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03-20-2004, 06:39 PM
Sup guys. Sorry if this is a repost.

Just wondered if Subway was a good source of "fast food"?

I was in Tennessee for a week and ate subway every day.. Lost 4 LB's.
(Yet i was running 4 miles a day and rowing)

Just wondering cuz they advertise how healthy their food is.

03-20-2004, 07:01 PM
supposedly worked for Jarret:)

03-20-2004, 07:52 PM
haha no seriously...

03-20-2004, 08:38 PM
yeah, i'd tend to think they're alot healthier than say mickey D's or BK. i think they've got the nutritional beakdown on all thier subs, check out thier website.

03-20-2004, 09:24 PM
It's not ideal, but it's not bad if you're in a rush. Stick to whole wheat bread and you should be fine. Instead of getting the footlong I suggest getting the six inch and adding double meat.

03-20-2004, 09:31 PM
A whole wheat sub with turkey and lots of good veggies with limited sauces would probably be pretty healthy.

Saint Patrick
03-20-2004, 09:34 PM
When I was bulking I'd get a pastrami with double meat and extra mayo *drool*

03-20-2004, 09:36 PM
supposedly worked for Jarret:)

jared had aides.

03-20-2004, 09:38 PM
jared had aides.


03-20-2004, 11:57 PM
Jarred also decided the best way to lose weight was to skip breakfast and eat 2 subs a day and that's it, hehehe. Now they're praising him.

I'm going to do that for McDonald's dammit. McD's helped me lose weight! I just ate 2 orders of 10 piece chicken nuggets a day with some fries! I see it now, I'll be rich.

03-21-2004, 12:26 AM
First of all who knows if Jared really ate Subway to reduce weight, those are all capitalistic strategies. Anyways coming back to the subject being discussed, like harry mentioned that take brown/whole meal bread and add some turkeybreast/meat balls/ chicken with some good veggies like onions/tomatoes/lettuce etc and you have a balanced meal. But just don't rely on subways, prepare a couple of sanwiches(i do tuna) and take them along, nothing better healthy +cheap. Yeah but subway is far much healthier than those greasy fast food joints around the town.

03-21-2004, 02:17 AM
If you must, then I recommend:

Pollo Loco
Yoshinoya (Chicken Bowl no sauce)
Middle Eastern (Kabobs rule)

You want to be a fat skinny guy?


03-21-2004, 07:20 AM

03-21-2004, 07:30 AM
Man just look at Jared, i bet he has LOADS of lose skin under that outfit, make sure to have enough protiens and Lift, Lift and Lift. I tried dieting and worked out like 6 days a week, i lost 10 inches from my waist line but man i was weak. grrrrrr

03-21-2004, 09:48 AM


03-21-2004, 10:45 AM
Lol, Jared has aide's lmfao. South Park rules

Darcy Tucker
03-21-2004, 12:48 PM
Subway is very good but expensive. Some of the best are the roasted (spicy, teriyaki, etc) chicken, turkey, tuna.

03-21-2004, 03:03 PM
Subway is very good but expensive. Some of the best are the roasted (spicy, teriyaki, etc) chicken, turkey, tuna.


03-21-2004, 03:10 PM
the things they sell on ebay!