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06-11-2004, 07:18 AM
I've never really used any thermogenics before as I'm not specifically trying to lose weight, however I've noticed a lot of people reporting increased alertness when using them. Since starting my crazy mountain marathon training I've found myself to get really tired at times - would this help combat it? Or is it not suitable to use in this manner?

chris mason
06-11-2004, 08:01 AM
The answer to your question is yes. More than one of the ingredients in Thermocin have been shown to aid endurance.

That said, do NOT take more than the recommended dose and carefully monitor your personal reaction to the product.

06-11-2004, 09:30 AM

06-21-2004, 11:45 AM
Hey guys,
I just got my Thermocin today, and it says to start with two capsules for the serving size. It says then to move to three after the initial period. Is the initial period just for the first day?

Thanks in advance!

06-21-2004, 01:06 PM
I would keep the low-dosage for at least 5 days, a full week would be even better.