View Full Version : Do I need 4000 Cals/day? ...my meal plan

06-03-2004, 12:19 PM
Hi all,
I've been researching a lot, but haven't found good advice on how many calories to consume for my height. I'm tall, and except for working out am naturally skinny.

I can't do my legs a lot due to knee probs, but still don't neglect them ( just not as much go till you can't walk workouts...oh, the good 'ol days).

I have a meal plan that i'm using, and am still 1000 calories short of the goal: www.sopht.com/micky/mealplan.mht

Do I need 4000 cals/day and are my other daily stats good? (260 g Prot, ??carbs, 80 g fat).

The night meal sometimes prevents me from getting to sleep right
away cuz my body is pumping blood hard to digest the meal.

Can I substitute the last meal with weight gainer that will provide the last 1000 Cals?

...maybe get my fat % up, in addition to muscle gain and then cut for a few weeks.

Thanks, and I look forward to someday knowing enough to help other newb's.[/code]

06-03-2004, 05:16 PM
That's a LOT of carbs man. Protein looks fine. Drop the carbs and up the fat. Fat is more calorie dense anyway, so it will help you get those last 1000 cals in more easily (and yes, you do need the extra 1000 cals as far as I'm concerned).

I advise against the weight gainer for 3 reasons. One, whole food is always better than supplements, as long as you can get it down. Two, your stomach still has to digest the weight gainer so that will not stop your sleeping problem. Three, if you were to use a weight gainer, I think right before bed is the absolute worst time to use it because most are filled with simple sugars that your body really doesn't need when it's inactive.