View Full Version : A Previous Cutting Diet

03-07-2004, 01:27 PM
A while ago i tried a small cut (8 weeks), all i ate was breakfast, which was some whole grain cereal and a protein shake with creatine, dinner which varried but always contained a large portion of meat, varrious veegies and maybe some potato, and in between these two meals i had protein shakes with creatine every 2-3 hours and before bed. When i look at other peoples cutting diets they consist of alot more food. The thing is i had some success with this diet as i lost a small amount of body fat and also gained strenght.

Im ready to cut again for a longer time, 4~6 months, and im wondering if i should look at a new diet or follow the same one as before. If you think i should get a new diet can you suggest what changes i should make.