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04-14-2004, 09:18 AM
I'm doing UD2 and it is working well. Difficult but worth the effort for sure.

It does seem that blood flow and mobilization are very important in getting the FFA available to burn.


Is there any way to externally (physically) stimulate a localized area to increase blood flow?

How effective can localized message be?
Wouldn't heat either chemical or mechanical increase blood flow?
(icy hot or heat pad I guess)
Have there been any studies done?

I swear that when I get to 10%bf that 3% of it will be in a 15 square inch area.

Thank you!

04-14-2004, 09:23 AM
luv, ya there are some muscle soothers such as IcyHot/Mineral Ice etc...that irritate the skin and cause blood flow to the area.
I wouldn't count on them being effective for your goals.
However, if you want to look into it more then figure out the active ingredients and do a search for them combined with SAT, VAT, or adipose tissue on pubmed or one of the other research sites and let us know what you find.

For an off the shelf product that does what you want then look into the avant labs Absolve and Lipoderm products. One targets SAT the other VAT.
When combined with capsazin (the oil from hot peppers) and nicotine the results are supposed to be dramatic in the removal of stubborn fat (when used in conjunction with a calorie defecit)

good luck! I have some info on these products in my journal if ya want to take a peek

I would also assume that massages would stimulate blood flow

04-14-2004, 06:10 PM
As stated in the book, a few days of carb restriction/glycogen depletion will have a mobilizing effect on stubborn fat. Doing cardio on day 3 and/or day 4 AM will help in this regard.

You could also try the "alpha-receptor mediated fat loss cardio"-- on an empty stomach (with E/C or Y/C beforehand) do either 5 minutes of all out sprint work (machines will work as well) or 10 minutes of 1 minute on/1 minute off intervals. Catch your breath, get a drink, try not to hurl. Then hop on some other machine and do ~30 minutes of steady state cardio. Wait at least another 30 minutes after completion before eating anything.

04-14-2004, 06:41 PM
I did a little checking on the chemical heat ingredients. Looks like menthol is one of the most popular. Seems to affect sensation more than anything.

I'll look into AbSolve and the like when all else has failed.

Fornero: You're absolutly right. I reread some articals and Lyle's book and agree that the 3-4th day will be the most effective. MTW I've been at between 40-60 grams carbs and 80% of those were wheat and the like. I actually ended up spreading the muscle depletion over the 3 days as tuesday I almost puked in the gym. I didn't have any carb for breakfast and couldn't lift anything after about 30 minutes.

Looked like this,
monday: early am cardio, small breakfast, lifted about 1/2 body high reps. Nice pumps.
Tuesday: no carbs for breakfast to speak of, lifted about 1/4 body and walked a little.
Wed: Ate 20g carb shredded wheat with protein. Lifted rest of body with nice pump on bi's and did intense cardio for 30 minutes. Felt 100% better today.
Thursday I plan to do early am cardio fasted then eat descent and low carb and a little afternoon bike ride.
Friday: wake up early and get some nice carbs and whole protein. Lift hard about 8am. Eat lots all day.
Sat: Pancakes, eggs and bacon and lift about 10am really heavy low reps and eat lots all day. I plan on tearing it up pretty well sat. AM.
Sunday rest and eat maint with low gh in pm.
Do it all over again.

I appreciate your recomendations and look for any criticism on my plan. I'm posting it in my journal tonight too as it's headed that way.