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05-04-2004, 10:53 AM
The IronZone MonsterMuscle
Rise of the Dead
Deadlift Competition
Official Contest Results – May 1st, 2004
Prize Money Winners

Superheavyweight Division

$2,000 Andy “Deadbolt” Bolton 881@310
$1,000 Matt Smith 815@340
$500 James “The Pitbull” Searcy 760@332

Heavyweight Division

$1,000 Johnnie Jackson 804@244
$500 Greg “GearMan” Jurkowski 777@275

Middleweight Division

$1,000 Brandon “C4” Cass 766@217
$500 Joe Norman 677@205

Lightweight Division

$1,000 Tony “The Anointed Warrior” Conyers 683@165
$500 Marcus Williams 633@144

Superheavyweight Class

Andy Bolton
749, 815, 881, 942 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 881.85

Matt Smith
749, 815, 826 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 815.71

James “The Pitbull” Searcy
722, 760, 782 (missed), 788 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 760.59

Beau “Big Nasty” Moore
749, 810 (missed), 810 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 749.5

Keith Southwood
606, 628, 650 (missed), 655 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 628.32


J.D. McDuffie
722, 760 (missed), 760 (missed), 766 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 722.01

Jon Grove
716, 760 (missed), 760 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 716.5


Greg “GearMan” Jurkowski
700, 777, 799 (missed), 804 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 777.13

James Jacobs
705, 749, 777 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 749.57

Jeff “Bird” Abbott
727, 760 (missed), 760 (missed), 777 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 727.5


Johnnie Jackson
771 (missed), 771, 804, 821 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 804

Aaron Courtney
771, 815 (missed), 815 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 771


Brandon “C4” Cass
722, 766, 782 (missed), 788 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 766.11

Joe Norman
644, 677, 694 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 677


“Captain” Curt Warren
644, 672 (missed), 683 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 644.75

Jeff Cervero
622, 644 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 622.75


Tony “The Anointed Warrior” Conyers
606, 650, 683, 705.48 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 683.43

Brian Schwab
578, 611, 639 (missed), 644 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 611

Gary Reichert
551, 584, 600 (missed), 617 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 584

Danny Aguirre
496, 534 (missed), 534 (missed), 540 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 496


Marcus Williams
595, 633, 639 (missed), 650 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 633,83


Richard Hawthorne
501, 545, 573 (missed), 584 (missed)
Best Deadlift = 545.64

This deadlift competition was totally awesome! Not only were the lifters who showed up mega strong, they were also highly professional and friendly. I had a blast from start to finish and the adrenaline kept me awake for days! Thanks to everyone who showed up. I got to visit with a lot of good friends and make some really cool new ones. Sometime, within the next 12 months, I'd like to help put together Rise of the Dead II - that would rock!

Special thanks to the top notch judges that showed up to officiate the competition; Rick Hagadorn (WABDL Worlds judge and RiverFest promoter), Wayne Pullam (WPO Arnold Classic, WPO GNC Show of Strength, WPO Bench Bash and APF official), Joe Dalton (APA, USPF and Mountaineer Cup official) and Ken Snell (WABDL and AAPF official and one of the best 114 and 123 class American powerlifters of all time.) Also, thanks to our spotter/loaders; Ryan Caprari (Tony Caprari's brother), Chris (didn't catch his last name) and to the other people who jumped in as needed (Ken Snell was often running the deadlift helper.) Also, a mega thanks to Bench Bubba McConnell for being a super fast and efficient score keeper, which allowed me to commentate without hassle and to quickly tally up the scores and results. Without Bench Bubba's help, my head would have been spinning around at the scorer's table trying to keep up. Thanks as well to Kieran "The Iron Overlord" Kidder, for loaning us an additional deadlift bar and set of kilo plates and for letting us use his platform and warm-up room platforms - that was really, really cool of him to do! I know that KK is a die hard powerlifter and powerlifting promoter and he was sitting right up at the scorer's table getting in on the action! This wasn't an APF/WPO competition, but Kieran Kidder was really fired up and was on hand from start to finish helping out and that meant a lot to me.

Also, thank you to the Alabama Gang and to GearMan Nutrition for bringing xtra sets of kilo plates and deadlift bars all the way from Gadsden, Alabama and Tampa, Florida!

Also, a massive thank you to the sponsors who put together the $8,000 in prize money; James Goad of Xtreme-USA, Wesley Kampen of MonsterMuscle, Bodybuilding.com, Rick Brewer of House of Pain IronWear, Universal Nutrition AnimalPak and to all of the vendors who purchased booths near the powerlifting stage – support the companies that support powerlifting!

The Kampenator was at The Rise of the Dead, taking pictures and running the Monster Muscle Magazine booth, so watch for coverage in the upcoming June/July issue of Monster Muscle Magazine!

The music was slammin, the lifting was freaky, the crowd was packed to maximum viewing capacity and I did my best to shout out until I was hoarse, LOL.

Chris Mason - it was great to get to finally meet you in person. That was really cool of you to fly down and cheer on the lifters. Also, it was awesome that you sponsored two of the deadlift monsters in the competition; Big Jon Grove and James "The Pitbull" Searcy. Support the companies that support powerlifting!


chris mason
05-04-2004, 05:11 PM
It was great to meet you as well Sean. I had an awesome time and that was due greatly to you!

05-05-2004, 12:50 PM
So, how far was Bolton from the record? I'm surprised noone broke 900.

05-05-2004, 04:26 PM
Bolton pulled 880 (it was easy for him) and then jumped to 942 on his fourth attempt. He didn't get the 942 but, in his defense, because it was a fourth attempt there were only a few lifters between his 3rd and 4th pull, which made the lift a lot harder!


05-06-2004, 06:05 PM
What was the lowest weight class?

05-06-2004, 07:35 PM
The lightest guy in the contest was Richard Hawthorne. He weighed in at 123 pounds (123 class) and he pulled 545 pounds.