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07-07-2004, 01:53 PM
im tryn to get down to 180lbs while preserving my muscle mass, how many calories should i consume? 2000? 2500? what? And also oif u could break down how many calories should come from carbs, fats, and protein it would be much appreciated, i want to lose the weight rapidly but at the same time i dont wanna loose my muscle mass so please tell me what to do, if there are any supplements u think woul;d help out what i am tryn to aacheive please tell me but keep in mind i am a poor college kid with slow mwtabolism and only 50$ to spend on sups. thanks alot :whiner:

07-07-2004, 02:11 PM
good strength levels mate!

check out the sticky at top of threads, it gots formulas and what to eat and how to break up macros....

if you gots a slow meta I would suggest reading some of the articles on the site about UD2 or even HIIT if you got the willpower for it.

as far as supps for weight loss, all you need is the thermican sold here from at large, you dont really need supps as you can do it all with diet but it takes more discipline that way. the supps WILL help but they are not a magic pill.

keep the protein high regardless of how you go about it, and dont drop carbs too fast or you will lose muscle size so fast your head will spin around like the exorcist. just focus on calories the first 4-6 weeks of cutting then start lowering the carbs down to 100 grams or so and up the vitamin C and anti oxidents.....take it slow and it will happen.

At your current strength levels If you lose more than 1-2 pounds a week you could lose more muscle than you want, and that would just depress you. slow is the way.

good luck!