View Full Version : how many actually use a diet

10-13-2001, 11:31 PM
how many people here actually go by a certain diet and dont eat junk food and stuff

maybe it would be better to ask how many people DO use a diet?? cos i know i sure dont, i try eat healthy stuff and heaps of protien and stuff, but i dont have enough self dicipline to eat alllll healthy stuff and boot the chips etc..

10-14-2001, 12:05 AM
What I do is stay away from junk and 2nd helpings from Mon-Fri. I also reduce my starch intake during the week days. On Saturday, I eat what I want all day and on Sunday I scale back. That's my diet, so to speak.

10-14-2001, 03:52 AM
Most people here don't use a specific diet but have some eating habits,that are different than the other people's ones.Staying away from junk food is not enough in my opinion.

10-14-2001, 04:55 AM
I'm not a big "junk-food" eater. Should have been more specific :) Just excess food. Get what my body needs and nothing more on Mon-Fri. For me it is a diet because I love rice, pizza and the occasional beer or glass of wine. So I save it for Saturdays.

10-14-2001, 05:38 AM
yeah but blackalpha i dont think everyone here are professional body builders either, staying away from junk food probably is enough for most..

10-14-2001, 05:42 AM
Of course..
I didn't say that anyone here's a bb.I said that most people here have different eating habits than the average person.

10-14-2001, 07:00 AM
I eat a lot oatmeal for meals 1 and 2 about every day. If I wrote down my diet you'd see some staleness to it. Its basically the same thing day in and day out.

10-14-2001, 08:16 AM
i try and avoid junk food. however my my definition of junk food may be different to yours.

10-14-2001, 08:39 AM
i eat the same **** every day

10-14-2001, 09:13 AM
**is on a diet.


10-14-2001, 09:16 AM
you mean like actually count calories, and use and know the macro breakdowns on what i eat each day?

no. i figured out my diet a few months ago, and now i use that as a guideline for what i eat each day. obviously there is a sh*tload of stuff i don't eat for various reasons....but whatever.

10-15-2001, 09:31 AM
Everyone has a diet, it's what you eat.

The issue is whether you measure and monitor what you eat.

The answer for me is ... mostly :)

"Management begins with measurement"

"Failure to plan is planning failure"

10-15-2001, 10:17 AM
I'm on a diet. I know exactly how many calories, carbs, protein, and fat I get in everyday.

Chris Rodgers
10-15-2001, 10:30 AM
Mine right now is simple. 7-8 small, clean meals Monday through Saturday. Then on Sunday I eat anything and everything!

10-15-2001, 09:23 PM
Originally posted by Avatar
I'm on a diet. I know exactly how many calories, carbs, protein, and fat I get in everyday.

Me too, and a cutting diet at that.

Maki Riddington
10-15-2001, 09:30 PM
Originally posted by Avatar
I'm on a diet. I know exactly how many calories, carbs, protein, and fat I get in everyday.

*** Ditto.

10-15-2001, 09:34 PM
I always know what I will eat the next day. It all of course depends on whether I'm cutting or bulking. I've found this to be much easier to do when I use www.fitday.com You just have to make sure you get the right serving sizes.

notSoBig Guy
10-15-2001, 10:55 PM
Here's my bulking diet:

I eat anything anytime I want as long as I get around 250-300 grams of protein a day and I drink around 2 gallons of water a day, and eat both saturated and unsaturated fat.

After 4 months of bulking I can still see my top 2 abs somewhat, and have added a lot of muscle too and some fat too.

10-16-2001, 01:43 PM
I had grazing diet today where i ate at least a couple of bits every 20 minutes. for over 10 hours.
though it was on chicken and salmon and salad. with the odd fslice of bread now and then.

10-16-2001, 02:07 PM
I have about 20 different things that I eat every day, and each meal I just mix and match to get my calorie intake each meal. While cutting I would get a little more specific.

10-17-2001, 03:52 PM
yeah...i definitely need variety...same old same old

10-18-2001, 11:08 AM
I do. Right now it's a ckd but I always keep track of the calories I consume.