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05-05-2004, 01:42 AM
Hello fellow lifters! :hello:
Just recently stumbled on this site and wow what a find. Anyway I thought keeping a journal would be great because I never really kept track of my gains, diet ect.

Here are my stats as of now 5/04/04
Hieght: 6'1
Weight: 215
Age: 19
years of lifting: 3-4 on and off, 3 months of serious lifting and diet management

Here is my upperbody day. I usually do this Wed's and Sat or Sun
I know this probably isn't what most people reccomend (ex. push 1 day pull on another day) But I found this works for me.

Bench Press: 135X6(warmup) 200X4-6 (3sets)

Standing Military Press behind back: 100X6(warmup) 120X6 (2 sets)

EZ Curl: 100X6 (2 sets)

Dumbell bicep isolations: 40X6 (1 set)

Dumbell Hammers: 40X6 (1 set)

Tricep barbell extensions: 75X6 (2-3 sets)

Lat Pull narrow grip: 185X6 (2 sets)

Lat pull wide grip: 185X6 (2 sets)

Leg Day. Once a week. I work out in my garage so don't have many machines.
I mainly do only 2 leg exercises.

Sqaut 160X6 (3 sets) <--- Just started doing these, I know it's weak

Dead Lift 205X6 ( 3 sets )

Cardio (I usually get one of these activities in on my non-lift days)
Run 9 min mile pace for 21 minutes with a lot of uphill work
Moutain bike trails 30-40 min
basketball 60 min

Breakfast: Old Fashion Oats with 2 packets of splenda and cinnamin
4 whole eggs
1 glass milk

Snack: protein shake with nat. pb, banana and splenda

Lunch: Tuna sandwich in ww or chicken, Raw Broccolli and carrot with fat free italian

Snack: Protein Shake or chicken tenders if avail.

Dinner: Chicken or tuna, brussel sprouts or broccolli, diet 7-up

So that is my routine as of now and will keep this journal updated as much as possible. Also feel free to critique my routine and diet!