View Full Version : Opticen, Nitrean & Thermocin for diet

06-10-2004, 01:59 PM
ive alread had a tub of opticen chocolate and it was awsome. i am def gettin the vanilla this time but i was also deciding on the nitrean, once my ON protein is gone, and the new thermocin for my diet. now i am also busy and where i work doesnt have the best selection of food and i want to loose a little gut. my plan for a diet would be havin a decent breakfast and bringing opticen to work with me and havin that 2-3 times a day and then after gettin home have a good supper, off to the gym, have some nitrean and then maybe a before bed meal. all of that while takin thermocin also to help me with my stomach.

in regaurds to my trainin just so you know everythin i work out 5 times a week and on off days i will be starting cardio on the tredmill.

my question is...would using all 3 of these in the way i explained be a good combination for a cutting diet granted i stay at my daily calorie intake for cutting which is around 2500? i dont want to cheat myself out of anything by takin replacing too many of my meals with opticen and i dont want the thermocin to be useless if im not takin it the right way with the right combination of calories, fats, cabs, and protein.

what do you guys think. i know i may have asked this type of question before but i finally got a routine that works for me and now i am concentrating on my diet. thanks for the help.

06-10-2004, 02:53 PM
the opticen at work can be fine as long as you can get some fiber into the equation

ie: bag of carrot sticks

as for the thermocin as long as you are in a calorie deficit you are fine

there is no magic ratio of C:P:F that unlocks fat or something

if you don't eat as many cal as you burn your body will be forced to burn fat as fuel

it's just that simple

I lost 20lbs eating pizza and drinking coke (ie: my diet was garbage) but I still lost weight because I was in an energy deficit by carefully counting cals

having said that now I eat super clean and don't count cals...but I'm still losing at the same rate

06-12-2004, 08:06 PM
yeah i think ill def get another tub of opticen. its just easier to have that and not have to worry about counting calories. i tried doin it for a week and i never could keep up cause i was so busy. i am ok with the fact that i am not as hardcore as some of the people on here that do count everything they eat but for me just gettin into better shape with liftin and just "watching" what i eat is good for me.

06-13-2004, 04:19 PM
it's amazing how easy it is when everything you eat is healthy

keep it up dude...