pull-ups cuz I just dont the equipment, but My friend has a machine and I did some pull-downs, and holy, I fell in love all over again, as I did with deadlifts. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do for pull ups? I live in an appartment so theres no basement rafters or anything...

As far as diet goes I havent been eating to much more, and my weight is staying at 175, I need to increase that big time. Baught about 6 kilo's of top serloin steak and pork ribs and extra leam chicken titties so hopefully stuffing my face will up the weight. Also I eat alot of brown beans, anyone else love this stuff? I eat a can of about 400ml with 20g protien, 500 calories, 10gfat and 55gcarbs (13g dietary fiber) Maybe a bit high in fat but fat doesnt scare me, Im excited to do my first cut adn hammer it off. So I hope these beans are good for you.... I eat about a can a day

Im enjoying working out more than 3 times a day, feels good.

sunday - shoulders,bi's,tri's
monday- chest,back
tuesday- legs
wensday- shoulder,bi's,tri's
thursday - chest,back
friday- rest
sat- recover from rest......

hopefully im not over training, but I did realize I am ALOT more tired than before, 7-7.5 hours of sleep just doesnt cut it anymore, always falling asleep in class. Anyone have a good NATURAL way to fall asleep that would help.