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04-05-2004, 06:13 AM
Time to get serious. I am 29 years old, been training for 10 years. I currently weigh in at 100kg(220pounds).Of that I'd probably say that I am carrying at least 10kgs of bodyfat. So I guess that my ideal weight is around 95kgs.

I train 3 days a week. My routine looks like this:
day 1( Monday) traps/chest/triceps
Day 2 (Wednesday) legs/shoulders
Day 3 ( Friday) back/biceps

Through the grace of God I am going to become the strongest and most muscular I have ever been.
My stats are :
Chest-46 inches
Biceps-17.5 inches
Thigh-22 inches

Tonight I am going to modify my routine a little bit.It going to look something like this.
Dumbell Shrugs
-3 SETS 10X10KGS/8X20KGS/8X30KGS(will try to push for 8x40kgs)Nothing is impossible!!!!!!!!

Flat bench
I normall do 3 sets(12x30kgs/8x 100kgs/3x120kgs)-by the time I get to 120kgs I am too tired. So tonight I am going try something different:
Warm-up -12x40kgs/6x120kgs/8x100kgs/8x80kgs/8x60kgs



lets hope this new routine works. I will make it work.

04-06-2004, 01:00 AM
Last nights workout was okay, did'nt get enough sleep last though. I started training at 4.30pm and was finished by 5.30pm. Went to bed at 9pm. Can't seem to get a decent nights sleep, too many nightmare's. I feel sore all over, there's good sore and bad sore-this is definitely bad sore.I will probabbly take a nap after work.

Yesterday's schedule was okay. I think my energy levels are little down over the last few days, I probably need to check my diet, either that or maybe I just need a break. I have been lifting some heavy weight in the last 2 months, and maybe my body needs some rest. We'll see...

Routine was not too bad
Traps-4 sets of Dumbell shrugs

Chest-Flat bench
12x40kgs(warm up)/3x120kgs/2x120kgs/5x100kgs/6x90kgs
I am a bit dissappointed with this routine, as I expected to do a few more reps with the 120kgs, but that did'nt happen?I thought that by being fresh, i would be able to squeeze out a few more reps. Also, it did'nt feel "comfortable" as it usually does.( Not enough carbs???) Anyway, my shoulders and pecs are as sore as hell this morning(lack of sleep!)

Somebody mentioned that I should'nt do shoulder presses after benching, so I switched my routine to benching/triceps. However, i was too tired(or maybe just lazy) to do kickbacks and just did the pushdowns.

Overall I am happy with the progress I am making with the shrugs, it my benching thats worrying me a bit.

04-06-2004, 01:10 AM
:spam: Welcome to journalland. This is weird, we're the same age, about the same weight, and the same strength. Sounds like more of that is muscle on you though since I've got more like 15kg of fat and my arms are only 16 inches. :D

04-07-2004, 03:33 AM
:spam: Welcome to journalland. This is weird, we're the same age, about the same weight, and the same strength. Sounds like more of that is muscle on you though since I've got more like 15kg of fat and my arms are only 16 inches. :D

Thanks Shane. Yup that is weird. You say " only 16 inches" like its a bad thing. We train hard to get to where we are, and we should be happy with our progress. Someday, we will get to the magical 19+.
we must discuss training strategies. I guess this is as good a forum as any. My bodyfat is more of an estimation than actual, so we could be the same in that respect as well.

Finally had a good night sleep. Feel so good. Tonight I am doing LEGS/SHOULDERS

The last two weeks of training has started making me feel weak-I think my diet may be off, as I have decreased my carb intake. Or maybe I am not pushing enough. I think maybe going to failure on my compund exercises is getting to me.


Never give up.Nothing is impossible.

04-08-2004, 12:36 AM
Had a good nights sleep. Diet is okay. had a MRI before going to bed. Since my decision to quit all types of "supplements" a month ago, this was my first MRI shake. I don't feel too bad about having one, as I was too tired to make anything else to eat.
Last nights training session could've been better. I need to start squating more, and for that I going to need some sort of a safety cage.Don't know where the hell I am going to put it. There's no more place at home. One of the disadvantages of training at home.
session start:4.30pm

warm up-brisk walk ap 7 flights of stairs(legs were on fire afterward-felt good)
SQUATS-10X30KGS/10X40KGS/10X50KGS(must push more!
EXTENSIONS-15X30KGS/15X50KGS/12X60KGS(must push more!)



COMMENTS:This workout really stimulated my shouders. I feel more of a burn doing this routine than when I did chest/shoulder routine. This routine comprised of flat benching (120x3 reps)/ dumbell shoulder presses(6x20kgs). I think i'll stick with routine for a while. Increasing my shoulder presses could translate to a better bench press.

Never give up. Nothing is impossible.

04-16-2004, 01:36 AM
Took week off to recuperate from the heavy lifting-did not do a damn thing from 08/04/04-14/04/04. Woke up on Thursday 15/04/04 and was sore as hell. could'nt move, neck was frozen. I pulled my neck and mid-back during the night. I feel like a pile of horse-s*#t! . Went to the physio that same day, and was told that i was going to have to come in for a full assesment on Saturday. Damn! I was supposed to get back to training today! I just hope, through the grace of God, that these injuries heal soon.

04-22-2004, 06:23 AM
after 2 weeks off I managed to get training done. I still feel pains and twitching in my right arm and lats. I hope this injury gets better soon, I don't know how much of this lay-off I can take. Yesterday, I did a bit of cardio and biceps.

walked up seven flights of stairs twice(took approx 10 mins)
Barbell Curls-1x10-15kgs/1x10-17kgs/1x9-20kgs/1x9-22kgs/1x8-25kgs/1x8-27kgs

I woke up this morning with really sore arms-After 2 weeks it felt GOOOOOOD. today I hope to do some more cardio-try and shoot for more.
I took it light and easy, in the hope that the workout will actually aid in recuperation. So fare I don't feel any twitching and tightness. so i hope its working.