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05-05-2004, 03:52 PM
This is gonna b my proper journal...here i go

First day i've touched a weight in weeks, havent been eating properly aswell, so i knew it was gonna suck...

Started on the incline bench
Incline bb press 1 set at 30kg 10reps easy
1 set at 30kg 8 reps...hm, last set was easy, why am i failin already
1 set at 30kg 6 reps...not good

Decline smith press 1 set at 30kg 6! reps
1 set at 30kg 5! reps
1 set at 30kg 4!!! reps

Bb press 1 set at 30kg 6 reps?
1 set at 30kg 5 reps
1 set at 30kg 3 reps jeez

Next my mate told me to try pyramidin up the weight like he does...give it a go...

Db curls 1 set at 10kg 8 reps
1 set at 15 kg 6 reps(feel the burn)
1 set at 18 kg 4 reps (gotta lower the weight)

EZ curls 1 set at 20kg 8 reps(struggled)
1 set at 22 kg 6 reps
1 set at 24kg couldnt lift it for the life o me!

Hammer curls 1 set at 10kg 8 reps
1 set at 15kg 7 reps(went too high again)
1 set at 16 kg 6 reps

Attempted wrist curls but my forearms couldnt handle it after the hammer curls

I ate Breakfast 2 Slices o toast(white, oops) with pb on
Dinner 6 scrambled eggs w/semi skimmed milk
Pre workout protein drink
Post workout protein drink
Snack Bowl of low fat cereal
Tea Curried chicken on white(oops again) rice
Dunno what i'll have later

Next week i'm aimin to keep it controlled, my form was terrible today as i was unsure of what id b liftin after the break, i was doin less(much!) on the presses but more on the curls. I'm gonna go 4-

chest/bis/forearms wednesdays
Barbell bench press 1@30kg 10 reps
1@32kg 8 reps
1@32kg 6 reps

Incline bench press 1@30kg 10 reps
1@32kg 8 reps
1@34kg 6 reps

Decline smith bench press 1@24kg 10 reps
1@26kg 8 reps
1@28kg 6 reps

Barbell curls 1@20kg 10 reps
1@22kg 8 reps
1@24kg 6 reps

Dumbell curls 1@10kg 10 reps
1@12kg 8 reps
1@15kg 6 reps

Hammer curls 1@10kg 10 reps
1@12kg 8 reps
1@15kg 6 reps

Wrist curls 1@20kg 10 reps
1@22kg 8 reps
1@24kg 6 reps

Reverse wrist curls 1@20kg 10 reps
1@22kg 8 reps
1@24kg 6 reps

Weighted crunch 3x15
Weighted twisting crunch 3x15

05-05-2004, 04:17 PM
First pic's http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?p=783798#post783798

05-05-2004, 08:49 PM
I wouldn't say your fat, maybe chubby but by no means fat. Goodluck with everything.

05-06-2004, 02:27 AM
What happened to the last journal? :)

You may want to try lower weight on the wrist curls, and concentrate on a really tight contraction. That's what I do anyway, I'm using sub 10kg. You could also try some static holds instead.

05-06-2004, 01:49 PM
Tried a diffrent gym 2day, it was **** lol. Small and poorly equipped, compared to the huge well equipped gym that was recommended to me by my drinkin buddies, the local hells angels haha. Did the following-Smith squats 3x8 @ 30kg
Leg curl 3x8 @ 30kg
Lying leg curl 3x8 @ 25kg
75 rep 3 minute workout on calf raise machine @ 40kg

Bonus, the protein shake tasted good, but that was it. It was all too cramped, one member of staff...a scrawny bimbo so no one to spot me. Back to the other methinks. Gonna Start spreadin my leg workouts across my arm days, gotta drop deads too, ****ed my lower back up with bad form, always had back problems and i cant keep it straight when i do em. They're good but they have 2 go, maybe when my backs better.

So far i've eaten Breakfast Brown bread sandwich packed with beef(was in a rush to get 2 the gym in enough time before it closed as i got up late)
Post workout protein shake
Dinner Breaded fish cubes, pasta and garlic mushrooms
Probably go for some eggs and chicken for tea

05-06-2004, 02:02 PM
This is what i got down now

05-07-2004, 05:54 PM
Started loading with Cell-Tech today, altho the loading amounts stated on the tub seem a little excessive to what guys on the board say...hmmm. Seemd cheaper than the rest but now i think about it, gah **** it, i've got it now. Back at the gym tmoro for my shoulder/traps/neck day(hopin the creatine will get my neck thicker from my neck flexion/extensions). Couldn't even get outta bed today from the pains in my legs/shoulders/chest. Every time i get up feels like im squattin infinite kg's! Hopefully be a bit better tommorow! Anyway, meal plan-

Breakfast-8 Eggs(2 w/yolk) ommelete with cheese chopped/melted in and cheese slices on w/3slices whole bread
1 Scoop cell-tech, eugh
Dinner-6 eggs scrambled (3 w/yolk) with half tin chopped corned beef(blasted thru the health grill b4 hand to remove some fat) and 2 slices whole bread
Had some crisps and a choc bar, naughty me, wont do it again lol
Gonna go for some chicken and pasta or egg(original lol) and cheese on a baguette, peace...

05-08-2004, 11:49 AM
Tried to go 2 the gym 2day, legs, chest and tris are all giving me unbelievable pain so i couldnt even manage a 2 sets of military presses =/. Hopefully be ok for monday for my back/tri day...here's hoping...

05-13-2004, 10:27 AM
Went to the gym, but like an idiot did tris before chest and on the wrong day too, shoulda been my back/bis day!
Incline tricep extension 3x6 @ 10kg! (only managed 6 coz i was then told it was an olympic tri extension bar and that the sides weighed a total of 71/2 k, so i ended up doin 17 1/2kg, thats why i did 6 not 8)
Cable pushdowns 3x8 @.....cant remember(gah)
Barbell banch press 3x6 @ 30kg (again without me knowing an olympic bar so ended up bein 37 1/2 kg)
Incline press 3x8 @ 30kg
Pec deck 3x8 @....cant remember

Can't remeber what i ate, was 3 days ago

I decided to follow my mates routine who was back from uni...seemed a bit ott for the back, although he insisted so i thought i'd give him the benefit of the doubt...even tho i was right lol

Lying row 3x8 @27 1/2 kg
Lat pulldowns 3x8 @30 kg
Close grip lat pulldowns 3x8 @ 25kg
Seated close grip row 3x8 @ 30kg
Dumbell bent over row 3x8 @ 20kg
Barbell curl 3x8 @ 20kg
Dumbell curl 3x8 @ 10kg
Cable curl 1x6 @ 25 kg (failed)

10 minutes cardio(hadn't eaten enough to do heavy cardio)

Breakfast tuna-cheese melts in toasted breadbuns
Dinner egg-bacon sandwich i brown bread
1 glass pre-workout cell-tech
Tea cant actually remember
Night meal(i was hungry and had'nt had enough food!) 2 ham/cheese sandwiches
Didn't eat enough at all today

05-14-2004, 12:31 PM
First time ive worked shoulders in a few weeks coz of when i was ill and the fact i pulled em pretty bad last week. I tried the same weight i started with and it was stupidly easy so im gonna step it up next week. Also i was restricted coz i was babysittin my sister so had to use the weights at home.

Barbell military press 3x6 @ 20kg
Front hammer raise w/tri extension bar(lil' experimental thing) 3x6 @ 12kg
One arm side raises 3x6 @ 6kg
Upright barbell rows 3x6 @ 20kg
Barbell shrugs 3x6 @ 35kg
Dumbell shrugs 3x6 @ 16 kg
Weighted neck extension 3x6 @ 10kg
Weighted neck flexion 3x6 @ 10kg
Neck lateral flexion 3x6 @ 5 kg

So far ive eaten-Breakfast-Cheese sandwich w/wholegrain bread(in a rush 4 work)
1 glass water with 1 scoop celltech in (5g creatine)
Lunch-Beef chilli on white rice (healthiest thing in the work cafeteria)
Tea-6 egg ommelete w/2 mushrooms and 2 spring onions and cream cheese w/2 slices brown bread
Probably finish the day with some pasta and chicken

05-17-2004, 04:45 PM
back/bis/hamstrings monday
Leg press 3x8 @ 50kg(coulda done a bit more)
Leg extension 3x8 (50kg i think, fourth plate down n e way)
75 rep 3 min excersise (seated lever calf raise) failed pretty quick on this crazy weight and couldnt get the bar back on the rest so the whole thing flipped) :bash:
Pulldowns 3x6 @ 40kg (need to drop the weight i think as i wasnt bringin em down all the way)
Rear lat pulldown 3x6 @ 40kg
Seated lever row 3x6 @ 32 1/2 kg on each side/arm
Front incline lever lying row 3x6 @ 30kg
Barbell curls 3x6 @ 24kg
EZ bar curls 3x6 @ 20kg (failed on first set at 4 reps)
Hammer curls 3x6 @ 13kg

Pretty good workout, coulda been better but had 2 test what weight i was at 4 each lift. Also did 30 reps quick on the rowing machine on level 4 resistance to get things in motion before i did any upper body.

Breakfast-2 Scotch Eggs (boiled egg covered in sausage meat coated in breadcrumbs) 376 cals
20.07 g protein
0.73 g carb
9.61 g fat

Nurishment shake before workout 433 cals
21 g protein
63 g carbs
12g fat

1 glass cell tech 150 cal
37.5 g carbs

Post workout meal/tea-4 rolls tagliatelli pasta 690 cals
24 g prot
144 g carb
2 g fat
1 can tuna 146 cal
35.2 g prot
0.6 g fat
81 g mild cheddar cheese 320 cal
20 g prot
27 g fat

Snack-Bowl of Crunchy nut cornflakes 200 cal
7 g prot
33 g carb
3.5 g fat

Total so far-Calories=1995 cals...ooof, gotta get some chicken methinks
Protein=127.27 grams
Carbohydrates=278.23 grams
Fat=57.1 grams

Gah, c'ya, gotta go eat some more

...and that i did, big time

2 Garlic butter chicken kievs 798 cals
30.02 g prot
27.8 g carb
63 g fat

1/2 tub cottage cheese 105 cals
11 g prot
5 g carb
5 g fat

Whole melon 461 cal
6.91 g prot
116.35 g carb

1/2 tub cottage cheese w/chives 105 cals
11 g prot
5 g carb
5 g fat

total intake for today=calories-3464

Mission ****in' complete! :hump:

05-28-2004, 11:48 AM
Jez is back, haven't updated due to not havin' access to the net, good enough excuse if u ask me!
Just got back from the gym-
Warmup Upward rows on rowing machine, resistance set to 6, 30 reps
BB Seated military press 23kg/50.7ibs
1x8 1x8 1x8
DB Laying raises 5kg/11ibs per arm
1x8 1x8 1x8
DB Side raises 5kg/ibs per arm
1x8 1x8 1x8
EZ Bar upright row 22kg/48.5ibs
1x8 1x8 1x6,1/2
BB Shrug 23kg/50.7 (dropped weight due to incorrect form)
1x8 1x8 1x8 easy
DB Shrug 15kg/33ibs per arm (bit harder than BB)
1x8 1x8 1x8 superset with Weighted neck extension below
Weighted neck extension 15kg/33ibs plate
1x8 1x8 1x7,1/2
Weighted neck extension 15kg/33ibs plate
1x8 1x8 1x7,1/2
Parallel BB squats 23kg/50.7ibs
1x8 1x8 1x8

All i had time for coz i had to meet important people, should have done...
Leg press, SLDL's, Single leg reverse curl and Seated calf raises too

So far i've had a Chicken sandwich, a steak, a Nurishment shake(had it before workout coz i needed somethin else), a Pro MR shake(protein and carb shake) after workout. Then had chicken in blackbean sauce w/rice and a turkey sandwich.

beastin v6
05-28-2004, 03:12 PM
Cell-Tech = shiat man. Don't buy that overpriced crap again!

05-29-2004, 07:08 AM
I know, i just have Reflex pure creatine w/orange juice and Omega 6 capsules now.

05-29-2004, 07:15 AM
Buy some dextrose somewhere (not sure where in the UK) and mix that into your postworkout shake along with the creatine.

05-29-2004, 07:30 AM
What does dextrose do? And how long before your workout do u have your shake?

06-02-2004, 02:27 PM
Seated high row @ 30kg/66ibs per arm
Seated straight back cable row @ 100ibs
1x1 (ahahaha...fattyyyyyyyyy!!!)
Straight arm pulldowns @ 40kg/88ibs
Barbell curls @ 23kg/50ibs
Preacher EZ bar curls @ 15kg/33ibs
Hammer curls s/set w/static holds @ 10kg/22ibs
1x8 and 10 seconds
1x8 and 7 seconds
1x8 and 3 seconds

06-03-2004, 12:59 PM
Today i had a bowl of cereal for breakfast with a glass of creatine/fresh orange mix. 8 eggs scrambled(3 yolks) with whole milk and a can of tuna and 4 slices brown bread for dinner. then i had a HUGE tea courtesy of mein mutter-2 yorkshire puddings, 2 lean pork chops, 2 sausages, cheese sauce, gravy, 1 broccoli, 2 cauliflower, 2 stuffing balls and some carrots :) . Later on 1 tub cottage cheese w/4 wholegrain Ryvetas and some chicken and black bean sauce w.rice

06-09-2004, 08:02 AM
New pic's....http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=48852

06-11-2004, 12:39 PM
Ugh, threw up in the gym 2day
Military press @ 77ibs 1x6 1x51/2 1x41/2
Bent over lateral raises 3x8 @ 11ibs per DB
Side raises 1x8 @ 13ibs per DB
Upright db rows @ 28ibs per DB
Gripless shrugs-unsure of weight 3x8
DB Shrugs @ approx 35ibs per DB
Weighted neck flexion 3x8 @ 33ibs
weighted neck extension 3x8 @ 33ibs

Didn't do legs as i had no energy due to lack of food! Decent workout overall though...

06-11-2004, 01:24 PM
Nice effort.

06-11-2004, 01:56 PM
hey welcome to journal land mate'

damn, your one of thos kg using mofo's..........nice session, where the hell is my kg to lbs thingy grrrrrrrr

06-11-2004, 03:25 PM
thats all pounds dude lol. Im only an newbie...a newbie with much knowledge and a love for high volume training....and a new found penchant for throwing up after military presses! Only been working out a few month's on and off thats why the weights arent high but now ive lost my job so all my times dedicated to it lol. Thanks for checkin in guys, it'd be nice to have some regulars in my rarely visited journal!

06-13-2004, 12:01 PM
Havent been to the gym for a proper workout in a while so i just did a few excersises for back, chest and tris, was gonna do full body but i puked due to eating too soon b4 the workout...
Close grip pulldown 3x8 @ 4 plates down, i think 88ibs
Wide grip pulldowns 3x8 @ 4 plates down
Seated pullovers 3x8 @ 20kg
Bench press 1x6 1x5 1x5 @ 110 ibs
Cable pushdowns 1x8 1x7 1x6 @ 22 kg

06-13-2004, 12:09 PM
Puking... awesome. I've found it best to workout an hour and a half after eating. But that's my body. Nice journal!

06-14-2004, 10:26 AM
Starting my cut today...eugh...actually not that hard!
1 Can tuna in spring water Cals-110 Prot-20.31 Carb-0 Fat-2.55
2 White bread buns Cals-213 Prot-6.11 Carb-40.49 Fat-2.63
2 Serving Heinz ketchup Cals-24 Prot-0.02 Carb-5.4 Fat-Trace

1 Scotch egg Cals-258 Prot-12.5 Carb-15.6 Fat-16.5

Pasta Cals-347 Prot-12 Carbs-71 Fat-1.7
Sweetcorn Cals-89 Prot-2.72 Carbs-20.59 Fat-1.05
1 Roasted chicken breast w/Peri-peri chilli sauce Cals-148 Prot-26 Carbs-0.8 Fat-3.09

2 Caramel Snack'a'Jack Cals-100 Prot-1.4 Carb-22.4 Fat-0.6

Total cals-1289
Total prot-79.80
Total carbs-175.91
Total fat-28.13
Gonna go train my bi's in a bit as i went to the gym yesterday with my mate who is back from university that i havent seen in ages so i worked back then...

06-16-2004, 03:34 PM
I didnt have any money to get in the gym today, thats how broke i am since i lost my job so i just had to do tri's at home, gonna do some wide grip pushups later so that i atleast work my chest a bit.

Single arm overhead DB extensions@13Ibs per dumbell 1x8 1x8 1x6
Overhead seated extensions w/tricep bar@31Ibs 1x8 1x7.5 1x6
Close grip press on the floor with tricep bar@44Ibs 1x10 1x10 1x10

06-16-2004, 06:00 PM
My first proper dedicated day to the cut, foods arent that suitable but its all we had in so i had 2 make do.
13:00 Cals Prot Carbs Fat Fibre
1/2 Tub Cottage cheese 105 11 5 5 Nil
3 Whole Grain Ryvita's 84 2.4 17.7 0.3 5.3
1 Omega 6 fish oil capsule 0 0 0 1 0

3 White breadcakes 429 16.8 73.8 7.2 4.5
1 Can tuna 146 35.2 Trace 0.6 Trace
3 Serving Ketchup 36 0.3 8.1 Trace 0.3

2 Tacos shell's 114 1.6 13.8 5.8 2
Taco spice mix 30 0.5 6.1 0.4 0
Salsa 3 0.3 2.9 0 0
Chicken 95 26.6 0 2.24 0
Spring onion 2 0.1 0.4 0.01 0.2
Tomato puree 4 0.2 0.9 0.02 0.2
Green chilli pepper 18 0.9 4.3 0.09 0.7
Snack'a'Jack 50 0.7 11.2 0.3 0.1
1 Omega 6 fish oil capsule 0 0 0 1 0

1 Taco shell 57 0.8 6.9 2.9 1
Chicken 95 26.6 0 2.24 0
1 Banana 121 1.48 31.1 0.45 3.5

1 Large slice Edam cheese 101 7.1 0.4 7.88 0

1 Piece cod in breadcrumbs 273 19 24.6 10.9 1.5
3 Eggs 304 20.29 4.03 22.34 0
1/4 Cup semi-skimmed milk 30 2.01 2.85 1.20 0
1 Omega 6 fish oil capsule 0 0 0 1 0

Total 2094 173.9 214.1 72.9 19.3


06-18-2004, 08:02 PM
Again had no money for the gym so i did some shoulder stuff at home.....eugh.....
DB Shoulder press 1x6 1x6 1x5.5 @ 37.5 Ibs per DB

Side lateral raises 1x8 1x7.5 1x7.5 @ 13 Ibs per DB

Front raises 1x7 1x6.5 1x6 @ 13 Ibs per DB

After thos heavy DB presses my shoulders really werent wanting to let me do those front raises. Cutting SUCKS. Hopefully UD 2.0 will help next week. I'll start a new journal, hopefully as many people will post on that one as do on this....my....wouldnt that be exciting(what? sarcasm? oh yes...your right...i am basically the only one to post in my journal.....). Diet sucked today, was under for protein and carbs by quite a bit, and over on fat and total cals, i messed up, suppose all i can do is get back on track....and look forward to that full body workout on monday as part of my new UD 2.0....ugh.....

06-18-2004, 08:14 PM
Oh yeah, and yesterday i was at my friends house and his older sister who i hate has a cat. So while she was out i unwrapped all the toilet roll of the cardboard cylinders, put them on its legs and tried to make it walk like a robot....it didnt work, but it was fun nontheless, damn i hate cats!

06-19-2004, 11:32 PM
lol robot cat. I've put a sock on a cats head before, it was hilarious; it was running into doors trying to back out of it.
Nice progress man, sucks you have to pay for each workout at the gym. Maybe a small home gym would be better in the long run. Maybe not.