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paty boy
05-05-2004, 11:57 AM
Starting up a new journal, last one was just a disaster with the sporadic updates. Haven't posted in quite some time but never stopped working out. My routines are at times a bit unusual and approx. changed every 4-5 weeks, so to anyone that's never seen my old journal keep that in mind.

Current stats:
Age: 23
Height: 5'6" (actually closer to 5'7" but I like to round down)
Weight: 168
Arms: 15 1/8"
Chest: 41-42"
Waist: 32"
Legs: 25"
Calves: 15 1/4"

Goal: Keep my journal current.

Just switched back to BB presses & rows after using DBs for a little over a month

BB Flat Bench 135 x 6, 155 x 6, 165 x 6, 185 x 3, 185 x3
(current max: 210[Jan'04])

BB Close Grip 135 x 6, 155 x 6, 165 x 5
(current max: 190[Mar'04])

BB rows 135 x 6, 155 x 6, 185 x 5

Dips (BW) x10, x 8, x8
Brought these back into my routine

05-06-2004, 05:05 PM
I second that hurray for boobies and ninjas. Good luck in getting bigger!

Saint Patrick
05-06-2004, 05:14 PM

05-06-2004, 09:16 PM
2 patty boys. :eek:

Saint Patrick
05-06-2004, 09:40 PM
One boy, one man.


paty boy
05-08-2004, 07:40 AM
^^ lol

Thanks for stopping by fellas.


Squat 190x5, 225x5, 260x5, 290x3, 290x3

GoodAM's 135x6, 160x6, 190x6

SeatedCalf 140x8, 145x6, 145x6

Went to the park to do some rollerblading in the evening, absolutely fried my legs. Barely made it back to my car.

05-08-2004, 10:08 PM
Great to see you around again with this new thing bro, good luck!

05-09-2004, 12:30 AM
boobies and ninjas? wow, its like we're the same person

05-09-2004, 12:36 AM
Dont forget ninjas WITH boobies. Welcome back. Love the new avatar. Just as good as the last.

05-09-2004, 01:01 AM

05-09-2004, 01:09 AM

paty boy
05-11-2004, 12:42 PM
Beware of ninjas with boobies. They're quite nice, but potentially lethal.

And it feels good to be posting again, thanks everyone.

BB Bench 135x6, 165x6, 185x3, 190x3
bar speed a little slow today

BB CloseGrip 135x8, 155x8, 165x6
7th & possibly 8th rep possible on the 165 but wussied out

BB Rows 135x8, 165x6, 185x5

Dips BW x12, x10, x7

Cardio later this evening.

05-11-2004, 05:17 PM
I only stop in for the avatar... i dont even know if you worked out... if you did, nice job :)

paty boy
05-13-2004, 02:05 PM
^^ Here's my other avatar on a car forum, I think you'll like it as well :D

Deadlift (sumo) 225x6, 275x6, 315x1, 335x1, 365x1, 385x1, 405x1
Ripped up one of my caluses, had to tape up my hand.

Front Squat 180x5 x5 x5

Seated Calf 90x10, 140x8, 150x6

05-13-2004, 04:20 PM
Whoa, that chicks cute lol. Infact, she'd be even cuter if she wasn't swallowing a probiotic drink whole lmao. Asian chicks rule!

paty boy
05-16-2004, 09:28 AM
...Asian chicks rule!

That they most certainly do.

I don't look foward to these sat. workouts, actually skipped it the past two weeks, but I got it done.

Hammer Curl 30x8, x8, x8

BB Curls 60x7, x8, x6
I suck at curling. weaksauce.

Miltary Press 100x8, x8, x8

Side Lat 35x8, x8, x8

Current weight: 171lbs

paty boy
05-18-2004, 01:56 PM

Clean 135x3, 155x3, 165x3, 175x2

BB Bench 155x6, 165x6, 185x3, 155x6

CloseGrip 135x8, 155x6, 155x6

Dips BWx8, x8, x8

Feel like crap, I have the sh*ts. Nuff said.

EDIT: Just remembered this board censors.

paty boy
05-21-2004, 03:10 PM

GoodAM's 135x6, 155x6, 185x6, 210x3, 220x3
Went really wide on my stance for the 210 and almost sh*t my pants from the effort.

Dips (BW+2.5)x8, (BW+10)x8, (BW+20)x6, (BW+25)x6, (BW+45)x6
By the time I get to my dips on Tues. workouts, my tris are way too fatigued for me to do anything more than bodyweight, so I''ll be dipping twice a week. Today I was just seeing what I could still do. From the looks of it, I should be able to do 3 sets of 6-8 @ 35. We'll see next week. My new dip belt is pretty comfortable too, better than the old leather one.

Front Squat 185x5, 185x5, 185x5

Seated Calf 90x10, 140x8, 150x6

paty boy
06-08-2004, 01:46 PM
Tues 08/06/04
Haven't posted in a while, chnged service providers which proved to be a huge ordeal. Anyways, bench routine changing slightly. Dropped the weight on everything. Today and past two weeks as follow

Flat bench 165x6, 165x6, 165x6
Still feeling out the rest of the routine before I start gunning for eights.

Close Grip 135x8, 135x8, 145x8
Three sets at 140 would probably be better

Dips (BW+10)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BWx35)x6
Moved this to earlier in my routine instead of last

BB Rows (Narrow) 135x8, 155x6, 185x5
Still have quite a bit of energy leftover,

Chins BWx6, BWx6, BWx6

Workout Grade: B+, liked this rotation better, probably change things just a tad next week before settling on a routine

Tues. 01/06/04
Flat bench 165x6, 165x6, 165x6

BB Rows (Snatch) 95x8, 115x8, 135x8
Felt good

Close Grip 135x8, 165x5, 155x6
I think rows took too much energy, cg suffered

Dips (BW+10)x8, (BW+20)x7, (BWx25)x5
Totally dead

no thank you.

Workout Grade: D, this rotation was crap

Tues. 25/05/04
Clean 135x3, 155x2, 175x2, 185x2

Flat bench 155x6, 165x6, 165x6, 155x6
Felt good

Close Grip
no thank you

BB Rows(snatch) 95x8, 115x8, 135x7
Felt good.

Dips (BW+2.5)x8, (BW+10)x8, (BWx20)x8, (BW+25)x6, (BW+35)x6, (BWx45)x6
Totally dead

Chins BWx7, BWx6

Workout Grade: C , didn't do everything I wanted to do

paty boy
06-10-2004, 02:44 PM
squat/dl days, unlike my upper body, I have no major problems with my leg strength

GoodAM's 155x6, 185x6, 205x3, 215x3, 225x2

FrontSquat 185x5, 185x5, 185x5

Seated Calf 140x8, 150x6, 150x5

Workout: A-
Yanked the dips, it was messinng up my shoulders.

Deads(sumo) 225x6, 275x6, 315x1, 335x1, 365x1, 405x1
Wasn't feeling it today. 410 is proving problematic, considering rack pulls

FrontSquat 185x5, 185x5, 185x5

Dips (bw+25)x8, x8, x8
Thinking bout yanking these

Seated Calf 140x8, 150x6, 145x6

Workout: C

Squats 225x5, 290x5, 290x5

GoodAM's 135x6, 155x6, 185x6

Dips (bw+20)x8, (bw+35)x7, (bw+45)x5
Didn't do it the way I intended

Seated Calf 140x8, 150x7

Workout: C, didn't feel like i did anything

paty boy
06-17-2004, 12:53 PM
15/06/04 Bench

Flat 165x7, 165x7, 165x6
Slowly working up to eights.

Close 135x8, 140x6, 145x8
I didn't rest enough for the 140, still not sure if I want to use the same weight for the three sets or up the weight each time.

Dips 20x8, 25x6, 25x5
Three sets of 25 next week, it's not too heavy and not too light. Tris seem to have enough left in them to handle this weight for sets, Build up from here.

Chins (underhand-narrow) BWx6, (BWx2.5)x5, (BWx2.5)x2
1st set was pretty, next 2 were horrendous.

Rows(snatch) 115x8, 135x8, 135x7

Workout Rating: A-, happy with it today

17/06/04 Squat

Squat 280x5, 280x5, 300x3
Slowly working back into the 300's

GoodAM's 165x6, 165x6, 165x6
Felt like taking a sh*t after these. Strange.

SeatedCalfs 140x8, 150x8, 150x6
I'm actually starting to do better on these f-ers. Seems to be only thing my calves respond to.

Workout Rating: B+

paty boy
06-22-2004, 01:59 PM

Flat 165x8, 165x8, 165x4, 165x4
About half inch to an inch narrower on the grip today. Felt it more in the tris. Felt really good up until the third set. Only able to get 4 reps on that set so I did another for 4, used my usual grip for last set.

CloseGrips n/a

Dips (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x5
I didn't even do closeGrips and my tris were all f-ed. I had to dig deep to get these reps out.

Chins (supinated)(BW+2.5)x6, (pronated)(BW+2.5)x4, (supinated)(BW+2.5)x3
getting the reps back up, slowly but surely

BB Rows (snatch grip) 135x8, 135x8, 135x8

Rating: C+, had i used my normal grip on flat, today would've have been much better. It also didn't help that the only thing I ate today were some french toast sticks. Deadlifting thursday, going to get that 410 dammit.

06-23-2004, 03:59 AM
Where do you get your avatars? They're awesome :drooling:

06-23-2004, 07:11 AM
Good to see you working back to higher numbers - :thumbup: ...you are doing good bro.

paty boy
06-25-2004, 08:05 AM
F$@%@^&@&^@*K!!!!!!!!! I just spent the last 5-10 minutes typing a post and my browser crashes. I'm so pissed right now. I'll try again later.

410 baby!!!

paty boy
06-27-2004, 09:56 PM
TheGimp: Normally just stumble upon them on off-topic.net (lots of NotWorkSafe stuff, be careful). They're usually vids that I cut images from.

CoCoa: Thanks man, always appreciate the support.

24/06/04 squat/dl

Dead(sumo) 225x6, 275x6, 315x1, 335x1, 385x1, 410x1
Been stuck at 405 for a while, tried a little something different today. Instead of the usual 335, 365, 405, then 4xx, I decided on 335, 385, and then 410. Worked out really well. Hips came up really early on the 385, so I was slightly worried about form going into the 410. Got into position 3 times for the 410, chickening out the first 2 times, but finally settled down and unleashed the fury on the f-ing bar. It felt sooo good getting that up.

Front Squat 185x6, 205x6, 225x6
Too pumped to do light weight, so I upped it a bit.

Standing Calf Machine 160x8, 180x8, 200x8
Just for variety's sake, didn't feel like doing the usual stuff today.

Rating: A+, i'm going to be so sore tomorrow

25/06/04 assistance stuff

CloseGrip 155x8, 165x8, 185x3, 185x3

Dips (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8

Chins(pronated) (BW+2.5)x7, (BW+2.5)x4, (BW+2.5)x2

Clean 135x3, 135x3, 135x3, 135x3, 135x3

Rating: B+, little stiff from yesterday but nothing major

paty boy
06-29-2004, 07:26 PM

Flat benchy - 165x8, 165x8, 165x5, 165x5
Used my regular grip unlike last week, but still can't get 8 reps on the third set. So I did another set. Have no trouble with 5 reps, but anything after that is iffy. Stamina seems to be improving but I'm sick of this damn weight. Boobies are looking nicer.

CloseGrip 145x8, 145x8
No problems, dropped the third set because of the extra flat set.

Chins(pronated) (BW+2.5)x6, (BW+2.5)x4, (BW+2.5)x3
Progressing fine, second set was ugly; i was swinging around like a monkey

Dips (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x4
last set is always the issue on this day

BBrows(clean-grip) 135x8, 155x6, 185x4
I don't work this grip every week, but I may lower the weight next time i do do this

Rating: B+, did everything I wanted, progression is fine.

paty boy
07-05-2004, 08:42 AM
01/07/04 - squat

02/07/04 - light assistance

Towel chins (for lack of a better description) - BWx3, BWx3, BWx3

Chins (pronated) - (BW+2.5)x6, (BW+2.5)x4, (BW+2.5)x4

JackKnife - 3 sets of 8

GluteHamRaise - 5 sets of 3

WO Rating: C+, just an average day

05/07/04 - thoughts
My lower back has been unusually stiff the last couple of days, which is why I skipped my squat day. No clue what I did, but it sure doesn't feel right.

paty boy
07-06-2004, 01:40 PM
06/07/04 - Bench

Flat Bench - 165x8, 165x8, 165x8
Finally, 3 sets of 8. Don't know what did it but I got through it. Somewhat pessimistic
going into today, but I'm glad I finally got it done. Next week 3 sets of 170.

Chins(pronated) - (BW+2.5)x7, (BW+2.5)x5, (BW+2.5)x3
First two improved, last dropped a rep.

CloseGrip BB - 145x8, 145x8, 145x8
Moved this after chins so, my tris would be a little rested.

BB Rows(snatchGrip) - 135x8, 135x8, 135x8
Last set was slightly off, but I managed.

Dips - (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x4
Tris were absolutely finished by the third set. Might just drop to two sets, since the same
thing has been happening the last couple of weeks

WO Rating: A, nothing much to say.

paty boy
07-08-2004, 01:19 PM
08/07/04 - Squat

GoodAMs 155x6, 185x6, 205x3, 225x2
Unchanged... might drop reps on the 185 next time

Front Squat 185x5, 205x5, 225x5
Upping the weight again on my squatting.

Seated Calf 140x8, 140x8, 140x7

WO Rating: B, nothing great but nothing to complain about.

Like I said in a previous update, my back has been stiff lately and it hasn't changed. Every morning my lower back feels like crap, either it's a sign of old age or I did who knows what to my back. It tends to go away after I start moving around so maybe it's just my bed? So far it hasn't hurt my workouts.

New progess pics will be posted shortly...

paty boy
07-09-2004, 08:56 AM
Old pics from my little man journal @ 155-58lbs.
little man pic (http://www.mugpieyo.com/patrick.jpg)

Current @ 171lbs
current pic (http://www.mugpieyo.com/patrick04.jpg)

BF% still relatively the same. My little titties are a tad thicker. Lats are somewhat bigger although leftside is smaller/weaker. Legs shrunk. Arms still look like toothpicks, but they are bigger and the stretch marks have absolutely owned my armpits. Overall I'm happy with my proportions, this little man is slowly getting bigger.

Sometimes I wish my starting point was a little worse so that it would be easier to see the differences.

paty boy
07-12-2004, 09:49 PM
Fri 09/07/04 - assistance
(dojo) naginata practice, approx 2hrs

Sat 10/07/04
(home) naginata forms, 30-45 mins, chudan-no-kamae & hasso-no-kamae

Sun 11/07/04
did some curling @ home
(home) naginata forms, approx 1hr, uchikaeshi & footwork, men-uchi, sune-uchi

Mon 12/07/04
(dojo) naginata practice, 2.5hrs

Back is doing much better. Haven't been experiencing as much stiffness as before which seems like a good sign. Tomorrow I bench, three sets @ 170 now. Gone are the days of the 165... hooray for boobies.

paty boy
07-13-2004, 08:47 PM
Tues 13/07/04 - bench

Flat bench.........nixed... went to the gym too early so all the "lunch crowd" people were still there occupying everything and doing nothing but talking, so I said f it. Friday I'll get my bigtime boobie stuff done.

Chins (pronated)(BW+2.5)x7, (supinated)(BW+5)x6, (sup)(BW+7.5)x4
Still can't get that 8th rep pronated, what the hell is wrong with me???

CloseGrip 155x8, 165x8, 175x4, 175x4
Elbows flaring a little on the last set.

BB Rows(clean-grip) 135x8, 155x8, 185x5
Went up on the 155 & 185.

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+45)x6, (BW+45)x5
Upped the weight since I didn't flat bench. The chain on my dip belt was riding up my crotch quite a bit. Other than that everyting went fine.

WO Rating: B, workout went alright but I actually felt like crap today, morning meals were bleh. Flat benching postponed till Friday.

paty boy
07-15-2004, 01:08 PM
Thurs 15/07/04 - squat

Squat 225x5, 280x5, 300x2, 320x2, 300x2
Been upping all the weight in my leg wos. Haven't done the 320 in ages but I felt good doing it today. Little shake in the legs, but no major issues.

GoodAMs 185x5, 205x3, 210x3, 205x3

Seated Calf

WO Rating: A+ , felt oh so good.

Probably work on some naginata forms tonight. Tomorrow boobie workout.
The back is almost back to normal it seems, every day the stiffness becomes less and less . Had no issues with it during wo.

07-15-2004, 03:05 PM
Great work man, there is no doubt you can handle major weight on those quads.

paty boy
07-16-2004, 02:22 PM
CoCoa, Thanks man, words can't really describe how good it felt yesterday.

Fri 16/07/04 - bench

Flat Bench 170x8, 170x7, 170x6, 170x3
Did a 4th set to make up for the missed reps. I don't think I'll be at this weight too long. Possibly another week or two and I should be working 175.

Chins(pornated) (BW+2.5)x6, (BW+2.5)x4, (BW+2.5)x3, (BW+2.5)x2

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x7, (BW+45)x3
No closegrips today, so upped the weight. Tris were gone third set.

WO Rating: C-, just didn't feel it today which is alright since normally today would be rather light.
I did see some nice eye candy today @ the gym. The words "voluptuous" and "succulent" come to mind...hehe.

Didn't practice any naginata yesterday. After jeopardy, I just clocked out and didn't wake up till this morning. Spent about 45mins doing uchi-kaeshi forms to make up for last night. No practice tonight but there is one tomorrow. A 4hr long practice. Next month is the US Taikai which I won't be competing or testing in, but my sempai are, so everyone has been training hard. The west coast is going down!!!

07-16-2004, 02:40 PM
^^ Here's my other avatar on a car forum, I think you'll like it as well :D

Deadlift (sumo) 225x6, 275x6, 315x1, 335x1, 365x1, 385x1, 405x1
Ripped up one of my caluses, had to tape up my hand.

Front Squat 180x5 x5 x5

Seated Calf 90x10, 140x8, 150x6
right click, save as.

good luck with the journal.

paty boy
07-18-2004, 04:29 PM
Wu36, thanks man.

Sat 17/07 -- Sun 18/07 -- practice, ramblings

As my brother and I were walking through Greenwich to the dojo, I was fortunate enough to behold a magnificent specimen of the female race. I actually stopped dead in my tracks and went "ooohhh". My brother was looking at crap the side vendors were selling, but as soon as he heard me, he immediately turned around and saw her. We were both speechless. In this part of the city, there's gorgeous women everywhere, although many of them are lesbos, but only occassionally do you see one this exquisite. Yesterday's hottie was quite attractive and very shapely but no where near this woman in terms of sheer beauty. "Alluring" and "sensual" describe this one quite well. Enough of women, they are evil.

Ok I lied, more about women. So as we entered the dojo, we learn that we have two new students - a guy and a girl. A very beautiful girl. Notice I said girl instead of woman. Both of them are kendoka just like everyone else in the dojo. Spent most of practice going through kata 1, hasso-men, hasso-sune, and men. At the end, sensei had my brother and I perform uchi-kaeshi. The second time we did it , I got him with a men(head) strike. As soon as it happened, sensei yelled [japanese accent ]"GOOD!!!"[/japanese accent] Considering my brother is a shodan(1st dan/black belt) and I'm a kyu(beginner) it was quite bad for him and good for me. Sensei was probably quite annoyed that my brother didn't block that, but she didn't make it apparent. He'll probably hear about it on Monday.

I, Robot was pretty good, liked it more than Spidey2. Digital Domain did an awesome job with the cg.

paty boy
07-20-2004, 04:55 PM
Tues 20/07 -- bench

Bench 170x8, 170x8, 170x7, 170x1
Almost had it on the third set. Bar speed pretty good.

Chins(pronated) (BW+2.5)x8, (BW+2.5)x4, (BW+2.5)x4
Finally got 8 but second set really suffered.

CloseGripBB 145x8, 145x8, 145x8
Last 2 reps of last set were rough.


Dips (BW+45)x7, (BW+45)x3
Normally drop the weight on this day, felt like deviating. Had to work for every rep... rough... really rough.

WO Rating: 3.5/5, changing my rating system to numbers instead of grades


naginata practice -- yesterday

movement becoming more fluid, need to work on hip placement

form is better, starting to become faster, hidari(left) is strong, migi(right) needs work

striking too high, strike the shin not the knee

-uchi-kaeshi attacking
need to work on footwork, feet should slide across the floor instead of hopping/stomping

-uchi-kaeshi receiving
needs lots of work, bit intimidated by sensei when she was correcting my form - she was wearing her sword

I learned yesterday that sensei wants me to test for ikkyu in about 3 months and for shodan by my birthday
(St.Patty's Day) next year. That's basically an 8-9 month span to achieve shodan. In Japan, its not so
uncommon, but here in America it's generally unheard of. Normally it would take 1.5 to 2 years to attain/test for
that rank. Definately a confidence builder knowing sensei believes in me the way she does. She's a kyoshi(senior
instructor/ second highest rank) in the All Japan Naginata Federation, so her opinion means a tremendous deal to me.
Quite a bit of pressure.

We also learned that there is going to be a goodwill tournament between Shidogakuin(them) vs Nichibukan(us).
Classic kendo vs naginata. Interesting to note that Shidgakuin is my brother's kendo dojo; we're predicting Kato-sensei to
challenge my brother or the "Tiger of Shidogakuin" to challenge him. Either way he's expected to get banged up
pretty good...hehe. Even better would be Kato-sensei vs Yamauchi-sensei, but unlikely to happen.
Back on topic, the tournament is an excellent way to bring the dojos closer together as well as promoting
kendo and naginata, particularly naginata. It's virtually unknown outside of Japan, so the more exposure it gets the better.

paty boy
07-22-2004, 01:19 PM
Thurs 22/07/04 - dl/squat

Deadlift (sumo) 225x6 275x4, 315x2, 335x2, 365x1, 365x1, 335x2, 315x2
Going on a layoff period with my deads, so I can concentrate on the squatting.

Front Squat 205x5, 205x5

Seated Calf 145x6, 145x6, 145x6

WO Rating: 3.75/5, slightly above average wo, really humid and nasty in the gym, need to wash
my hat it smells like ****.

My body seems to have repaired itself because the stiffness in my lower back seems to have disappeared. Good thing too, I was beginning to feel like what I imagine old people feel like in the morning.


Practiced yesterday morning for about an hour at home, primarily uchikaeshi. Probably try to get in some practice late tonight as well.

paty boy
07-26-2004, 10:30 AM
Fri 23/07 -- assistance
workout nixed...


naginata practice -- sat
-- furiage men sune ute -- hidari & migi
-- furiage sune men -- hidari & migi
-- furiage men men -- hidari & migi
-- furiage sune sune -- hidari & migi

Sensei had me do a whole series these almost non-stop. First time doing the furiage sune, felt a little strange at first but
quickly got the hang of it.

-- furikaeshi men
Just learned it today, this is soooo badass!! I was awe-struck when sensei was showing me how to do it. She was going so damn fast,
looked like a whirlwind.

-- kata #4
More new material. Had difficulty with this one. I know all the basic techniques but putting it all together proved rather difficult.

-- slight possibilty the dojo might be moving over to Bleecker, beautiful evil women galore

-- So after practice went to lunch. "theCutie" was there, I felt so stupid and didn't know what to say to her. So I just pretty much sat
there like an idiot not saying anything. Felt kinda bad since she genuinely looked like she wanted to talk to me. F-ing woman, I'm
probably the one that's going to end up apologizing when I did nothing wrong to begin with!!!!!!!

-- practice tonight

paty boy
07-29-2004, 01:59 PM
Thurs 29/07/04 - squat

GoodAM's 185x6, 205x3, 205x3, 215x3 225x2, 205x2, 185x3
Too many warmup sets, I was dying by the time I got to 225.

Front Squat 185x6, 205x5, 225x5
Had little issue "racking" the bar today.

Seated Calf

WO Rating: 3/5, average wo

I might cut out tomorrow's wo because I have practice both tom. and sat. If time and body are willing I'll get it done.

paty boy
08-03-2004, 12:44 PM
Tues 03/08/04 - bench

Bench 170x8, 170x4
I felt like total kaka, didn't even make it to the third set.

CloseGrip 155x6, 150x6, 145x6

Chins (pornated) (BW+2.5)x7, (supinated) (BW+7.5)x5, (BW+7.5)x5

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x3, (BW+35)x3

[b]WO Rating: 1/5, felt like total crap today, shoulders were fatigued; last night's practice possibly the reason. If this happens again next week, I'll consider moving wo to wednesday or I may switch squat day with bench day. Today's workout = teh suck

One more week till the tournament.

paty boy
08-06-2004, 11:12 AM
Thurs 06/08/04 - squat

Squat - 280x5, 315x2, 320x2, 325x2
I had a hard time warming up, went all the way up to 255. Normally I'm pretty set by 225 but today was strange. The work sets that I did do went fine, but I initially planned to do two more sets.

GoodAM's 185x6, 205x5

Seated Calf 150x7, 150x8/b]

[b]WO Rating: 2.5/5, decent workout, but all I thought about was getting out of there so I could enjoy the beautiful weather. It was cool and breezy as oppossed to the normal humid and sticky.

I was over in Soho and saw a stunner, she was wearing one of those flesh colored camis. Had nothing but naughty thoughts in my head when I was looking at her. Then I saw another one while I was waiting for the 9, she was already on the subway across the platform but I saw her through one of the windows. As soon as the sub started moving away she dropped down a little and smiled back at me. Nice. Then later that night I was over at the Angelika, waiting in their extremley overpriced cafe, before the movie started. Just sat at the table with my bro and friend paying barely any attention to them because I was mesmerized by this chica laying on the bench across the street. She was laying on her side reading a book. Have really no idea what she look liked up close but I just found the position she was in extremely attractive. I'm such a lech.

Practice tonight and tomorrow. Tournament next week. My brother is the east coast capt. and will be facing the US champ in the first round. Good stuff. Not only are both naginata-ka, but they're also kendo-ka, so the gym is going to filled with the sounds of their monstrous kiai. Should be quite enjoyable to watch.

paty boy
08-10-2004, 10:07 PM
Thurs 010/08/04 - bench

BW: 173lbs

Bench 170x8, 170x8, 170x6, 170x2
Judging by today's workout, it seems last week's wo was just an off-day. Thank goodness. Third set is proving to be a lot more difficult than expected.

Chins (pronated) (BW+2.5)x7, (BW+2.5)x5, (BW+2.5)x4
I can't get that eighth rep again. Second and third sets are looking and feeling better.

CloseGrip nixed

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x6, (BW+45)x4

BB Rows (snatch_grip) 135x8, 135x8, 135x8

WO Rating: 3/5, felt a whole lot better than last week. Have a little idea for my friday workout that I may be testing.

East Coast Represent y0! West Coast is going down!!!!


paty boy
08-15-2004, 09:55 AM
Sun 15/08/04 - ramblings

I said the East Coast would take it and they did just that. ECNF took the team title away from the NorCal Fed. And one of my sempai finished second in the individual. Considering there is only a handful of people actively practicing naginata on the east coast, it says a lot about the quality of teaching and dedication of all those involved. Congrats to everyone who orgnaized and participated in the event.

The Norcal, Socal , and RockyMt feds have a whole bunch of cuties doing naginata :) Mainly guys and older women in the East Coast :( I haven't done anything for the last couple of days since I was in Philly for the tourney.

paty boy
08-20-2004, 12:23 PM
Thurs 19/08/04 - dl/squat

Dead(sumo) - 275x6, 315x3, 335x2, 365x2, 365x2
Still on my layoff period, I'm thinking about upping the weight again towards the end of Sept. early Oct. Toying with the idea of switching to conventional stance for the time being. [Current max: 410]

Front Squat 185x5, 205x5, 225x5
No problemo.

Seated Calf 150x6, 150x6
teh suck.

WO Rating: 3/5, just a regular wo

Well I missed my bench day, I've been missing wo's quite abit lately. Hopefully I'll get everything back in order next week. Wasn't able to try my little Friday experiment last week nor will I be able today. Better luck next week I guess.

Big kendo tournament next month which is going to mess with my weight training schedule as well. There's so many things to do and so little time. F-ing shame really.

Everyone watch some oly lifting this weekend, the 85kg guys will be televised, IMHO that's the best weight class to watch. 105kg+ are on Mon I believe.

paty boy
08-24-2004, 08:45 PM
Tues 24/08/04 - push

Bench 170x8, 170x8, 170x4, 170x4
The first two sets were as good as it gets. Then came the third set. First three reps were awesome, then during the fourth rep coming off my sternum everything went to hell. I managed to fully lockout, but it took an extreme amount of effort in order to do so. Have no idea what happened. As always did an extra set (had no trouble with these reps) to make up for the missed reps. Been at this weight much much longer than expected.

Military Press 85x6, 85x6, 85x6
Seems like forever since I last did these. Went well except for the last couple of reps on the final set.

Dips (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x6, (BW+25)x3
Good thing I dropped the weight today, had I loaded the 45 I'd probably only be able to get 2-3 reps total. That's how bad these sucked today!

WO Rating: 3/5,

Felt about the right time to change my routine.Push/Legs/Pull. More than likely rotating pressing exercises just like I do with leg stuff. As far as strength is concerned my leg routine has worked quite well, not really ideal for hypertrophy though. So I'm going to try something similar with pressing which is my weak point.

flat bench
military press
incline press* tenative i absolutely hate this lift but it's a really good strength builder
dips - this will be the constant just as the calf stuff for legs

Now I just have to experiment with the exact rotation.

BTW, NBC's olympic coverage sucks ass. Hope they lose broadcast rights soon.

paty boy
08-26-2004, 04:27 PM
Thurs 26/08/04 - squat

GoodAM's 135x6, 185x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3
Finally got 3 resp @225, changed slightly the weight and reps from previous goodAM days and worked out well. Normally I'm dead by the 225, today it seemed I was ready for a bit more. Good stuff.

Front Squat 185x6, 205x6, 225x6
Added a rep to each set. No problemo.

SeatedCalf 150x6, 150x6
Several weeks ago I was able to get 7-8 reps out. Now all of sudden I can't seem to get past 6, think I may have recorded numbers wrong.

WO Rating: 3/5, felt good today

My rotation for press/push days. 2nd week rotation looks like a rough one. Not sure about the weight I'll be using, dip weight will definately be adjusted according to how well tris are holding up that particular day.

1st week
flat bench
military press

military press

incline press
flat bench

Now I have to figure out a pull day.
bb rows - definately
chins(pullups) - definately
clean/power clean - probably
conventional dead - not sure
romanian dead - not sure
pullovers - not sure
upright rows - ghey
one arm side lats - not sure
db rows - always get stretch marks in my pits using dbs for some reason

Top three are most likely a sure thing, not sure if I'm going to do a rotation for pulling though. Never had major issues in pulling strength especially off the floor. I'll see what happens.

paty boy
08-28-2004, 11:24 PM
Fri 27/08/04 - pull

Clean 135x3, 135x3, 135x3, 135x3, 135x3
Form was off but wasn't horrendous. Bar too far forward.

Some guy was doing powercleans as opposed to cleans. I winced every time I looked over at him. First he was really hyperextending his back during the "catch" phase, second his knees would go inward also during this phase, and lastly he would hyperextend his back during the jerk( he's a push preser as opposed to a split jerker). And to top it all off, he walks around like he's tough sh@t afterwards. He was only doing approx 80lbs as well. If I was a nice person I would've offered him some advice on form, but he seemed to think highly of himself, so I thought otherwise.

Chins (BWx2.5)6, (BWx2.5)x4, (BWx2.5)x3
Sucked big time this week.

BB Rows(clean-grip) 145x6, 155x6, 165x6

WO Rating: 2.5/5, felt alright

1AM Sun, can't sleep just got back from party, very interesting party. Got to talk with and listen to extremely knowledgeable people, rather inciteful evening. Major topic was the republican convention and the disruptions it's causing all of us natives, which is also why I'm back in Jersey while those needledicks are the city. Quite strange they would choose a city that is predominantly democratic. But it's quite ironic that the present NY gov. and NYC mayor are both republicans. Whenever F-ing democrats run NY, everything goes to sh@t. Can't wait till all the suit-wearing-******-politician get the hell out of my city. Bunch of exploitive bastards, probably going to take some picture with them all around ground zero. F the Republicans and F the Democrats and F those crazy f-ers whose name eludes me.

Porbably gotten aii toatl of two houres of slpee within the last 48 hours. Hooray for boobies!!!

paty boy
08-31-2004, 12:39 PM
Tues 31/08/04 - push

closeGrip 155x8, 165x8, 175x5
Did too many warm-ups and too heavy.

Military Press 85x6, 85x6, 85x6
Felt better this week, but still a little iffy on last set. Up the reps to 8 once I get comfortable.

Dips (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x8, (BW+25)x4
First two sets felt really good. Last set as always just got out as much as could.

WO Rating: 3/5, I was expecting ttoday to be quite harsh on my tris, but it went better than expected. Plus I had a really intense naginata practice last night so I still was still recovering from that as well. I finally get to put bogu(armor) this upcoming practice.

The gym parking lot(NJ gym) is undergoing major repaving because of all the pot holes so most of the lot is ripped up making it hard for cars to come in and out. Well, when I was coming into the lot this big pickup truck was on his way out and gives little to no space to get in because he wants to drive his truck on the unbroken pavement. I end up smacking a curve because of this dick and nicking a rim. I absolutely hate people that baby their trucks. Trucks were made to handle rugged terrain you fookin' tools. I would buy a truck(Dodge Ram) but I'm a tiny little asian guy. I can't reach the pedals on those damn things...hehe

paty boy
09-02-2004, 05:21 PM
Thurs 02/09/04 - squat

Squat 280x3, 300x3, 320x2, 325x2, 330x2, 335x1
Felt good today. Probably could've have gotten another rep out on the 335, but thought otherwise. The 330 was the goal today, the 335 was just for fun. Form has been really good, still able to get all the way down and up with very little difficulty. All those heavy goodAM's have been really paying off.

GoodMorning 185x6, 185x6
Took it easy on these today.

SeatedCalf 150x8, 150x6
I finally got 8 reps out again so maybe it wasn't a mistake like I thought last week.

WO Rating: 4/5, just a good day overall, weather has been nice, saw too hot chicks in the gym ... think they were indian maybe persian, don't know what the hell they were except they looked good, and my belly is full of food. Hooray for boobies.

paty boy
09-07-2004, 02:03 PM
Tues 07/09/04 - pressing
skipped my Fri wo again...

Incline Bench(hook-grip) 105x8, 105x8, 105x8
Too light but serves as a good basis, I'll bump it up bit next wo

Flat Bench 155x6, 155x6, 155x6
The sixth rep was a little iffy on each set, but weight felt fine. Probably stick to this weight for these particular pressing days.

Dips (BW+30)x8, (BW+30)x7, (BW+30)x5
I knew my tris had a little more left today, so hooked on 30lbs instead of the usual 25lbs I've been using.

WO Rating: 3.5/5, a little too light on the inclines, other than that fine. Finished a full three week rotation on this pressing stuff. Other than weight adjustments everything feels really good, nice moderate workouts.
And I'm actually doing the dreaded inclines again.

Kendo and iaido tournament this weekend. Hooray.

Less than two months till I and two others from my dojo test for ikkyu in naginata. The pressure is on.

paty boy
09-09-2004, 03:08 PM
Thurs 09/09/04 - dl/squat

Deadlift(sumo) 275x3, 315x3, 335x3, 365x2, 365x2, 315x3
Fine. Layoff wk #3

Front Squat 185x6, 185x6
Just one of those days...had to use lighter weight.

Seated Calf 150x7, 150x6

WO Rating: 2.75/5, nothing stellar to report. May have to skip tomorrow's wo yet again. Need time to rest my body and mind for Sat.

current wt: 171lbs

paty boy
09-14-2004, 05:29 PM
Tues 14/09/04 - bench

Bench 170x8, 170x8, 170x4, 170x4
I have no idea what's wrong lately. My third set keeps on going down. Too heavy on the warmup? Too many warmups? My lats??? Seem to be getting stapled all of a sudden.

Pullups (BW+5)x8, (BW+10)x6, (BW+15)x3
Been missing a lot of my "pull" days, so I tossed in some pull ups. Normally prefer chins, but I'm thinking my lats are what's causing an issue with benching, so I need to start to doing some weight.

Military Press 95x6, 95x6, 95x6
Been jotting down 85lb in my journal when in fact I've been doing 95lbs. 25lbs + 25lbs + 45lbs = 85lbs, right?? NO!!! I can't freakin add. Should be able to up the reps to 7 next week.

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+35)x5
Third set wasn't happening.

WO Rating: 3.2/5, good day, military press is feeling stronger, bench having a little issue. Thought I would be at 175x3x8 a while ago, but things don't always work out the way you invision.

Kendo tourney this past weekend was awesome! The Cali boys owned though, the NYers were strong just not as strong as the Cali kenshi. About a month and a half till I test in naginata.

paty boy
09-16-2004, 07:07 PM
Thurs 14/09/04 - squat

GoodAMs 135x6, 155x6, 185x3 205x3, 225x3
Slightly easy today, didn't have a goal in mind, so I stuck to the 225.

Front Squat 205x6, 225x5, 225x5
Last two sets were rough and form a little off, but managed.

Seated Calf 150x8, 150x7

WO Rating: 4/5, I love squat/dl days, hate bench days!!!

For anyone that reads my journal and would actually like to see what naginata or kendo is, below are links to special demonstartion clips from the tourney this weekend. Posted them on another board so might as well share with WBB as well. My naginata sensei is in the 1st clip, my brother's kendo sensei is in the 2nd clip. All four sensei are extremely high ranked. Need Apple Quicktime to view.

Kendo vs Naginata - kyoshi vs kyoshi (http://www.mugpieyo.com/naginata/00-ShidoKendoNaginata.mov)

Kendo Clip - hanshi vs kyoshi (http://www.mugpieyo.com/naginata/01-hanshivskyoshi.mov)

paty boy
09-21-2004, 12:52 PM
Tues 21/09/04 - bench

CloseGrip 145x6, 165x6, 175x3, 185x3, 190x1, 190x1, 190x1
Good. Starting to condition my body to heavier weight again.

Pullups (BW+10)x6, (BW+15)x5, (BW+15)x3
Feels good, but I feel weird doing these as opposed to chins. Since these are easier it feels as though I'm cheating myself.

Military Press 95x7, 95x7, 95x7
A bit of an issue on the third set.

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+35)x6
Last two reps on 2nd set were killer.

WO Rating: 3.4/5, Normally dread these bench/press days but today I felt good. Missed my "pull" day yet again. Tues and thurs are fine, it's fitting in that third day that's killing me. I absolutely detest working out on the weekends but just may have to.

paty boy
09-23-2004, 12:59 PM
Thurs 23/09/04 - squat

Squat 275x5, 315x3, 335x2, 340x1, 340x1
Was planning on doing heavy doubles throughout, but just felt a little lazy today. Should be able to get in two more back squat workouts by the end of Oct, which is when I'll layoff on the squat and start going heavy on deads once again. As it stands right now, looks like I'll be repping around 350lbs by that time.

GoodAMs 135x5, 185x5, 185x5
Light work.

Seated Calf 150x6, 150x7
Tried a new foot position and ended up experiencing a lot of strain during the first set, felt as though I was going to pull something. Second set I used my regular foot placement and everything was back to normal.

WO Rating: 3.1/5, blah

paty boy
09-27-2004, 11:06 AM
Mon 27/09/04 - ramblings
Well I missed my Friday workout yet again, so I've been rethinking the whole split. The bench and squat days are fine, but it's this pull/assistance day that's giving me problems. Like I said before may have to move it to the weekends. I'll see what happens.

Just got back from court, some b*tch decided to sue me three years after our car accident. First time ever getting sued, so needless to say I was a bit surprised when I received the notice a couple of months ago. I was being sued for 4grand, so I countered sued for 9grand. Ended up settling 50/50 as it was pretty much a case of he said she said. Thank you to my lawyer, Mrs. Jennifer Cambell.

To the female cop suing me, I hope a walrus f*cks you up your ass!

Current WT: 168-169lbs

paty boy
09-28-2004, 01:50 PM
Tues 28/09/04 - bench

CloseGrip (hook grip) 155x6, 155x6, 155x6
Had to switch the order of exercises because this old guy was taking too long on the incline bench. There was another one available, but that one is a piece of crap. Closegrips - nice moderate weight.

Pullups (BW+10)x6, (BW+15)x5, (BW+20)x2
Second set felt really good, almost had that 6th rep.

Incline (hook grip) 115x8, 120x8, 125x8
Still feels too light. The 125 felt a bit more ideal but it too was on the light side. Have to play with more weight next wo.

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+35)x6

WO Rating: 3.8/5, oooh ahhh

paty boy
10-06-2004, 12:54 PM
Wed 06/10/04 - bench

Bench (reg-grip) 170x6, 185x3, (hook-grip) 185x3, 185x3
I've decided to up the weight again, at least for a while. Maybe it'll get me past my rut.

Pullups (BW+10)x6, (BW+15)x5, (BW+20)x3
Improving every week.

Military Press 95x8, 95x8, 95x6
Was running out of steam at the end.

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+35)x6
glad I was able to get out as much I did, I was totally wasted.

WO Rating: 3.2/5, sorta of on a minor-cut so I've been taking in less calories than normal = less energy. Strength hasn't suffered but I feel like **** more than usual. Winter's coming so I'll go into hibernation mode soon enough annd pack on some weight.

One of the gym-girls got mad at me today. She was mad because I never say hi to her. Why should I say hi to her? I'm a paying customer, she should go out of her way to say hi to me, plus I'm more adorable than her.

Two and half more weeks till my ikkyu test. Been getting an influx of new students lately which is good for the dojo but bad for me since it takes away from my training. Most of my sempai are concentrating on their iaido training because they have a test coming up as well. Since most are doing that the rest of us have to help instruct the beginners which takes away from training I need to do in order to pass my test.

paty boy
10-07-2004, 01:10 PM
Thurs 07/10/04 - dl/squat

Deadlift 275x3, 315x3, 355x2, 365x2
Layoff wk #4, forgot my rosin bag so ended up doing less than I wanted

Front Squat 185x6, 205x5, 205x5

Angled Standing Calf 160x8, 180x8, 200x8
there was like a line today for the seated calf machine, so i went elsewhere. Should've waited in line cause these were a waste of time.

WO Rating: 2.7/5, wo was so-so. tom I;m probably doing my workout at home, been missing my "pull" day for the last month or so, so I need to get something in. No useless nonsense to report today.

10-07-2004, 01:49 PM
Two and half more weeks till my ikkyu test. Been getting an influx of new students lately which is good for the dojo but bad for me since it takes away from my training. Most of my sempai are concentrating on their iaido training because they have a test coming up as well. Since most are doing that the rest of us have to help instruct the beginners which takes away from training I need to do in order to pass my test. [/FONT][/color]

I'd think newbies are a good thing. You can impale them with your naginata. Live combat testing is really the only way to learn.

paty boy
10-12-2004, 10:00 PM
Fri 08/10/04 - assistance
(home wo)
DB Hammer Curls 30x10, 30x10, 30x10
first set was solid, bit of cheating on the last two sets

DB Rows 45x8, 50x8, 50x8
too light

DB Lat Raises 30x8, 30x8, 30x8
i can still do them after all this time, form was a little off but the weight didn't feel unwieldly

WO Rating: 3/5, not exactly the most grueling wo, but I was kinda limited by what I had available at home

Tues 12/10/04 - bench

CloseGrip 135x8, 145x6, 165x6, 175x3, 175x3
Wasn't feeling it today. An old pler at the gym was telling me about doing closegrips with an EZcurl bar, so I may experiment with this in the near future.

Pullups (BW+10)x7, (BW+15)x5, (BW+20)x3.5

Military Press 95x8, 95x8, 95x5, 95x4

Dips n/a

WO Rating: 2.9/5, felt like crap, but wo went alright

I'd think newbies are a good thing. You can impale them with your naginata. Live combat testing is really the only way to learn.

Impaling them...hmm. Too much mess to clean up afterwards. Plus it's too gentle, need to make them suffer a bit more.

paty boy
10-14-2004, 02:18 PM
Thurs 14/10/04 - squat

"Be happy wear Juicy."

Squat 225x5, 275x5, 300x3
Bleh. No energy whatsoever. During one of breaks between sets, I was watching one of the regulars doing skullcrushers. F-er had 2(45s), 2(25s), and 2(5s) on the damn ez curl bar. I was like holy sh*t!!!! This behemoth is the same guy that told me about closegrips the other day. Definately one badass old man.

GoodAMs 185x6, 205x5

Situps x15, x10.
Waiting for the calf thingy, did some ab work in the meantime. I'm always curious to know why so many people focus so much attention to their gut. I personally could care less if I had one. Don't you people know that having a buddha belly is good luck. Plus only gay-boy metrosexuals worry about their abs, real men could care less.

SeatedCalf 140x8, 150x6

WO Rating: 1/5, wo sucked elephant nuts,

paty boy
10-20-2004, 04:40 PM
Wed 20/10/04 - bench

Incline Bench 120x8, 135x8, 140x8
starting to feel a little more resistance now, next wo might try all three sets @ 140

Pullups (BW+10)x7, (BW+15)x5, (BW+20)x3
no gains, but reps are feeling more solid

CloseGrip 145x8, 145x8, 145x6.
last set , tris were feeling less than then stellar

Dips (BW+35)x8, (BW+35)x6

WO Rating: 3/5, felt relatively decent today; better than any of last weeks wo. Currently @ 165-66lbs, bf% ?????

nagi news:
Seminar and test next week on 29-31 Oct. One of the instructors/senseis is going to be a japanese hottie from another federation. Plus she's the current women's indiv. champ, engi champ, women's team champ, so I'm hoping she's my instructor next week. Otherwise I'll be stuck with the old people. Booooo. I'm also hoping my main training partner (another japanese cutie that can karate kick my ass), that started training around the same time as me, is able to come. It would be nice to go up in rank together.

kendo news:
US National team unofficially announced tryouts for 4th of July weekend. Location unconfirmed. Only couple months away...

Cool link to a National Geographic documentary about Kendo which originally aired about 3 years ago.
http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~sgran/8dan.wmv It's roughly 40-50mins long, but it's beautiful to see the level of dedication and perserverance people exhibit towards their passions in life. Anyone should be able to appreciate this piece, not just kendoka. Sadly the 78yr old Miyamoto-s passed away shortly after the examination. Ishida-s is still active.

paty boy
10-21-2004, 09:24 PM
Thurs 21/10/04 - squat

GoodAM's 135x6, 145x6, 185x6, 205x4, 225x3
Some young guy had a little mishap today whle benching, his grip slipped on the bb and it came straight down on his sternum. Luckily the ****tard is alright or at least he put on a strong face. I was gunning for 6@205 but I stopped short when I saw that happen. Freaky stuff, that's one of the reasons I hate bench, I view it as a very unsafe lift even with spotters. But I'm an idiot so I still do them.

Front Squat 205x5, 205x5

Seated Calf 150x8, 150x8
Buttah. 8s on both.

WO Rating: 3.4/5, good stuff

weather has been depressing lately. rain, rain, go away, come again some other day...

brother picked up the game Total War:Rome, now I'm f-ing addicted. not going to get anything done this weekend. must conquer rome!!!! Carthagians BABY!!! I"M A GEEK.

paty boy
10-27-2004, 01:12 PM
Wed 27/10/04 - bench

Bench 155x6, 175x6, 190x3, 190x3
I'm still trying to figure out why the hell I couldn't do 3x8@170. I thought it was a stapling issue but at the higher weights I'm not encountering any problems, so it was possibly just an endurance issue???

Pullups (BW+15)x7, (BW+25)x3, (BW+25)x2
7 seems to be my magic number, bah!

Military Press 95x9, 95x9, 95x7

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x5
went back to a 45

WO Rating: 3.8/5, I felt unusually good today. Normally I just despise bench days.

This will be the only post for the week, I'll be off to bumblefu*ck Maryland tomorrow. Hopefully I can catch SAW while I'm down there. The trailer looks insane.

paty boy
11-01-2004, 12:02 PM
Mon 01/11/04 - ramblings

The seminar was awesome. Just being able to train with different people gave me a new outlook on the things we do at our dojo. A member from the Canadian federation came down to train with us, so we some got some insight on the progress and growth of naginata in Canada. Very good news for international naginata.

Sadly, my training buddy wasn't able to come down to test with us. But one of our dojo's other cuties came down and is now a yonkyu. She's only been training for approx. three weeks so she did really well. And I'm happy to say I passed my test, so I'm now an ikkyu. Next stop shodan(1st degree -blackbelt). The future bodes well for our dojo. We already have a strong core of sempai, but us newbs (all of us are in our late teens and early 20s) are going to be force to reckon with at the next championships. Bring it on you old foogies from Cali.

Just got back last night from three days of intense training and tonight I have practice yet again. Never ending journey. Thank goodness I don't have a serious girlfriend, she'd probably be pissed about all the time I devote to my training and not her. F^ck-buddies are much better anyway, none of that silly emotional stuff needed, just sex.

WT:164-165, looking sexy as usual, weight training will probably resume tomorrow

paty boy
11-08-2004, 11:45 AM
Mon 08/11/04 - ramblings
Last week I didn't do a damn thing as far as weight training goes. Just didn't have the energy for it. So hopefully I'll get back in the gym sometime this week.

MA training has been going well, some days I feel out of sorts but I work through it. Been deciding to focus on naginata which should be obvious by my journal entries, so everything else is definately on the backburner. The Japanese proverb, "If you run after two hares, you will catch neither", applys very well to my situation. Specialization over diversification.

Training has been slightly more relaxed, since all the testing is out of the way. Sensei has me working with the other mudansha a lot now. Prior to testing, I just trained with the nidans, so there is major difference in intensity levels. I'm also finding I have to adjust a lot more to them, ie footwork, and basically have to help them reach or surpass my level. The major difficulty here is holding back just enough so they that don't get discouraged and continue to progress. This past Friday we even started training our dojo's "secret weapon." Our dojo's little 6yr old cutie pie. All in all the change in training has been more than welcome. It was at the point where I felt the need to skip practice just to recuperate from a previous one, that's how mentally intense the sessions were becoming. They'll probably get insane again once Jan-Feb comes around.

WT: 163-65, not as sexy as last week

paty boy
11-09-2004, 03:26 PM
Tues 08/11/04 - bench

Incline Bench 140x8, 140x6, 140x4
Yep this is definately the weight I'll be working for a while. Extra rep was possible on the 2nd set but I didn't want to force it. No comment on the last set.

Pullups (BW+15)x6, (BW+20)x5, (BW+25)x3
fine, could be better

CloseGrip n/a

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x6, (BW+45)x4
reps mirrored my incline numbers. I thought I could get at least 2x8, but that didn't happen.

WO Rating: 3.1/5, decent effort. although my hiatus was brief, it feels somewhat strange being back in the gym...hmm

11-09-2004, 03:47 PM
Party on!!! WOOOO!

paty boy
11-16-2004, 02:34 PM
Tues 16/11/04 - bench

PizDoff, thanks for stopping by

Bench 155x6, 175x3, 190x3, 190x3, 195x1, 195x1, 195x1
Triples and singles, bar speed was good

Pullups (BW+15)x8, (BW+20)x5, (BW+25)x2
Actually shocked I got 8.

Military Press 95x8, 95x8, 95x5
Lost steam at the end. Must briefly note there were two hotties working out next to me at this time. No further comment.

Dips (BW+45)x7, (BW+45)x2
Took everything I had left just to get these out.

WO Rating: 3/5, benching felt good, everything else was so so

Check out this clip of a little 5yr old doing kirikaeshi(repeated strikes to the head) in kendo, she's so adorable.
cutie pie doing kendo (http://www.kenwakai.org/yukochan.avi)

I'm going to try to get a clip of our dojo's little cutie doing naginata, because she's just as cute.

paty boy
11-18-2004, 01:52 PM
Thurs 18/11/04 - dl/squat

DL (sumo) 275x3, 315x3, 335x3, 365x3
haven't done a leg wo in a couple weeks so I was a little rusty, no major issues

Front Squat 185x6, 185x6, 185x6
same as above

Seated Calf 160x8, 160x8
better than normal, for whatever reason I loaded 160 and was pleasently surprised that it came up with relative ease.

WO Rating: 3.4/5, everything went well

paty boy
11-23-2004, 08:31 PM
Tues 23/11/04 - bench

CloseGrip 155x6, 175x3, 175x3, 175x1
something felt weird during my third set at 175 so I stopped short of what I wanted to do

Pullups (BW+15)x8, (BW+20)x5, (BW+25)x3

Military Press 95x8, 100x6
upped it on the 2nd set, yanked the third set

Dips (BW+45)x8, (BW+45)x5

WO Rating: 2.8/5, probably the only wo for the week due to the holidays

11-23-2004, 08:44 PM
good job man.

your squat and dead are awesome for your size!
bench isnt bad either...

keep it up dude.

paty boy
12-02-2004, 02:25 PM
Thurs 02/12/04 - squat

biggimp - thanks man, physically I'm probably capable of benching more, but mentally I'm just not ready to go all out. There's always doubt in my mind when I go heavy, even with a spotter(s).

Squat 225x6, 275x3, 295x3, 315x2, 315x2
didn't feel right today, 1st 315 sucked big time, 2nd better

GoodAMs 185x6, 185x6
bar placement was bad on 1st set

Seated Calf 160x6, 160x6

WO Rating: 2.9/5, quite a few scantily clad women in the gym today, last couple of wo (at least the ones of managed to get in) have been less than stellar.

WT:165lbs HT: too short

paty boy
12-09-2004, 07:56 AM
Wed 09/12/04 - bench

Very poor workout, may be due to the fact I only had a trailmix bar the entire day:(

Incline Bench 140x8, 140x6, 140x4, 140x2

CloseGrips 155x6, 155x5

Dips (BW+15)x8, (BW+25)x5, (BW+35)x2

Pullups (BW+15)x8, (BW+20)x4

WO Rating: 1/5, kaka...

Oh yeah World of Warcraft owns me... HORDE ALL THE WAY!!!!

paty boy
12-16-2004, 01:27 PM
Wed 15/12/04 - squat

GoodAMs 95x3x6, 135x6, 155x3, 185x3, 205x3

Front Squat 205x5, 205x5

Seated Calf 150x8, 150x8

WO Rating: 2/5, bleh.

WT: 162lbs, drop in weight is nice, but I feel weaker. I'm nice and svelt though. Going into hibernation mode starting next week.

Damn I hate WoW, totally addicted to that f-ing game!!!!

In naginata news, we now have several more women in our dojo:)

12-16-2004, 01:29 PM
Your avatar is making me seize.

paty boy
12-31-2004, 06:35 PM
Thurs 30/12/04 - dl

Deads (sumo) 185x6, 225x6, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3

GoodAMs 135x8, 155x6

Seated Calf 150x8, 160x8

WO Rating: 2.3/5, bleh... haven't updated much lately (or been working out) but hopefully that'll all change with the coming of the new year. Happy New Year to all.

Hmm... should a new avatar usher in the new year as well?

paty boy
09-27-2005, 11:35 AM
Hmmm it's been quite a long time since a posted in here. My weight training has suffered a great deal due to laziness caused by an addiction to a game. Some people may laugh when they read that last bit, but I'm totally serious about being addicted. The addiction may not have been something as dangerous as drug usage, but it was something that consumed my life. Many things in my personal life took second priority to this game, sad to say but it's true. Just in these last couple of weeks, I've been slowly weening myself off of it. Hoping by bringing this back up and posting in it, I'll regain some motivation and focus to stick to a routine. Not sure what type of routine I'll be doing, just more concerned with getting my ass to the gym on a regular basis again. On the naginata front, it's suffered a bit as well but not to the degree of my weight training. My attitude and mindset seem to be a whole lot better now that I'm not constantly thinking about that game.

Have practice tonight and intend to go the gym tomorrow. Shall see how it goes.

09-27-2005, 12:42 PM
care to share what game it is?

09-27-2005, 01:11 PM
From his previous post I'd say it was World of Warcraft. Having played it myself, it is definitely a time-sink and it's good you're coming away from the addiction. Good luck, and look forward to reading your new workout entries? :)