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06-09-2004, 06:40 PM
I'm having some trouble getting a good variety in ME bench exercises and perhaps I should be doing something different. I finished lacrosse season and started going real Westside (ME & DE, as opposed to doing just an ME exercise one day and a normal "push" day the other) around May 15th, though the last month and a half I've been getting sick pretty often and I've had trouble progressing because of it. I'll go up in weight and feel great and then be sick and after missing a bench workout the next time I lose a lot of strength (and it's not mental).

Recent ME exercises that I've done are
Wide Grip Bench x 2 weeks
Flat Bench x 2
Pin Press (from sticky point) x 2

I'm not a very good lifter and probably am a lot better at getting big than getting strong (I like strength training a lot more, though), but my bench right now is probably around 235-250 (I did 240 a couple weeks ago and threw it up insanely fast, but then I got sick and 225 felt heavy after my DE work last weekend, but I guess my ME work went well today). My DE days usually involve doing 8 sets of 3 and then following up with a single at about 85-90% of my 1rm, then I do 185 for as many reps as possible (I'm at about 11) and then some close grip sets.

I'm tall (6'3) and my sticky point is about 3-4 inches or so off my chest. I don't have chains or bands right now, but I guess I could order some (preferably bands unless chains would be a much better help) if I really "need" to.

Now that I've given far more information than is needed, what ME exercises should I do the next few weeks?

06-09-2004, 06:51 PM
Try board presses (2,3,4,5) and close grips. I don't think bands are necessary to increase your bench, but they are definitely fun. :D