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Ford Prefect
05-11-2004, 06:13 PM
My Stats:

Age - 26
Height - 6'
Weight - 175 lbs
BF% - 7.8%

Immediate Goals:

Weight of 185 lbs with 6.5% BF.

I've been into fitness for about 8 years now. I started off with BWE's and slowly progressed into weight training. I was always an athlete in school and I try to keep my training focussed on athletics. I incorporate a lot of power and olympic lifting into my routines as well as some straight-up bodybuilding concepts. I try to mix things up as much as possible and will only stay with one routine for 3-4 weeks before adopting a new protocol.

Other things besides the weight training I do are kettlebell lifting, clubbell exercise, sled dragging, jogging/sprinting, swimming, mountian biking. I also rock climb, snowboard, play basketball, and practice mixed martial arts for fun. Most everything I do is based on making me a better, healthier athlete with appearance being an ancillary benefit. I'm a naturally skinny bastard though, so go through phases where I try to bulk up. My most successful was over a year ago and I bulked to 197 before dropping back down to 175 which was only 10 lbs above my start weight. I'll get to 200 eventually. I'll just have to it 5 lbs at a time.

Here are some pics I just took. It's crappy lighting, so sorry. I'm told I have a unique face.

Ford Prefect
05-11-2004, 06:26 PM
My Current Diet:

Meal 1:
(wake-up) 1-scoop N-Large

Meal 2:
(post workout) 1-scoop N-Large

Meal 3:
2-scoops N-large w/16 oz skim milk
2 scrambled eggs and 3 slices bacon in 2 slices of whole wheat bread

Meal 4:
Chicken, Tuna, or Steak in whole wheat bread
EAS Myopro Protein

Meal 5:
Salad w/tomatos, carrots, cucumbers, and feta cheese
12 oz skim milk
EAS Protein

Meal 6:
Chicken or Steak
Veggies or Rice
Milk or Organic fruit juice

Yogurt w/fresh fruit

Prolab N-Large
EAS Myopro Protein
Fish Oil

Ford Prefect
05-11-2004, 06:36 PM
This week, I'm just doing a very basic bodybuilding routine because I just got myself a home gym last week. I'm still trying to come up with a plan that will best utilize my equipment or lack-thereof. Here are a couple pictures of my gym. I also have bumper plates and those chains and bands on the top shelf...

05-12-2004, 07:07 AM
Damn you're ugly. I never figured you for a blonde. :p Did you shave your head for the 2nd pic?

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 07:10 AM
Wednesday May 12

Warm-up: 4 rounds of jump rope x 2:00 / crunches x25

Full Squat w/1 chain each side: 4x8
Explosive Lunges: 3x8
Kettlebell Front Squat w/heels elevated on 25 lbs plate: 2 strip sets (2 32kg kb's-24kg-16kg)
Standing Calf Raises: 5x15
Kettlebell Swings: 2x15 (24 kg)
Goodmornings: 3x10-6-4

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 07:11 AM
haha! Yeah. I figured the shaved head made me look meaner.

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 10:25 AM
Alright. Here's my rough workout plan, that I'll start implementing next week. All cardio activity is reserved for later in the day. I'll tweak this as I get going and notice problem areas (overtraining, neglect of some area, time, etc) Anything that says "variations" or has a list of exercises means that I'll be choosing one for that day.

MONDAY - Lower body focus

1) Snatch Variations
Alternate ME (6x1-3) / Speed Days (8x3)

a) Full/Power Snatch off Blocks
b) Full/Power Snatch from Hang
c) Full/power snatch from Floor
d) Kettlebell Snatches (higher reps)

2) Clean High Pulls
Use 110% 1RM Clean and Jerk (3x5)

3) ME Lowerbody Movement
Cycle Full Squats/Deadlifts/Goodmornings/Box Squats (6x1-3)
Possible Use of bands/chains

4) Lower Body Assistance #1
a) If not squats were performed, then Front Squats (4x2)
Use same weight for all sets. Work up until 5x6 then add weight and drops reps again.

5) Lower Body Assistance #2
Natural (Ghetto) Glute-Ham Raises 3x5-10

6) Lower Body Assistance #3
a) If Front Squats not done then perform 3 strip sets of standing calf raises.

7) Heavy Abs (4x5-10)
Dragon Flags, Leg raises, Ab Wheel, Power Wheel, Barbell Twists

Grip work done later in day


TUESDAY - Recovery

1) Recovery Exercises
a) Light Kettlebell Lifts and Clubbell Lifts
b) Sled Dragging or light calesthenics
c) Lowerbody Biomechanical Exercise (BME)


WEDNESDAY - Upperbody focus

1) ME Incline Bench or Regular Bench (6x1-3)
Incline Press, Bench Press, Board Press, Floor Press, ...
Possible Use of bands/chains

2) Flies or Press (3x10-12)
If done incline in #1 then regular here and vice-versa

3) Heavy Triceps (4x8)
Skull crushers, JM Press, tricep extensions, ...

4) Weighted Pull-ups (4x2-5)
Use same weight for all sets. Work from 2 reps to 5. Once 4x5 is done add weight and drop reps
Possible Use of bands/chains

5) Around the world shoulders (3x8-15)
Superset Front raises, lat raises, rear delt raises

6) Barbell Curl (4x10-12)

7) KB Curl (2x5-12)


THURSDAY - Recovery

1) Recovery Exercises
a) Light calesthenics
b) Clubbell Lifts


FRIDAY - Lowerbody Focus

1) Clean and Jerk Variations
Alternate Speed (8x2) and ME days (6x1-3)

a) Full/Power Clean off blocks
b) Full/Power Clean from hang
c) Full/Power Clean from floor
d) Kettlebell Clean and Jerks (higher reps)

2) Snatch High Pull (3x5)
Use 105% 1RM Snatch

3) Speed Back Squats (8x2)
Use 50-55% 1rm Back Squat
Possible Use of bands/chains

4) Full Back Squats (4x2-6)
Use same weight for all sets. Work up to 6 reps and add weight/drop reps.

5) Snatch Press w/overhead Shrug (4x8-12)

6) Barbell Row (3x5)

7) Heavy Abs (4x5-10)

Grip work done later in day


SATURDAY - Recovery

1) Recovery Exercises
a) Light Kettlebell
b) Light BME's


SUNDAY - Upperobody Focus

1) Speed Bench (8x3)
Use 50-55% 1RM
Possible Use of bands/chains

2) Incline Bench (3x8)

3) Pin Press (5x2-5)
Use same weight all sets. Work up to 5x5/drop reps/add weight...

4) Pull-ups/Chin-ups (5xMax)
Possible Use of bands/chains

5) Kettlebell Overhead Press (4x5-12)
Seesaw Press, Push Press, ...

6) Reverse Barbell Curl (4x8-12)

05-12-2004, 10:31 AM
Looks to me like you're routine is more performance oriented, but then again, you kind of said that, LOL. Welcome to the Journals Forum.

also had to congratulate you on a most excellent screen name.

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 12:18 PM
Thanks. Always good to meet Adams fans.

05-12-2004, 12:27 PM
Bah, your name is estupid...you coulda named it after the car, not the dumbhead reporter in a book.

Then you coulda bought the car on ebay here:


THEN you woulda been cool. Err...no you still wouldn't be, but at least you'd have put in an effort, albeit a wasted one.

Oh and pay no attention to ectx, he is a lazy mexican. I find him amusing at times, so I don't call immigration. :p

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 12:51 PM
Do they even have immigration in Canada? Aren't there only like 50,000 of you up there. That should make you guys easy to track. At any one time 75% of the population is in hockey rinks.

05-12-2004, 12:52 PM
I can still call long distance to the states! Shut up, my hockey season starts tomorrow! :p

05-12-2004, 01:46 PM
Pfft...petey is a twinky eating, taco loving, dumbass. That is all.


(petey, not you, Prefect)

btw, read Last chance to sea by adams yet?

Ford Prefect
05-12-2004, 05:37 PM
Nope. Any good?

Ford Prefect
05-13-2004, 07:03 AM
Thursday May 13

I figured I'd prep a little for the above routine. This was a light workout. I didn't want to push my limits. Just wanted to see how it felt.

Power Snatch from Floor

Clean High Pull
185x5 (x3)

Full Squats w/heels elevated on 25 lbs plate & w/1 chain on each side

Natural Glute-Ham Raise
x5 (x3)

Standing Calf Raise (strip sets)
3 sets of 315 - 225 - 185 - 135

Dragon Flags

Captain of Crush #1 Gripper
x8 (x3)

05-13-2004, 07:40 PM
hi, fun seeing you chris, debate
good luck

Ford Prefect
05-14-2004, 07:21 AM
Heh. Thanks.

Friday May 14

Just a recovery workout. Can't wait to get going next week.

Push-ups Pyramid 2-20-2 (by 2's 2-4-6...)
Pull-up Pyramid 1-10-1 (by 1's 1-2-3-...)
Crunch Pyramid 3-30-3 (by 3's you get it...)

Kettlebell Snatches 32kg x 5 ea hand 24kg x 15 ea hand 16 kg x 25 ea hand

Jog x30:00


Ford Prefect
05-17-2004, 08:21 AM
Monday May 17

Warm-up: 3 rounds of jump ropex1:00 crunches x25 push-ups x25

Warm-up Circuit w/empty bar:
Snatch-stance bar stretch x:15
Cuban Press x6
Overhead Squat x6
Snatch Press x6

Power Snatch off Blocks:

Snatch High-pull:

Overhead Squat:

Narrow-stance Full Squat:

Natural Glute-ham Raises:

Superset Standing Ab Wheel w/barbell curls:
BWx8 / 95x12
BW x8 / 105x10
BW x8 / 105x10
bw x10 / 105x9

Grip Training Circuit x3 (no rest between exercises):
Farmer's Walk w/2 32kg Kettlebells x1:30 / x1:05 / x1:10
Captian of crush Grippers: #1x10 Tx15 / #1 x10 Tx14 / #1x11 Tx12
Wrist Roller: 15x5 / 15x4 / 15x5 / 15x5
Barbell wrist curls: 65x15 / 65x17 / 65x14 / 65x15
Rev Barbell Wrist Curl: 65x10 / 65x5 / 65x7 / 65x5

05-17-2004, 11:44 AM
nice squats. Ford you said you have trouble gaining wt. if thats a goal why don't you do a more traditional bulk diet, and routine or powerlift ? I know you want to stay athletic, but sometimes it is hard to do both.

Ford Prefect
05-17-2004, 01:01 PM
Hi Bill,

I hear ya. I'm just an ectomorph. I can gain weight when I adjust my diet, but if I don't continue stuffing myself to the gill most of my weight gains quickly drop off. I just figure I'll focus on the power stuff and eat a reasonably higher caloric intake and try to take the slow road. I hate losing fitness levels because of cutting out cardio, losing strength because of the conventional bb method, and losing taste for food since I'm stuffed 24/7. ;) It makes it worse when most of those gains disappear when I can't keep the diet up past 12 weeks.

Ford Prefect
05-18-2004, 05:36 AM
May 17


About an hour of pick-up basketball.

May 18

Jogging x20:00
100m spirnts x8 (:30 rest)

Lowerbody biomechanical exercise x:20:00

05-18-2004, 09:20 PM
Well sounds like the fitness aspect is more of what your after. When I started I intentionally cut out any extra activity, like playing basketball lol. good luck here though and your metabolism will eventually slow down and help you or hurt you with gaining wt. lol.

Ford Prefect
05-19-2004, 04:48 PM
That's what they tell me. I'll take losing weight easily over adding mass easily any day. ;)

May 19

Power Clean off blocks and Jerk:
(speed wasn't there. I had to go half squat to catch the bar)

Clean high-pull:

Front Squat:

3-board Bench Press:
(not feeling it today. this is morning workout and I was paged at 4:45am from work... a little beat)

Skull crushers:

Weighted Pull-ups:
45x4 45x5 45x5 45x4

Around the world shoulders:

Kettlebell Clean and Press:
Strip set 1: 32kgx5 24kgx7 16kgx14
Strip set 2: 32kg x3 24kgx5 16kgx10
(wow. absolutely beat today. damn you web server for going down!)

Jump rope x4 3:00 rounds.

Ford Prefect
05-20-2004, 07:43 AM
May 20

3 rounds of 2:00 jump rope with 25 crunches during break.

Circuit x4 (w/24 kg kettlebell)
Two-hand swing x25
Clean and Jerk x5
Snatch x15
-rest 45 seconds

Jump Rope 3:00 rounds x3
1:00 break with super squat thrusts during break (on the standing motion a two hand swing with a kettlebell is done)