View Full Version : Mark's New Journal

03-05-2004, 12:56 PM
Alright, i'm back...i don't know how often i'll be posting but i've been able to lift more now, but without a real gym don't expect anything spectacular.

New Measurements:

Biceps-16 1/4 cold
Forearms-12 in cold

That's it for now, minimal muscle mass loss from the break,b/f dropped a percent and thanks to mass pushups and situps for miltary training, definition is better. I can see all 8 abs...although they look messed up for some reason but they are all there if you look hard enough :P

Diet has been sh!t lately, and i mean it when i say that...out of whey, i don't even come close to eating as much as i use too. 6kcals dropped to about 2.5k :cry:

Umm, yah...well i'll probably post again later tonight when i do some stuff.