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03-10-2004, 05:01 PM
Im a senior in hs, I just ended my last wrestling season. Wrestling was great, I could go onto college and wrestle if I wanted for a decent or full scholarship. But I am so burnt out of the sport, I hated it the hole last season. So happy it's over, now I can focus on school, baseball, and bodybuilding. I don't want to do something that im good at if I don't enjoy it. I can't excel at the next level if i don't want to do it, no matter how good I was at it. All of those three I will probably be doing in college next year. Its going to be hard to hit the upper body like I want with baseball, but legs will get extra work. Im going to be lifting at my school gym/basement. Im not renewing my gym membership til school is out.

6 foot- 168 lbs
Bodyfat- way to skinny, 6% probably
Chest(nip)- 40 1/4
Waist(bellybutton)- 31 1/2
rightarmcold- 11 3/4, flex- 14
leftarmcold- 11 1/2, flex- 13 1/4
wrists- 6 3/4
forarms- 11 1/4
quads- right 21 1/4, left 22 1/4
Calves- 14 1/4
Neck- 17 1/4

I may have to do double session some days before and after baseball but here is what im going to start with:


After a couple weeks I plan on hitting legs twice a week, im doing forearms almost every other nite, abs the same.

Goal: For now, is to get to 175 steady(when I wake up in the morning). Don't worry too much about getting fat, stick to my plan, eat as much as possible. Get 200g of protein a day.