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04-05-2004, 06:05 PM
im 20 years 6'4'' 209lbs. I dont have calipers but Im guessing its pretty low since I can see my abs.
Been lifting and eating clean for the past 11 weeks but have been lifting on and off for 2 years. So I didnt start from absolutely nothing. Ive gained 17 pds in the past 11 weeks and thats with food poisioning for 4 days when I lost 10 pds but mostly water weight. :D
oh yeah, I have only been gaining one pd per week for the past 5 weeks so Ive decelerated a lot. Ive been eating the same but I cant eat more than what Im taking in now. and when I say lifting on and off, I mean I had no idea how to lift so I did whatever I wanted. I was pretty skinny but alright in terms of strength.

currently im taking myoplex deluxe new formula 1 hour before work out.
maltodextrin + one scoop ON protein after workout.
I have a clean diet with it usually looking
9:00 4 eggs + oatmeal + water + fruit + yogurt
11:00 2 scoops ON protein
3:00 tuna fish sandwich + 2 slices of cheese + 2 eggs
4:00 myoplex with milk
5:00 lift
6:20 after workout shake
8:00 pasta + chicken + oatmeal + anything healthy at my food court
11:00 maybe two slices of wheat bread and yogurt

on average, I get 3000 calories per day, 300+ grams of protein.
I lift usually 5 days a week with two HIIT sessions mixed in.
chest+abs, leg + back, bis + abs, tri's + shoulders, chest+abs
the usually workout for each group.
abs i go heavy twice with the chest and light with bi's.

so my question is Im supplementing creatine(ON), ephedra (Lipo), dextrose, flax oil, and fish oil in a few days.
I know how to take the oil but Im confused on how to take the creatine, ephedra, and dextrose.
I worked out with one of my friends that I should take the ephedra + creatine + dextrose + protein per workout.
Just dextrose + protein after work out.
Protein use is the kept the same.
Take the myoplex deluxe before I sleep to help heal my muscles.
Is this the right way to take all these products or should I take some out of my diet?
Im trying to gain some more lean muscle before going on a cut in 5 weeks or when i stop taking the creatine for a while.

04-05-2004, 06:14 PM
you do not need both flax and fish oil. stick with the fish oil capsules as they are easier to swallow and more easily provide the essentials fats. you do, however, need more fat overall in your diet. 20-30% of total cals should come from good fat sources (fish, flax, nuts, pb,olive oil, avocados).

you are currently using maltodextrin. fine. dextrose in its place is fine too.
stop training chest and abs so much. why not split legs off on a day of its own if you want to continue to train 5x a week...?