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03-27-2004, 03:22 PM
Hi there, I have been bulking up for about 4 months.. from 152 to around 166lbs now.. i am 5'10 with 16% bodyfat

Can anybody suggest me a cutting rutine with workout/diet.. last year I tried cuttign I lost all muscle and strength.. I dont want to make that mistake again.. mostly the fat is in my stomache and my abs dont show...

Thanks Give me your feedback

03-27-2004, 03:30 PM
doing a cut slowly will ensure you dont lose as much if any muscle, do a search on the forums for good diets and routines.

Saint Patrick
03-27-2004, 04:26 PM
What he said.

03-27-2004, 05:45 PM
Well I looked around the boards and put up a simple diet for myself. Sorry the first post was in a rush aswell so let me explain the whole situation here.

I am 16m 5'10 166Lbs with 16% BF I have school from 8:30-3:00, I workout about 4-5 times a week with a rutine consiting of 6-8 reps and 3 sets. Summer is coming up and I want to get cut and lower my body fat to atleast 12% so my muscle is more defined and my stomache looks cut rather then flabby.

I am looking for a good breakfest meal as well when I wake up in the morning I usually feel really hungry yet I cant eat certain food like I used to eat Rice in the monrning or potatos with gravy... I cant eat omlettes or canned food... because it just doesnt go down in the morning.

8:10: Multi Vitamin + 2 Omega3 caps (INSERT IDEA FOR FOOD HERE)
11:10: Brown bread + lettes + turkey + tomato (sandwich)
3:30: Small Steak + Protien shake + Cucombor + tomato salad + 5g fat dressing
5:40: Workout
7:20: Protien Shake + 5g of creatine
8:00: 4 egg Omlette + Multi vitamin + 2 Omega3 caps

I am not really sure about a rutine if I should stick to my own or add cardio... Help me out guys!! :bash:

03-27-2004, 11:40 PM

03-28-2004, 01:10 AM
i like to eat quaker oat bran cereal in the morning...
1 1/2 cups is about 35 g carbs... add in 1/2 cup skim milk and ur only at roughly 41g carbs... so... thats pretty good.. wont keep ya full for long though.. if u like eggs i could suggest a whole bunch of things.. one of my favorite is a 6egg white omelette..a little bit of reduced fat cheddar cheese... 1 can of tuna.. and some picante sauce on top of it all.. thats pretty tasty...

or try a can of tuna w/lemon pepper.. that tastes pretty good...its really all up to you.. you can have steak for breakfast if you want... just depends on where you want ur calories.. but you do want SOME carbs in the morning so you dont go into catabolism....

hope that helped some...

03-28-2004, 06:35 AM
Awesome thanks, I learned something new :) Ok, now someone plz critisize my diet :)

03-28-2004, 07:16 AM
yes a good breakfast start could be some oatmeal and some eggs/eggwhites, just mix it around a bit and see what you like, you could check out the recipe forums for some ideas for your oatmeal if you cant stand it plain.

03-29-2004, 05:13 AM
What do you think of my diet? Any changes i should make?