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04-25-2004, 09:26 AM
after starting on my diet to get used to it, with light cardio, whan do u think i should start to see results.

id say this week i have lost 1-2lb, not much but its the right sort of start or so people have been telling me.

what i have is

3 Egg Whites
Protein Shake

Mid Morning:

Tuna Salad
Protein Shake

I Then Workout, Normally 1 1/4 hours of weights, and 30 mins cardio + I ride to and from my gym which is around 3 miles each way.

After Workout:
Banana + Whatever drink i have handy, normally some water

Chicken Breast
2 Egg Whites
Black Coffee

Tuna + Water

Then Normally 6-7 Hours Sleep.

Can Anyone tell me iff i need to add anything, or change my workout? or add more cardio

i manage around

30 mins Cycle
15 mins Rowing(Split Into 5's)
10 mins Elipt -> i know iff i want i can push it even further
20 mins jog -> i like to do this when not many people are around :-) i know i can jog 20 mins at a steady pace, its just my man boobs bounce to much :-)

should i add a run when i get up before breakfast and then one before i goto bed, im normally bored around night time anyway.

Anyone Help? Thx :D

04-25-2004, 12:07 PM
It'll take at least 2-3 weeks I'd say to start seeing results in the mirror, which is where you should be looking for them, not on the scale. You seem to have your diet worked out nicely, just make sure you're getting a little under your BMR at first, then increase the caloric deficit if you should happen to hit a plateau. Make sure you're getting enough protein to minimize muscle loss. As for increasing cardio, its not really necessary as long as you're creating the caloric deficit on a daily basis.

04-25-2004, 05:11 PM
what should i be aiming for

protein/carb/fat wise?

also is there any supplement/shake or anything that can keep my muscle up, without losing it

04-25-2004, 05:29 PM
what should i be aiming for

protein/carb/fat wise?

also is there any supplement/shake or anything that can keep my muscle up, without losing it

Alot of people suggest a 60/20/20 breakdown of protein/carb/fat...but I've heard all different sorts of proportions that have worked. Personally, I find it easier to get closer to about 50/25/25 on training days, and on off days a little more fats in place of carbs. It seems to have been working nicely for me, because I've noticed a pretty decent visible reduction in body fat over the past several weeks.

There are hundreds of supplements and shakes people recommend to maintain to keep muscle during cutting phases. You don't NEED any of them, because the most important thing is keeping protein levels up and ensuring you having a well-rounded diet in respect to nutrients.

Personally, I take protein shakes - eating lean meat could easily accomplish the same thing, but I find the shakes more convenient during the day. In addition, some people suggest creatine and/or glutamine supplementation, and I take creatine, but can't afford the glutamine (it's expensive).

If you want a spreadsheet that I have of my diet to use as a guideline, give me a PM.

04-25-2004, 05:35 PM
Pm Sent :-)