View Full Version : the difficulty of staying on diet when results seem elusive

07-03-2004, 01:12 PM
ive done an amazing job at cleaning up my diet in the last month and although ive seen some sort of improvement in physique due to body weight exercises im now feeling stuck . i know in order to acquire the gains im hoping for i will need to go to a gym , theres absolutely no doubt in my mind about that . but as ive said a few times before on this board that im forced to wait untill i return from europe ( im leaving in two weeks and returning four weeks later ) before signing up at any gym simply because i dont want to pay for a month of membership that i wont be using , and its already too late to sign up and put my account on a freeze . so for the time being im stuck at 152 lbs and confined to only performing bodyweight exercises . im a pretty disciplined person , pretty patient , but its safe to say that most of us are in this sport because we are driven by the results , and without the results im starting to feel my dedication to diet slide . i feel dissapointed in myself but at the same time i feel like maybe its just a bit futile to count calories and protein intake when maybe it doesnt matter all that much yet . this post served to real purpose , i just need to vent some frustration , maybe get some positive encouragment from you guys . i dont know . anywho , sorry for the diatribe .

07-03-2004, 01:36 PM
Is there a way you can get some dumbells? I know you can do all kinds of exercises with those.

Even if you can't, keep motivated you will be in the gym in no time making gains. :thumbup: