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06-01-2004, 06:42 PM
Starting Stats:

Age: 32
Height: 5'7
Weight: 62kg (137lbs)
Bodyfat: Guess at 12-13% (mirror style) - Stubborn fat on low abs, low back and a bit on nipples.

Goals: To see a 6 pack for first time in my life. Which Im guessing is at about 8%?. To look ripped. To hopefully see a bit of muscle bulk increase even on UD2. To bulk hard when im done so im not a puny weight anymore. To kick Lars Ulrich in the balls if i ever meet him for the whole napster thing.

Im doing the "day forward shifted" UD2 so my cycle starts on tuesday.

Maintenance Calories (based on 15xweight) = 2079

Depletion Days: Tue(workout),Wed(workout),Thur(cardio)
Total Cals: 1200
Carb: 60g
Protein: 150g
Fat: 40g

Friday "morning/afternoon" depletion
Total Cals: 900
Carb: 45g
Protien: 110g
Fat: 30g

Friday early evening "Pre-Tension w/o + begin CL"
Carbs: 30g
Prot: 15g

CL Goal at 15g/kgLBM = 825g over 24 hrs

Friday evening CL meal 1: "post Tension workout shake"
Carbs: 120g (glucose + some fructose)
Protien: 40g (whey powder)

after 2 hrs, CL meal 2
Carbs: 120g

bedtime shake (CL meal 3)
Carbs: 70g
Prot: 25g (whey)
Cottage Cheese for Caesin

Saturday CL Day (rest)

Meals 4 thru 10: 75g carbs per meal.
- getting total of 130g protien (including tag along from CL). Fat is from Tag along from CL.

Sunday (power workout day)
Goal of 4g/kgLBM carbs = 220g (-20% for fat loss) = 180g
protien: 130g
Fat: 40g

Pre Workout meal 2-3 hours beforehand
Pre workout shake 30 mins before: carbs 30g, protien 15g (whey)

Monday (cardio)
Eating at maintenance -20%
Protien: 130g
Carbs at 2.5g/kgLBM = 140g
Fat: 65g

Gods alive...I hope all that maths and **** looks right to someone who might have a clue about this diet. its kinda taken ages to get all the figures straight from the book and there is a lot of assumptions there.

Took some "before" pictures that ill either post tomorrow or never depending upon my current levels of embarassment due to not being huge. Or even close.


06-01-2004, 06:43 PM
Tuesday 2nd June:

Well, day one is done and there were some surprises.

Total Cals: 1150
Fat: 44g
Carbs: 59g
Protien: 132g

Diet was...erm...easy. I based my "maintenance" on 15xbodyweight which came out at 137*15 = 2079.

I ate at half that today and honestly felt full all day long. Excitement? Change in diet shocked me? I dunno...i just didnt find the low carbs or 1/2 maintenance a challenge at all. For reference my flatmate is doing it with me and he has the same feelings. neither of us were hungry at all.

Depletion workout was by the book. It was a ******* killer for me. Im used to 6-7 repranges. I misjudged most of my 60% of 1rep max...and so 3 sets of 15 reps double looped crucified me. Obviously im a pussy though. Bear that in mind. Got really really dizzy in the workout at some stages. Felt a bit sick but no need to puke. Guess i was doing it right.

Tomorrow is another day....but I am curious about this lack of hunger....this lack of impact from low carbs. Am i doing something wrong? Im following UD2 by the book but with only whey as a supliment (and i didnt need that today as all my protien needs came from food).

Anyone got any comments/suggestions/critisizms (if you are familiar with UD2). I want this to work so if ive assed something up please yell


06-01-2004, 06:48 PM
I'm on my second week of UD2 and experiencing the same feelings as you. The low carb/low cal days don't seem difficult at all. It's the workouts I find extremely tough. I too am used to low reps, as well as less volume. After one week completed, my body feels totally thrashed, but I'd say I'm a little bit leaner.

06-01-2004, 06:55 PM
Oh man....thanks for the rapid reply Vido. I was worried about heading into day two and feeling i wasnt doing this right. I really am not sure if I just easily adapt to odd diets....or whether im a protien oxidizer by nature and just dont need carbs much. We will see. I am expecting serious fatigue from the workouts and cardio....so im guessing as the days wear on my body will be demanding more and more from the meager calories its getting and ill prolly get hungrier. If not I guess ill dial in a leaner 4 days of depletion on week 2 and see if that makes me actually feel hungry. Diets dont feel right unless im feeling something. Feeling "full" on a depletion/low carb diet seems...mad.


06-02-2004, 04:15 PM
Wednesday 3rd June:

I ****ed up a bit today on the diet. Blew my carbs total and im annoyed with myself. I was just stupid with not thinking what i was eating and will be stricter tomorrow.

Im feeling the hunger today and the workout was pretty bad tho felt not as dizzy as yesterday. Even though i was sore from yesterday i feel pretty good now.

Total Cals: 1214
Fat: 44g
Carbs: 74g (14 g OVER. FEK)
Protien: 131g

Another depletion workout and no cardio. I "bonked" as the term seems to be on some of my second sets of 3. chest and lateral raises died a bit early. legs as always won hands down and showed themselves to be my strongest area. aint no bad thing i guess.

Ill be doing cardio tomorrow on my rest day. Prolly a 45 min bike ride (which ill loathe due to hating cardio). Still i might get some sun. which of course means it will be thunder and lightning. I really want a beer too. luckily there are none in the flat.

I had to do some thinking today (i was teachinhg some physiology to two friends) and the low carbs really messes with your head. After the workout for 2 hours (even after eating) i was talking like a drunk fool. Just getting simple words wrong and finding myself staring into space. Cool and crazy effect.


06-02-2004, 04:26 PM
I've been doing UD2 for about 2 weeks now and for some reason I never feel any different being on low carbs. I only take about 60g as well.

I just lost an Inch off my waist this week. Hope it all goes well for you.

06-03-2004, 12:05 AM
I've been doing UD2 for about 2 weeks now and for some reason I never feel any different being on low carbs. I only take about 60g as well.

I just lost an Inch off my waist this week. Hope it all goes well for you.

I'm also in my second week and I take in even less carbs than that. I don't notice any difference in mental ability either, which I thought I would. Like I said above, the only hard part for me is the workouts. Just finished the second of the two depletion workouts for the week and I feel like I need a week off to recover.

06-03-2004, 02:31 AM
Hey Augs.

I'm also on UD2.0 at the moment, for the 2nd time. I'm two weeks into this current cycle. You're right the diet isn't so hard, it's the depletition workouts that are killer. They don't get any better I find :)

Did you know that some people believe the success of Atkins is not due to ketosis from low/no carb but because of the vastly increased protein intake when compared to normal diets? Protein is great for making you feel full and sated and this means people on Atkins simply find it easier to eat less. That could be one reason why you're not feeling hungry, although I'm not sure you're eating "that much" protein :) You may want to try lowering carbs a bit and upping protein to really make the most of things but I guess wait to see how you progress at the moment.

Anyhow, good luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

06-03-2004, 06:11 PM
Thursday 4th June:

Another depletion day. ****ed this one up too lol. Actually ****ed it up worse than yesterday. So much for being careful. Ill tell you all why....becasue I can tell you are all RIVITED and desperate to hear.

Yet again, I blew the carbs. Im under on calories and fat...just struggling to make carbs under. I know, I know...stop eating bread and stuff...well, here is what happened. I make a blend of vegtables about every 2 weeks. Gets me my 5 portions of veg and also is fast and convenient. I had 2 cups of it in the morning and a cup and a half in the afternoon. And what do you know...i find out AFTER when i do a macro breakdown of whats in it that each cup full is 16g carbs. no fat. negligable protien...packed full of vitamins and minerals....but i forgot it had carbs in. sob. Bad news. Wont be doing that again...

Total Cals: 1180
Fat: 38g
Carbs: 77g (17 g DOUBLE **** with CHERRIES on top)
Protien: 134g

On the good side is that it was a day off from the gym and i needed it as the high rep depletion exercises (after a 3 week layoff for a bad back thats better now) tore me up pretty good. Ache city and DOMS with a vengance.

I went for a 7 mile mountain bike ride today through a nearby forest which cheered me up and also was my cardio for the day. 45-60 mins....i didnt time it.

Im still "dizzy" a lot of the time and light headed. a bit woozy. this is my first time on low carbs and its a bit like being very slightly drunk but without any of the positive benifits of being drunk (ie ugly girls who are intrinsically slutty appearing to be beautiful for 6 hours). Anyhow...

tomorrow is tension day and the end of the low carbs. next week my days 1-4 are going to be better (now i know what goes wrong). Im also going to be strict as hell on my last 3 meals of low carbs tomorrow. Next week om going to shoot for 55g carbs total rather than 60g (which ive blown on two of the days already) and take in more protien.

If i dont loose fat on this diet im going to come find Lyle with a stick :) No. Really, I am.


06-03-2004, 06:15 PM
Strider, Vido, GImp...

Thanks so much for the replies. It makes ALL the difference when I get feedback from people who have done it....doing it...been there...know what happens. I have a few questions:

whats the power workout like? tough work or easy due to the carb loading?

Do the depletion workouts get harder and harder as you go through the weeks?

When do you tend to see the first physical effects of fat loss? 2nd week? 3rd week? later? Personally ive seen no difference at all by day 4 on my body...but then i honestly dont expect to. Sometimes i think to myself that my body defies physiology and is somehow different and just wont loose fat. The "it never happens to me" syndrome. Its only when i hear of person after person suceeeding on the diet that I actually take hope and think it will be good.

how much cardio do you guys do per week of the cycle?

do you all manage to hit your total carbs intake for the carb load days? if so is it easy? a challenge or plain sickening?

Eagerly awaiting replies...

06-03-2004, 11:35 PM
The power workout isn't tough per se, it's more up my alley with higher weights and less reps. The only thing is the volume still seems very high to me, but then again Lyle suggests 1-3 sets on a lot of exercise and I often opted for the higher end (I've only done this workout once so far).

I'm only on week 2, but the depletion workout seemed just about as taxing this week. The first week, however, I did get some headaches (mostly while doing leg press) and that didn't occur this time.

I suppose I seem a little bit leaner, but I'm confused when is best to really guage this. In other words, I don't know if I'm supposed to compare myself of 2 weeks ago with my depleted state, my carb-loaded state, or on one of the variable days. I mean tomorrow is my tension workout and the start of my carb-up, I look leaner today, but I also look quite small because I'm depleted, so I don't really know what to make of it all.

So far (after 2 weeks), I've done one hour and fourty-five minutes of cardio each week spread out over Monday-Friday. The first week was 30 minutes Monday night, 30 minutes Thursday during the day, and 45 minutes Friday morning. This week was 30 minutes Monday night, 15 minutes after each of the depletion workouts, and 45 minutes Thursday night...unfortunately I'm too lazy to wake up early tomorrow and do the morning session that Lyle recommends.

I hit my carb total of 1160g pretty easily last week. I was never full, but I was never really hungry either. I'm going to try to keep the carb-up cleaner this week though to see what difference it makes...only bagels and oats. Then, next week I'm going on a one day road trip (on the carb-up day) so I'm going to eat a bunch of junk and see what effect that has.

06-04-2004, 02:31 AM
Here are my own experiences...

whats the power workout like? tough work or easy due to the carb loading?
I found it very tough last week and seemed to have lost a lot of strength since my bulk only the week before. I had however neglected to load creatine during the carb up which I believe would help immensely. Also I did not do any warmup sets for some reason. This week I am planning to use the first of the three sets as a warmup.

Do the depletion workouts get harder and harder as you go through the weeks?
As I said I don't think they get any better... as for harder, well I'd say probably yes simply due to increasing boredom. But then I'm the kind of person that likes to change my routine often.

When do you tend to see the first physical effects of fat loss? 2nd week? 3rd week? later?
This is pretty hard for me to answer. The first time I did UD2.0 I maintained weight. I was exactly the same at the end as at the start. I did however feel there was a visual improvement but I lacked photos to really confirm this. Also my Tanita scale said my BF had not changed. This was when I really started to distrust it even as a means of tracking changes. What I'm saying is I could have messed up completely and not lost any fat or gained any muscle. This time around I am using a more extreme deficit (around 1500-1600 cals for low carb days, maintenance is about 2600) than before (2000 cals on low carb days) in the hopes to increase the rate of progress.

how much cardio do you guys do per week of the cycle?
I'm doing no cardio. I would like to but my daily schedule gives me very very little free time.

do you all manage to hit your total carbs intake for the carb load days? if so is it easy? a challenge or plain sickening?
If you plan things right it should be pretty easy to do so. However I found the carb load day last week to be as worse if not more so than low carb due to, I'm guessing, constant spiking and crashing of blood sugar. At first I was worried about the amount of carbs I had to eat but in the end found myself wishing I was able to eat more.

Your mileage may vary :) Check out my journal for more details including my workouts and diet (link in sig).

As for your veggies, aren't a substantial portion of those carbs fiber? I think you may be worrying about carbs a bit too much. Your calories are quite low and you seem to be doing plenty of cardio. Remember reaching ketosis is in no way a neccessity.

06-04-2004, 05:24 AM
Hi Gimp, Vido,

My fellow UD2 compatriots :) thanks again for the posts and info. I dont know if you both hand about over at the bodyrecomposition forums or not but i have a bit of useful info for ya:

Basically it would seem that UD2 fat loss gets split evenly across two groups of people...those who are trying hard to get that fat loss and those who expect the diet to do it all for them.

Tha sounds a little "rude" of me to say that....so Im going to try and explain. Ive had people responding to my journal over on the UD2 forums also (and these people have done the diet multiple times) and info gleaned from reading their journals also. there seems to be two common mistakes made:

Lack of Cardio: The people who do cardio across the week (3-4 sessions) seem to see a marked increase in fat loss compared to those who do none. (thats not a stab at you Gimp - if your life dosnt have time thats not your fault). Specifically on days 3 and 4 of the depletion fat loss and mobilization is at its highest and both days should have good 30-40 min cardio sessions in them for stubborn fat area targetting. Generally though the two best times seem to be days 3+4 (for reasons above) and days 6+7 becasue they are the two days most likely to suffer from lazy eating habbits. Which brings me onto my other point:

Lack of Care on Days 6+7: I think in the book Lyle "brushed" over the importance of these two days. It was late on in the book after 70 pages of pretty intense science and physiology. Most people were "switched off" by here and coasting along. First off for fat loss those two days should BOTH be at maintenance -20%. You cant eat what you like and you cant ignore the macronutrient ratios that you need to adhere to. Also, from midday on day 7 you should be heading back into low carbs...The depletion days are actually only Days 1,2,3 and half of 4. So the last half of day 7 means you add up to 4 FULL days of depletion. If you ignore this info you are only doing 3.5 days depletion.

Between these two issues seems to be the difference between people seeing "reasonable but unimpressive results" and those who see a steady 1lb per week loss of body fat.

The workouts are heavy and intense and it is not at all surprising that a lot of peoples weights will not change but instead swap 1lb of fat for 1lb of muscle in an ideal world...though in general from the journals ive read most people seem to loose about 3-4lb of total weight but more like 8-10lbs of body fat.
Becasue fat is much less dense than muscle this will have a startling effect on the shape of the body, specifically in the abdomen, lower back and ass. People end up with lats suddenly appearing...pecs slimming down and a waist that suddenly shrinks.

I hope this info was usefull to you guys even if it just gives you a bit more drive to make days 6 and 7 stricter. This is after all a diet not a bulk...so we cannot expect to eat like we are bulking. The carb load should be a spike not to satiate our hunger but to replete glycogen and then its back to business.

Lastly...when to measure/judge your fat loss/bodyfat content. Lyle said the best time to do it is when you wake up on day 6 morning. You have just done a full day of carbload and slept the night and your muslces are in their normal (even slightly overpumped) shape. It will be at this point that your shape changes relative to your old shape pre-diet will be most noticable.


06-04-2004, 08:06 AM
I am going into week 8 (and last) of my first UD2 cycle. My experiences have been mixed when it comes to training and diet.

On the training side, I really haven't had a problem with weakness. I have been on high rep and low rep routines in the past, so my body kinda takes what I give it. I always do legs first and get them out of the way. I do this because I use a lot of other muscle groups while working my legs and I don't want those groups to be fatigued. I have only lost a fraction of my initial strength over this period. When I was ona CKD last year, I found that my strength dropped considerably, so in this respect, I am pleased with the way things are progressing.

I have found the diet to be the most difficult.

On the low-carb days, you may feel some light-headedness for the first couple of weeks. Eventually your body gets used to it though. Every source regarding low-carb diets will tell you the same thing, and, form my experience, it's true. My carbs are limited to ~1.5-2 cups of veggies (usually broccoli) and a lettuce salad each day. Usually hits in the 25-40g range (~10g fiber). I have noticed that as my body fat levels have decreased, my hunger during the low-carb has increased. I guess, at first, there is plenty of energy reserves for your body to use, but eventually, it gets more and more resistant to using your reserves.

The carb-up has been the most difficult for me. I stuff myself silly all day. Eating when I don't feel like eating is really difficult for me. I've been able to hit 1000-1100g of carbs just about every week, though. Protein usually ends up around 200g and fat ~70g. That's a little high for my 165 lb. body, but it's hard to keep those two down for me.

I try to fit cardio in on day 3, but I've only been able to make it about 50% of the time. It helps, but it is not required.

As far as when you should start seeing a change, I started seeing it around week 3. It seems every 2 weeks or so, I see another change in my body composistion that makes me want to keep going. Don't get frustrated if you go through a period where it seems nothing is happening. It is! Just keep going according to the plan and you will see the results!

I would be interested to see the breakdown of your diet. Not the macros that you are posting, but the actual food you are eating.

06-04-2004, 08:14 AM
That's some good info Augs.

I may have to find some way to squeeze cardio into my schedule :) I do spend 20 minutes walking each way to and from the station to get to and from work.

I think I am most definitely one of those people that does not give days 6 and 7 adequate attention.

06-04-2004, 08:45 AM

Good luck Augs!

06-04-2004, 10:26 AM
This time around I am using a more extreme deficit (around 1500-1600 cals for low carb days, maintenance is about 2600) than before (2000 cals on low carb days) in the hopes to increase the rate of progress.

I know this isn't your journal (sorry Augury), but I figured I'd comment anyway. Besides doing no cardio, I would imagine you may not be seeing the results you desire because you're eating too much still. You say that's a more extreme deficit, which indicates to me a glaring reason why you didn't have great success on your last cycle. Lyle says you should be eating 50% of maintenance, so that would be 1300 for you. I take it a step further even and go anywhere from about 1200-1500 and my maintenance is in the range of about 3000-3300. Lyle says the depletion days are the time to really cut calories, and I think as long as you're getting enough protein and at least "some" EFA's the lower the better.

06-04-2004, 11:47 AM
Agreed Vido. I again started out the first week at about 2000 cals and have been working my way down to where I am at the moment - 1500-1600. The problem I have is that I am a vegetarian and it is pretty hard for me to find whole foods that are pure/mostly protein. I could simply have a lot of casein/flax oil shakes and indeed I may edge towards that but I'll see how I've progressed as things are on Monday morning. Anyway, enough about me. Visit my journal to see my diet :)

06-04-2004, 03:04 PM
Dont worry about "hijacking" anything just cos this is my journal. I just see it as a very specific UD2 thread with people helping people out. Thanks for the really usefull info. Its always good to hear how people are feeling at different stages of the diet.

Ive just started the carbload in the evening of the post tension workout. my god.....the post workout shake is slaying me. I know ive done this wrong.

The book said 1g/lb of bodyweight in carbs and 40g of protein. Well...in england we have a drink called lucozade. Its 17.5g of glucose per 100ml. So i got a jug, put in 1/3 of a cup full of grapes, added about 600odd ml of lucozade (tastes sweeeet in a horrid way) and then added 1.5 scoops of eas chocolate flavour shake and blended. I am now staring at a light brown abomination of a drink. And it tastes much worse than it looks. I got halfway through and stopped dead. I HATE sweets...i never eat puddings...this is like forcing 1 years worth of puddings down my throat.

Gods. By the way do any of you get headaches at the beginning of your carbload? slight sweats? I think my body hates blood sugar swings. No im not diabetic. But i prolly will be after the next 8 weeks :) Joy.

Ill be posting up todays log a bit later.

06-04-2004, 03:06 PM
Indie: i forgot. yep, I can show you what i eat each day no problems. Its all in fitday. I would give you the link to my page but it dosnt work :( Ill just type out the first 3 days. I assume its the depletion days you are interested in generally?


06-04-2004, 04:01 PM
I think you need to specify some kind of option to make your fitday journal public if that's the problem you're having?

06-04-2004, 07:10 PM
Friday 5th June:

Diet: Pre workout - 2 meals

Total Cals: 792 (shooting for 900)
Fat: 28g (shooting for 30)
Carbs: 46g (shooting for 45)
Protien: 91g (shooting for 98)

So that worked out pretty well actually. Happy with myself and got things with the carbs back under control....or rather...just more accurate. I dont think anything was out of control. That kind of phrase is reserved for people on a coctail of drugs and alcohol doing 140mph along the motorway in a BMW. I digress...

Between the two meals this morning and afternoon i managed to get my ass on a mountain bike again and do another 6 miles (or 32 mins cardio) in the rough terrain of the forest near me. So dont bust my balls about 30 mins for 6 miles k? I was riding over logs and stuff. It was certainly interesting doing that ride. At one point i thought i was going to actually black out. I just got super dizzy and nauseous. I really noticed the low carbs today. General "spaced" feeling, fuzzy headed, hot/cold sweats now and then. Also cant talk properly sometimes....the words just come out slightly wrong. Id be worried if i was doing this alone but my flatmate (soon to post a journal) is doing it too and he is experiencing exactly the same things.

Ate second meal and then 3 hours later had pre-tension shake and 30 mins after that was in the gym. Now i was expecting BAD things from this workout but as it turns out it went well. i did it by the book...no failure...aiming to get just one rep or two short of it. I didnt feel puky and i supersetted the whole damn thing so i was in and out in 45 mins. Full body. woot. However.....here are the things i remebered when i got out:

i forgot to do any warmup sets. I put that down to fuzzy headed carb brain. Im an ass on low carbs.

some of the weights were a little too light. Ill be raising about 1/3 of the exercises i did in weight so i get closer to failure.

i did some of the reps too fast and i need to slow down and keep good form.

So anyhow...that was the tension workout done. happy. then i got home and started the carbload. So far ive had three of the carbload meals, starting with a VILE homemade shake of glucose, chocolate whey and grapes. hideous. Then meal two was the biggest bowl of oats ive ever seen (or eaten) and just now i had three slices of toast with marmite(black salty stuff) cos i had serious salt cravings after so much "sweetness". My belly is very full, but im forcing water into me becasue i know how important water is on the carb load. Ill be headed for bed in a sec but first here is the breakdown of the evenings carb load:

Total Cal: 1187
Carbs: 315g
Fat: 38g (i had olive oil spread on my toast + tag along fat from CL)
Prot: 64g (half from shake, half tag along from CL).

Basically this is all on target and going to plan. Now all I need are the orbital lasers and i can control the whole of earth as we know it. Oh yes.

Oh...an amusing thing. Kinda. When i started the carbload...as i was beginning on the oats...my whole body temp started to rise. Me and my flatmate were both cooking hot and our friends who were here (we watched Spiderman the movie on our projector) were all quite "cool". I had no idea carb loading came along with an associated spike in body temp, but to be honest it just dosnt surprise me at all, physiologically speaking. Im back to normal temp as i write this. I think :)



06-04-2004, 07:11 PM
I tried to find anything in Fitday that would allow me to turn on public access. I cannot find anything. If anyone knows how to do this id appreciate the info?

Take care

06-05-2004, 12:41 PM
Go onto "Home" and then click on "Make My Journal Public".

06-06-2004, 05:19 PM
doh. ok. ty very much for that. I think UD2 makes you blind and stupid :)

Well here is my fit day link:

Augs Fitday Link Thingy (http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=matthew%5Fk%5Flee)

06-06-2004, 05:49 PM
Saturday 5th June:

Im basically glad that there is noone "marking" me for how well im managing this diet this week. I had a few hiccups earlier and then I kinda got it all back on track. Till today that is.

My girlfriends sister got married today and i had to (and wanted to) go to the wedding as i accpted the invitation way before I a) realised it was a weekend where I had a ton of lectures b) was going to be on a UD2 diet thingy.

SO cut a long (and predictable) story short: The carb load got hosed. Not totally...I made an effory when i could to eat carbs like silly but in no way did i get close to my target carbs:

CL Goal at 15g/kgLBM = 825g over 24 hrs.

This included anything i ate over friday which was:

Fridays 3 meals: 315g carbs.

Saturdays Diet:
Total Cals: 1960
Total Carbs: 255g
Total Protein: 127g
Total Fat: 47g

So: 825-315=510g for Sat. On Sat i only managed 255g so I missed the carbload total by: 510-255= 255g. This isnt really that great...for my first week I suppose screwing up is to be expected. Im still "dialing" in as they say and im learning fast from my errors of judgment, confidence and general laziness. UD2 is not flexible enough to allow you to have too much fun. Certainly not without good planning and my whole life is pretty spontaneous regarding social events.

On the bright side, Fat and Protein were spot on. Oh the carb load wasnt half as much "fun" as i had anticipated it would be during my hazy carb lows. The grass is always greener....

Now for sunday...

06-06-2004, 05:49 PM
Sunday 6th June

Power Workout day. Oh yes.

So, I basically remebered late saturday night that my power workout day was tomorrow and I had screwed up again. I was supposed to be working sunday doing my thang at uni. No problem I thought....i reember UD2 saying in the book you could split the workout in half and do a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. So....using that logic...i guess ill live if i manage the whole workout in the evening rather than the morning.

So i went to uni and kept up with the carbs to some extent:
Total Cals: 2199
Total Carbs: 292g
Total Prot: 114g
Total Fat: 66g

Thats for the whole day. As you can see things are getting a bit slack here now. Sundays goal was 180g of carbs and eationg at maintenance -20%. Now i was under on carbs from my carbload day on sat so i figured i would make up a little ground today. 292-180=112. So i made up 112g and stayed in a carb kinda mode for my sunday evening power workout. Total Cals was 800 over target of maintenance -20%. Basically this is getting messy today.

To cap it all off I got the the gym with my training partner and the gym told us they were closing 5 mins after we got there. Classic. Honestly.

So power workout hasnt been done on even the day it should have been....and i ate too many cals by far. Planning to do the power workout first thing monday morning and grab the diet by the horns.

I will be reflecting on the many changes i will be making both to the diet and to how i tackle it tomorrow. For now Im too pissed off to write much more cos im just angry with myself and my lack of foresight that the gym would close early on a sunday.


06-06-2004, 06:42 PM
Lol, it's ok man, you know what the diet entails now. Oh, and a word of advice...don't try to do a carb-up based primarily on oats. After about my 10th cup of them I seriously almost gagged. Finished the carb-up off with some brown rice. I have to say though, keeping the carb-up clean (bagels after workout and breakfast next day, mostly oats, and then a little brown rice) really paid dividends. I'm interested to see how next week's binge eating carb-up goes, but can almost guarantee that from then on I will be sticking to very clean sources.

06-07-2004, 02:25 AM
Sorry to hear things went so bad. :)

Bagels and cereal are my weapon of choice for the carb load. I love getting cinammon raisin bagels early in the week and just smelling them in anticipation of stuffing myself silly :D Personally I don't think I could handle a very clean carb load. The low cal/carb days are strict enough as it is and the load is what gives me the strength to do it all over again next week.

What do you do at uni?

06-08-2004, 02:37 PM
Ok. this isnt a fun post but it has a happy ending.

Ive decided to quit UD2 fatloss. Why I hear you all ask in utter facination? Well....here are the reasons:

1) I had no idea how badly low carbs affects your brain. When im on the depletion days i am light headed and a bit punch drunk. I could happily cope with this normally, but i am revising for my exams for this year and i have 2 weeks left to make some serious progress. No way am i going to do this staring out the window thinking about carbs and having the attention span of a goldfish.

2) I posted a question on the UD2 forums regarding the 1200 min calories even if your maintenance/2 is lower than that. I wanted to know if it was ok to go lower than 1200 on depletion days. The answers i got were not quite as i expected. What i got was "why the F*** are you dieting and cutting when you are only 140lbs. My answer was "cos i cant see a six pack"...and i got more and more replies telling me to bulk first and cut second. I really didnt want to....but over the last week of UD2 i grudgingly decided that perhaps they are right and i would benefit from 10lbs more muscle mass when i come to cut.

3) i realised how tricky UD2 is. That has in no way put me off. This week has been invaluable. Next time i will be far more prepared and ready to do it strictly.

Now the good news. im not abandoning UD2. What i am doing is swapping from UD2 fatloss to UD2 bulking. The fatloss is aimed at shedding bodyfat whilst preserving or gaining a little LBM. The UD2 bulk is aimed at gaining LBM whilst keeping bodyfat exactly where it is (or even losing a little if you are a lucky beginner which i still class myself as).

So there you have it. Ill be starting a new journal today for UD2 bulking and hopefully have some interesting things to report as not many people seem to do the UD2 bulk. I guess we will see what happens. Ive learned a hell of a lot about dieting, macronutrients and self discipline. Im looking forwards to the bulk.


06-08-2004, 05:36 PM
After I finish my UD2 cut (which I've decided to drop down to 5 weeks, so only 3 more to go), I'm going to eat at maintenance for 2 weeks, and then go into a 5 week UD2 bulk. In other words, I look forward to hearing some insight from you before I start.

06-08-2004, 08:36 PM
lol. no pressure on me then.

I feel like a "quitter" for stopping UD2 fat loss....but i am really quite motivated to bulk up now. Obiously i will follow the bulk with a UD2 fatloss (assuming its needed at all).

Im pretty stoked about the new regimen...ive been reading a lot about it all day today. The main thing for me now is not the diet...but actually seeing it through. I hate quitting...so im super determined to actually finish this bulk properly.

Ill write up how ill be doing UD2 bulk tomorrow with the math and concepts.
I actually started it today, but its too late to be thinking about typing an essay for my poor eyes.


06-08-2004, 11:49 PM
I'm really keen to hear how things go with your UD2 bulk. It strikes me as something Lyle tacked on at the end so it would be good to see if it works :)

06-09-2004, 09:36 AM
Thanks Augury; there's some really valuble information coming from your journal. By the way, brown rice is good, you can do all sorts of things with it, and mix it with everything. I've mixed it with eggs, split peas, fish, barley; you can even sweeten it, if your diet allows it :burger:

06-09-2004, 10:26 AM
mmmkay now...

Im closing this thread and no longer posting on it. Ive swapped over my focus and energy and tears n stuff to my new journal:

Tra La Laaaaa....

UD2 Mass gain Journal (http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=48845)

Ill post answers to folks over there now. Not that i get asekd too many questions...but ya know what i mean. Thanks for the interest and I hope we all get to learn from my no doubt numerous mistakes!