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05-11-2004, 11:43 AM
Network Air Times for Bench America II (1 Hour Program)

Symbol Region Date Time Zone
FSA FOX Sports Net Arizona Sun 5/16/04 11:00PM Mountain
FSA (South New Mexico) Sun 5/16/04 2:00PM Mountain
FSBA FOX Sports Net Bay Area Sat 5/15/04 11:30AM Pacific
FSCH FOX Sports Net Chicago Wed 5/19/04 3:00PM Central
FSCH FOX Sports Net Chicago Sat 5/22/04 3:00PM Central
FSD FOX Sports Net Detroit Sat 5/15/04 5:00PM Eastern
FSFL FOX Sports Net Florida Sat 5/15/04 4:00PM Eastern
FSMW FOX Sports Net Midwest Sun 5/16/04 4:00PM Central
FSNE FOX Sports Net New England Sun 5/16/04 2:00PM Eastern
FSNE FOX Sports Net New England Sun 5/23/04 3:00PM Eastern
FSNO FOX Sports Net North/ Minnesota Sat 5/15/04 6:00PM Central
FSNW FOX Sports Net Northwest Sun 5/16/04 2:00PM Pacific
FSNY FOX Sports Net New York Sat 5/15/04 2:00PM Eastern
FSOH FOX Sports Net Ohio Sat 5/15/04 4:00PM Eastern
FSOH (Non-Indians) Thur 5/20/04 2:00PM Eastern
FSP FOX Sports Net Pittsburgh Sun 5/16/04 2:00PM Eastern
FSRM FOX Sports Net Rocky Mountain Sat 5/15/04 2:30PM Mountain
FSS FOX Sports Net Southwest Sun 5/16/04 4:00PM Central
FSSO FOX Sports Net South Sat 5/22/04 2:00PM Eastern
FSW FOX Sports Net West Sat 5/15/04 11:00PM Pacific
FSW2 FOX Sports Net West2 Sun 5/23/04 11:00PM Pacific
FSWI FOX Sports Net North/Wisconsin Sun 5/16/04 4:00PM Central
ZCSN Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia Sun 5/16/04 12:00PM Eastern
CSNM Comcast Sports Net - Mid Atlantic Mon 5/17/04 7:00PM Eastern
CSNM Comcast Sports Net - Mid Atlantic Tue 5/18/04 2:00PM Eastern

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chris mason
05-11-2004, 05:26 PM

05-11-2004, 08:54 PM
Chris see any stations that look like we can catch? I don't have satelite