View Full Version : Some Awesome Spring Strength Shows!

03-30-2004, 12:51 PM
April 3rd - THIS SATURDAY!
APF Iron Gladiators powerlifting, benchpress, and deadlift competition
Central Valley High School South, 821 Sullivan, Spokane, Washington
Need Info? Contact Brent "King Of Squats" Mikesell
The Monster Muscle Magazine Crew will be there too - C Ya in Spokane!

April 3rd - THIS SATURDAY!
APF Jacksonville Open
3 Lift and Benchpress
World Gym, 5810 Normandy Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Promoter: Wayne Pullum 1(904)772-6400

April 24th
WABDL Southern Regional Benchpress & Deadlift Championships
2449 Suit F Lawrenceville Highway 30044 Lawrenceville, GA
George Herring 1(770)963-6738
Matt Christie gairondawg@yahoo.com

May 1st
The IronZone MonsterMuscle.com Rise Of The Dead
Hardcore deadlift contest!
$9,000 in cash prizes!
All Lifters Welcome!
No Federation Card Needed!
No Invitation Needed!
No Qualifying Lifts Needed
Women Deadlifters Welcome!
Downtown Expo Center
Orlando, Florida
For info contact
James Goad 1(863)835-0447 Info@Xtreme-USA.com
Wesley Kampen wesley@powermagonline.com
Seanzilla Katterle sean@powermagonline.com

May 1-2nd
Bench America
Drug Free Benchpress National Championships
Odeum Sports and Expo Center, 1033 N. Villa Ave., Villa Park, IL 60181
Office: (630) 941-9292
This competition will be broadcast on the Fox Sports Network from coast to coast!
Iíll be out at this show the 2nd day (Sunday) and Iím looking forward to visiting with all of the
lifters and lifting fans.

May 7-9, 2004
Big Iron Gym
8902 Grant Street
Omaha, NE, 68134
For info call Rick or Becca at 1(402)392-2446
Contest will be held at the Double Tree Hotel, 1616 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE, 68134 1(800)222-TREE

May 8-9th
St. Louis Fitness Festival
USAPL Powerlifting
X-Treme Strongman Contest
American Armsport Association Armwrestling
Americaís Center, 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri
The Monster Muscle Magazine Crew will be in attendance and weíre looking forward to seeing all of you there!