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03-18-2004, 05:09 PM
Anyone wanna give a new guy some help. I'm 6ft 2inches, near 16 stone(gah, fat **** u all think lol) :spam: .I need advice on meals and such that'll help me gradually lose weight while building, y'know, recipes, supplements(if any are really needed) or maybe a weekly menu(would b great dudes! easy 4 me lmao). Are protein bar's and supplement's actually beneficial and is fish really as good for building as i've heard, coz i like ma fish(not women tho', yeuch, fishy naughty bit's, it's not too hard 4 those dirty laydeez to wash once in a while dammit, lol). Cheer's dudes!

Domo Aregotto Mr. Robotto


03-18-2004, 05:26 PM
A good place to start is by reading the articles on this site: http://www.wannabebig.com/archive.php?catid=2

There's a lot of smart people here willing to help where ever they can, but you have to do some work too. It's really difficult to give someone a predefined diet, because we all have different tastes, schedules, etc. Do some research and create your own plan, then post it for review. You'll get a lot more input that way. :)

Supplements are a convenient way to get get the calories/nutrients we need, but don't expect miracles. Fish is good.

The Celt
03-19-2004, 03:26 PM
IMO, if you're gonna buy bars, keep 'em for when you know you're not going to be able to cook a meal or pack some food... like if you're out all night w/ friends. I wouldn't eat them daily as part of a diet. But that's just me.

As far as supplements go, don't even think about them until you get your diet straightened out. Creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, etc. don't do crap if you're diet ain't right. Eat 5-6 meals a day, intaking calories according to your plan. If you wanna burn fat while building muscle, try to get your calories like this: 40% from carbohydrates (YES, I said CARBOHYDRATES! YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND STILL EAT CARBS... IF YOU'RE SMART...), 30% from protein, and 30% from healthy fats (fats from meats, fish, nuts, virgin oil, etc.).

As for supps, wait until you get your diet straight and then start off simple with something like creatine and/or glutamine. Don't waste your money on stuff like cortisol blockers, fat burners, ZMA, or pro-hormones yet.. you'll just be pissing your money down the toilet...

03-20-2004, 12:54 AM
Celt good one, thats helping me plan my diet. You're not the only one who has said the 40:30:30 ratio, but how to calculate it? Lets say if i am having oatmeal,eggs for breakfast, how can i calculate it on this meal?

03-20-2004, 01:32 AM
The best thing you can do is search.

Here is a freebie for you


03-20-2004, 02:07 AM
Harry, you're a legend mate, gotcha, i calculated my daily intake and my ratio is coming like 55:19:25, now i know what wrong, once again many thanks :thumbup: