View Full Version : Can anyone help me with cutting especially if your in the U.K.

05-23-2004, 10:51 AM
Hello every one this is my first cut and i have to eat 266 calories 6 times a day in order to reach my maximum calorie count of 1596. Can anyone in the U.K. recomend any meals which contain 200 calories and can be purchased from Tesco or sainsburys. Alternatively what percent of my 266 calories must be fat protein and carbo hydrates and do u have and easy recipies for a 15 year old? BTW i checked the wbbf nutriotion page any recipies easier then those i didnt understand anything. Thanks dudes.

05-23-2004, 11:31 AM
Im in the same position as u bro, i think the best way to make cutting meals is to make them urself. There wont be any set meals from places like Sainsburys for bodybuilders. Just search and search and ask questions and u will figure out the answers urself, thats what I do and u will find stuff that suits u.

05-23-2004, 02:27 PM
How heavy are you? 1596 calories sounds extremely low, particularly for a growing teenager.

It would probably easier to eat less than 6 meals a day on a cut, this will allow you to have more satisfying meals, just with longer to go between them.

A good starting macro breakdown would be 40/30/30 (protein/carbohydrate/fat).

05-23-2004, 03:50 PM

can you recommend a diet plan?? Thanks BTW wat park of the uk do u live in harry and what protein shake do you use?? Ive been usin one from argos and it is utter crap i plan to buy creatine from at large.

05-23-2004, 04:33 PM
Newcastle. I have somethin called body fortress milk and egg protein which is ok, im new to it so im not a great reference. But ive bought some carbs and whey which should be delivered this week. Try out the supplements forum for better recommendations. good luck

05-24-2004, 02:33 AM
I used to get that Body Fortress Milk and Egg protein from holland and barrett. It seems like a decent product, although I am unsure of the quality of the protein in it. I currently use reflex products (www.reflex-nutrition.com) purchased from monstersupplements (www.monstersupplements.com).

niketpatel71 tell us a bit more about your situation - your weight, your height, your goals, your current level of activity. I can't make a diet plan for you, especially not without those details. You should check the sticky at the top of this forum for a list of good body building foods and build your diet around these.

05-24-2004, 07:29 AM
I used this stuff years ago and thought it was ok back then, the macronutrient content is very low and it taste blahh, it's over priced too.
I would recomend spending your money on something better, Prolab or Peakbody are 2 I would recomend.
However, if you go to the www.wheyconsortium.co.uk you can get 5kg of unflavoured whey for 39.95 and maltodextrin is cheap meaning you can make your own MRP's.

05-24-2004, 09:31 AM
This sounds mad but when you are doing weight training I tend to end up eating a lot of "cold" food. When you start to look at your doet and realise that you need to be getting complex carbs, good protien and mono fats...I suddenly found myself eating a lot of raw food.

Here are the last few meals i ate:

tin of tuna in brine...chuck it in a bowl. add some tomato ketchup, spring onion and black pepper. mix. toast a wholewheat pitta brea. open it up..shove in the pitta. done.

ham/turkey sammie on wholewheat bread. done.

raw, cold oats, choccie protien powder, teaspoon of peanut butter and raisins. add cold milk. done.

tuna salad with olives, garlic and olive oil. lots of raw veg (carrot, cucumber, peppers, spinach etc). done.

list goes on and on.

I love and reccomend EAS choccie whey powder but am switching to creatine when this tub is done. I get my EAS from a mate and so a 5lb tub cost me about 28. tastes lovely in choccie. I think its about 37-40 in the rip off sports shops...prolly 30-35 from the web. dunno.


05-25-2004, 06:59 AM
1500 calories is very low. I suggest you read the articles in the diet and nutrition archive first...please

each meal should be a mix of fat carbs and protein, unless you are following a keto type diet

also please read this http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/nutrition/complete.htm