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04-06-2004, 01:22 AM
First off I just like to say i've been doing this program for 13 weeks and my bench press has been stuck for probably 5-6 weeks and hasn't gone up at all.

Well this is my program for bulking up

Monday-Chest and triceps

3 sets Bench press
2 sets Incline bench press
2 sets tricep extension
2 sets dumbell flies

Tuesday Legs and back

4 sets squat
2 sets leg extension
2 sets hamstring curls
3-4 sets calf raises
3 sets cable rows

Wed. off

Thurs. Shoulders

4 sets military press with curl bar
3 sets lateral raises
3 sets shoulder shrugs

Friday Biceps and back

3 sets deadlift
3 sets barbell curls
1 set preacher curls
3 sets of lat pull downs
sat. and sun. off

While I go through this program I don't do any cardio and as I go through the sets I decrease the amount of reps as I increase the amount of weight. I changed up everything I can think of for bench press to 3 sets of 10 doing 4 sets doing little pyramid things and it never increased. I do really slow negatives since that what I heard really helps build muscles. I don't know what else i can do to help increase my BP.

Well any help will be greatly appreciatted TY.

.. :strong: