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04-10-2004, 05:27 AM
All right maybe it's a dumb request,vut I cannot seem to figure out how to
fit with 5-6meals into 2400-2600 calories.
Can anyone out there help?Maybe point me somewhere on the net or give me some info from their experience.
I am currently at 125kg,185cm. I need to loose about 15 kg to start and
previous suggestion was that I should eat 5-6 meals a day and reach about
2500-3000cal(healthy calories of course).
Can you please give me some sample please please.I've been searching WBB
and most of things I find fot in about 1800-2000 cal .
Just can figure out how can I eat that many calories and still loose weight.
(I know I know I do weight lifting and cardio).Just that food stuff, which actually is the key to weight loss I cannot figure out. :(

04-10-2004, 06:19 AM
example of what I ate yesterday

Diet ~ 3100 calories

Meal 1 : 2/3 cup oatmeal w/half a bananna and some cinnamon , 8 egg whites w/some mushrooms, and 1 fish oil cap.
Cardio Session
Meal 2 : 1 cup kashi heart to heart mixed with 1 cup shredded wheat n bran in 1 cup skim milk and 6 oz of turkey
Meal 3 : .5 cup brown rice mixed w/black beans, green beans, and 8 oz chicken
Meal 4 : .5 cup brown rice mixed w/black beans, green beans, and 1 can of albacoretuna
Meal 5 : half orange, 1 apple, 1/3 cup oatmeal, 5 oz tilapia
Meal 6 : 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp natty pb, 1 scoop nitrean

04-10-2004, 06:52 AM
Hey bro ... are you indian?

If you are ... Can your mom or yourself make Chakri's? I hope you know what they are if your indian. 1 Chakri has about 80 calories or so ... eat about 6-10 a day, and your whooping some good extra calories on easy, and they're piss to eat.

Some suggestions would be ... To eat Oats, just any kind of plain oats, get unbranded ones if your on a budget, and just add some raw honey or some brown sugar to sweeten it a little bit. You can get some good decent calories from their and some protein.

Also make sure you eat some eggs in your diet daily ... With 2 slices of whole meal brown bread, you'll get about 30grams of protein from just that.

You can also add it Almonds, what i tend to do is grind a good chunk of almonds into powder, then keep it in a tub, in the morning i get a 26gram plastic scoop and fill it up with the almond powder and gobble it down with a drink, it has some decent protein and stuff init.

Other things would be to eat Crackers with cheese. One cracker biscuit has about 35calories, the one i have has anyway. Drink lots of milk, if you can get raw milk, thats a golden jackpot, you'll grow grow and grow with raw milk.

Also, make you sure you buy some dried milk powder to add in to get some calories and some extra protein and stuff.

If your Asian and eat asian meals, you can increase the amount of Rotli's you eat, and also eat Rice (Bhaat, with daar).

I can also suggest Barley, its chuckloaded with protein, one cup of Barley has about 23grams of Protein, and lots of other stuff in there too. It contains all the 18 amino acids, high in fibre i think is well.

Eat a couple of Banana's in your day, you'll get a couple of hundred extra calories just from that.

Sorry for the long post, please forgive me if your not asian, i figured you might be from your username :)

04-10-2004, 07:00 AM
Thanks guy.
scorpion: I am not asian but I do temporarily live in South Korea.
Kind of hard to come by the stuff we use in states.But i did manage to find some foreign food stores.Guess what even found the quaker oatmeal(unflavored) it is pretty good when I mixed with the protein powder.
The cheapest protein powder I found here was from Champion Nutrition
chocolate and is like 120,000WON that's like over $100 for a 5lbs tub!!!

But ,hell I need that and the rest I need to alternate somehow.
Thanks guys again for your replies.Getting married in june gotta look good.
almost 3 moths of extreme work ahead of me.....