View Full Version : Has anyone benefitted from drinking a shake before sleeping?

03-04-2004, 10:34 AM
I drank a shake last night before going to sleep. This morning I felt less sore than I expected...I'm hoping this is because of the shake. I normally don't drink shakes before I sleep but I wanted to see if it would help. Did the shake really help me or am I just hoping it did?

03-04-2004, 10:42 AM
i drink a protein shake, before bed providing 50grams of protein..i think this must help as my next feed is at 7oclock in the morning that about 8 hours with out food...

the one
03-04-2004, 10:43 AM
i used to have ashake but i always woke up starving so now i have tuna 1 sccop of pb and 16oz milk

03-04-2004, 11:00 AM
i used to have ashake but i always woke up starving so now i have tuna 1 sccop of pb and 16oz milk

I try to stay away from milk right before bed. It contains more carbs than I want to take in before being inactive for 7-8 hours. But tuna's a favorite late snack for me.

03-04-2004, 11:31 AM
unless you are on a really stict cut you want either carsb or fat with your protein

you don't want your body to use the protein as energy and given how long you are going without eating there is a good chance

the one
03-04-2004, 02:53 PM
im bulkin so im not worried about the excess carbs, plus the extra fat in the milk and pb slows everyhting down

03-04-2004, 03:10 PM
My shake had only powder and water since I'm cutting.

the one
03-04-2004, 03:32 PM
id still get a little fat in there just to slw down the absorption. maybe some flax or pb

03-04-2004, 03:59 PM
I eat some cottage cheese. Then mix a shake 24oz skim milk (that's about 22gr protein) and 50 grams protein and 10g glutamine. Then I drink 1/2 the shake. When I get up to pee at about 1:30 I drink the rest.

I always wake up hungry but find that recovery is much better this whey.

Tuna is a great choice as well.

03-04-2004, 08:01 PM
1.5 cups cottage cheese, 4 oz pineapple... by far the best way to eat cc for me. and chase it all with a 16 oz glass of milk

03-04-2004, 08:25 PM
Do I want to add anything to the whey before I sleep since I'm cutting?

the one
03-04-2004, 08:39 PM
since its whey (fast absoring) throw in some flax or pb