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06-03-2004, 08:29 AM
As aware as I am, as regards the effects alcohol can have on muscle gain, I find it hard to entertain the idea of cutting alcohol out of my life. In the UK, it is pretty much common practice for young people to go out at weekends and get hammered or, at the very least, slightly tipsy. Long story short: I wish to get as muscular as possible, but wish also to be able to drink and have a good time, at weekends. Conflictory goals? Quite possibly.

My question is this: just how adverse an effect does alcohol have on muscle gain? How great a hindrance to progress might getting tipsy (i.e. not necessarily copiously drunk) once or twice a week pose as? Would the difference be less significant, were I to ensure I left alcohol consumption until a few days after a workout (by which time, perhaps, the majority of muscle growth/recovery from which may have taken place)? Are any alcoholic beverages of less harm than others? Anything that can be done to minimise the adverse effects experienced?

You get the picture: advice as regards drinking and bodybuilding is much welcomed.

06-03-2004, 08:48 AM
This has been discussed here many times.

Here is a recent thread with some links to pubmed.


Alcohol, especially excessive amounts of alcohol (i.e. getting drunk) will most likely hurt your gains. Period, full stop.